Zoya Fedorova: Filmography and Biography

Zoya Fedorova - the star of the national cinema. The actress was awarded the most honorable awards of the Soviet period. However, today she is remembered not only because of the achievements in art, but also because the life and death of this person is shrouded in mystery, which can hardly ever be unraveled.

Zoya Fedorova

Movie star killing

Fedorov is well remembered by the audience in the Menshov film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”. The role of the doorman in the dormitory was one of her latest films. In 1981, the actress was killed in her own apartment. This crime remained unsolved. There are several versions. For what and by whom was Zoe Fedorova killed? Biography, personal life and career of this actress include several contradictory facts.

In the nineties, Russian newspapers trumpeted the political assassination of Fedorova. This version is fully consistent with the spirit of the time. In order to understand how much truth in it, let us recall the biography of the Soviet film star.

Foxtrot with Berry

Fedorova Zoya Alekseevna was born in Petersburg. Her father was an ordinary worker, but made a brilliant career, and therefore was transferred to Moscow. In the capital, he held a very honorable position for several years: he led the passport office in the Kremlin.

Zoya Fedorova, whose biography began in a standard Soviet family, dreamed about the scene from her childhood. The father had nothing to do with art and reacted quite categorically to the desire of his daughter to enter the drama school. He even forbade her to think about the profession of an artist.

Zoya Fedorova after graduation, went to work as a meter at Gosstrakh. But secretly continued to dream cinema. Job counters for girls adventurous warehouse, and it was such a heroine of today's story, it turned out to be quite boring. She spent her free time quite actively. She loved to go to parties and adored foxtrot. This seductive dance once almost brought her to prison.

The first acquaintance with the state security officers occurred in his youth. Once a criminal case was opened on the frivolous teller Fedorov. But she was soon released.It is noteworthy that the document on the lifting of the exit ban was signed by Heinrich Yagoda himself. That is, the head of state security personally monitored the arrest of an ordinary Moscow girl.

It will be years. Berry arrested and shot. This will happen in 1938. Fedorov at the time will bathe in the glory. And one day he will utter a strange phrase: "Once I was dancing a foxtrot with Berry himself."

Zoya Fedorova Movies

Dangerous dating

It would seem that the criminal can be in the foxtrot? However, one of the evenings that Zoya Fedorova attended was attended by a handsome pianist. The musician drew attention to the bright blonde, and then often visited her. And only after the arrest of the actress did she learn that this man was none other than an English spy.

As for Berry, this man had a rather awesome reputation. Surprisingly, the executioner, on whose account thousands of ruined lives, suddenly contributed to the liberation of Zoya Fedorova, who was previously unknown to him.

Carier start

After an unpleasant story, which nearly cost Fyodorova freedom, she entered the drama school. And after graduation began a rapid career takeoff.For years, the girl became famous throughout the country. There is nothing surprising. Talent, unbridled energy and bright appearance possessed Zoya Fedorova. Her filmography began with the role of the right Soviet girls, concerned about the implementation of the plan in their own factory and ready to take an active part in the struggle against class enemies. The surprising began to occur later, after the film "Girlfriends" appeared on the screens.

Fedorova Zoya Alekseevna Filmography

Star role

Role in the film “Girlfriends” glorified Fedorov all over the country. The film tells about the revolutionary events. The heroines of the film are girls who are ready to do anything to protect their native Petrograd from the attack of the white army. One of the brave revolutionaries was played by aspiring actress Zoya Fedorova.

The filmography of the artist began with the picture "The Counter." The scenes in which Fedorov was present were cut out. Then there were films "Harmony", "Pilots". But it was the film “Friends” that marked the beginning of a brilliant career.

Fedorov began to learn on the street. She has a lot of fans. According to some historians, Yagoda did not accidentally release Fedorov.The owner of a bright appearance could be used as a bait at meetings with foreigners. When she was first arrested, Zoya Fyodorova was recruited by state security officers. Her curators, in turn, had an impact on the acting career of the girl. This version is not proven. But, like the others, it has the right to exist.

Fedorova Zoya Alekseevna when was born

Father arrest

Since 1935, Zoya Fyodorova has actively starred in films. Films with her participation - "Miners", "Wedding", "On the Border", "Big Wings". All these pictures came out on screens in the thirty-seventh. A year later, Father Fedorova was arrested.

He was an old party member, a man of principle, honest and fairly open. Often, Alexey Fedorov, in conversation with his colleagues and acquaintances, allowed himself too frank statements about the current government. He was arrested in 1938. And with this event begins the first oddities in the biography of the actress.

The shadow of the father, declared the enemy of the people, in no way fell on Fedorova’s reputation. She also starred in movies, attended official evenings. This fact became the basis of the version that the NKVD officers were guilty of the murder of Fedorova.While the father is arrested, the daughter continues her film career. Considering the events of 1938, when his close relatives were sent to prison on false charges following the convict, it is hard to believe that Zoya Fyodorova was just an ordinary actress.

The films in which she played at the time when her father was serving a term were “Fiery Years”, “Man with a Gun”.

Zoya Fedorova biography photo


Fedorova made every effort to free her father from prison. She visited the very Lawrence Beria. What is the relationship of the actress with this politician? One can only guess. There is evidence that once she visited the mansion Lavrentiy Pavlovich.

Beria, as you know, had a reputation as a passionate female lover. He was waiting for Zoya in the evening. On the table was a bottle of champagne and a huge bouquet of flowers. Fyodorovna was concerned about the fate of her father, but despite this, she rejected Beria’s all claims. When she came out of a two-story mansion, he threw flowers to her and said the phrase “This is for you on the grave”. Father nevertheless released.

A few years later, when they arrest Fedorov, she will write a letter to Beria asking for help.Convicted under the article for espionage will remind his former patron that he had once promised her support. Fedorov's letter will remain unanswered.

But it will be later. And in the late thirties, the actress more and more allows herself. She attends Kremlin evenings, official banquets. And one day she will be introduced to the head of the diplomatic mission by American Jackson Tate.

Was this acquaintance casual? It is not certain that actress Zoya Fedorova was a secret agent and met Tate on purpose, according to the decree of her superiors. However, the fact that the attitude of the Soviet actress with the American officer could not develop beyond the control of the NKVD officers is beyond doubt.

Romance with Tate

If we assume that the acquaintance with the military officer was not accidental, then curators Fedorova from Lubyanka clearly miscalculated. They did not take into account that the actress, who enjoys All-Union glory, is only a woman.

Zoya Fedorova was thirty-seven years old at the time of her acquaintance with Tate. She made a brilliant career, but was never able to arrange her personal life. The failed husband died during the war, there were no children.In Tate Fedorova fell in love at first sight. This feeling was mutual.

They met in February, and last saw each other in April. According to Fedorova’s memoirs, they dreamed of a wedding, children, and even planned that if a daughter was born, she would be named in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany - Victoria.

Unexpectedly for Fedorova in April, Tate was expelled from the country. In the meantime, she was sent on tour to the Crimea. The following years, the British diplomat tried to contact his Soviet lover. But I received an answer to my inquiry: “Zoya Fedorova married a Soviet musician, has two children, is happily married.” She really married a Soviet composer. Thus, Zoya Alekseevna Fedorova tried to save herself and the child. When the daughter was born, the actress has already arranged a fake marriage.

Zoya Fedorova biography personal life


Jackson Tate for a long time did not know that in the Soviet Union he had a daughter. He did not know that Fedorov was arrested in 1945.

In order to hide the pregnancy from a foreigner, she married a friend, musician Alexander Ryazanov. However, the fact that Fedorov was expecting a child from Tate was certainly known at Lubyanka. In December 1945, in the middle of the night, they arrived at Fedorova and were taken for interrogation, which lasted several days.

The actress was charged with espionage and even attempted murder of Stalin. Fedorova was given twenty years. She tried to commit suicide in a cell, but she not only failed, but also provoked the wrath of the jailers. Fedorov was brutally beaten.

In prison, the actress was overgrown with numerous acquaintances who made themselves known years later, at large. According to Fedorova’s memoirs, Lydia Ruslanova helped her to survive, with whom she met and became friends in custody.

Mother and daughter

Not only Fedorov was arrested, but also her close relatives. One of the sisters was sent to exile. Victoria - the daughter of the actress - the woman took with her. A girl under nine did not know who her birth mother was.

Fedorov came under amnesty. She was released in 1955. She was forty-five years old. There was no housing, no work. But soon the situation changed. The actress began to act in films again, and then received an apartment.

Zoya Fedorova and her daughter moved to one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow. In the apartment on Kutuzovsky past the last years of the actress.

In the sixties, Fedorov led a very active lifestyle. She starred in films such as “The Blind Bird”, “Scarlet Sails”, “Adult Children”, “The Tale of Lost Time”.According to the memoirs of colleagues, she was an extremely sociable and open person. And because the events of December 1981, many were shocked.


Daughter Fedorova also became an actress. She played several movie roles. But in the late seventies, she refused Soviet citizenship. It is worth saying that her mother also flew to the USA several times, where she met with Tate and then visited Victoria. In those days, traveling around the States for an ordinary Soviet person was akin to flying into space. Fedorova flew across the ocean without hindrance.

Victoria outlined her childhood and youthful memories in the book The Admiral's Daughter. In the US, she starred in several films, but because of the language barrier was forced to leave the acting profession. Victoria Fedorova died in 2012, after a long illness.

Murder Versions

What caused the death of Zoe Fedorova? There are several versions. According to one of them, the actress was eliminated by KGB officers. Fedorova was going abroad and allegedly could have revealed some state secrets there that she owned even before the first arrest.

According to another version, Fedorov was involved in a big case about diamonds.This point of view is more believable, because the actresses in Moscow were legendary about the jewel collection. A close friend of Fedorov claimed that the actress went abroad with huge suitcases. In addition, Fedorova talked with Galina Brezhneva and the wife of the then head of the Interior Ministry, Shelokova. And these ladies were extremely greedy and passionately loved diamonds.

But there is a third version: a son-in-law killed Fedorov. Victoria Fedorova’s husband was a pilot, often in Moscow. And after death, the mother-in-law suddenly became rich. This version was confirmed in an interview with the daughter of an actress.

Zoya Fedorov biography

Last years

Zoya Fedorova, whose biography, photo and personal life are presented in the article, was a talented actress and a man of tragic fate. Perhaps she was a member of the Lubyanka offices, related to the diamond mafia. But in the memory of millions of viewers, Fedorov will remain a kind aunt Pasha from the legendary film Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears. Fans of the Soviet cinema will remember her by their roles in the films “Girlfriends”, “Wedding”.

Despite the difficult fate, the actress has played several dozen roles in the movie. By the late period are the paintings "Live in joy", "The doctor called?", "Here is my village", "Russian field."

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