Yuri Gusev: the life and death of an actor

In Soviet cinema, we know many actors. Many of them began their careers in completely different fields, but they were destined to remain in the memory of people through films. Yuri Gusev is a film and theater actor. He performed more than a hundred roles, but his life ended tragically, abruptly, by ridiculous chance.

Yuri Gusev: biography

Yuri was born in Moscow on February 25, 1936. His father is a military man, he raised his son correctly, but not strictly, as the serious boy did not need strictness. He always liked to understand radio engineering. Preferred to disassemble another old radio, rather than to drive with the yard guys in football.

After graduating from eight classes, Yuri Gusev decided to devote himself to his beloved work, to study technology. He entered the electromechanical technical school of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry. As a student, did not refuse to take part in the initiative, where he showed considerable ability and talent.

Yury Gusev

After training

Yuri Gusev received his first job at the All-Union Research Institute of Electronics and Radio Engineering. He really liked to disassemble and assemble various mechanisms. He was attracted by the accuracy of every detail.

In 1955 he was drafted into the army, where Yuri served until 1985. When he returned, the guy continued to work as a chief technician in the USSR Academy of Sciences - the All-Union Institute of Electronics and Radio Engineering.

Then he worked as a technician-operator at the All-Russian Research Institute of Geophysics, at the Neftepribor plant as an engineer, and at the institute of pediatrics as a mechanic.

In 1961, he occupied the position of chief in a large radio engineering laboratory, but nevertheless decided to study further, only in a different direction. Yuri entered the evening school at the Theater School.

Yuri Gusev actor

Claimed villain

At the age of thirty, Yuri Gusev graduated from the Schepkin College and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow City Theater. In this theater, Gusev served three years, he was more attracted to the cinema, in which he had already managed to work several times.

Yuri had an interesting specific appearance, a strong voice and an insightful look, therefore he was most often invited to play a negative, strong and memorable role.

Over time, he became more than popular, many directors shot him in their films. Yuri almost never refused to shoot and even episodic roles.He liked to play, he did not want to miss any opportunity to take part in the creation of the film. He really seemed in a hurry to live, he wanted to have time to play as many roles as possible.

Yury Gusev biography

Role of actor

Of course, Yuri could play positive characters with his attractive appearance, but his image was really characteristic, impudent, a little nervous, therefore we are familiar with the embodiment of images of villains.

Later, when youth was over, Yuri Gusev began to play military, business and serious representatives of the authorities. His whole image was created to translate these roles, it is simply impossible to imagine him as a fabulous Ivan, and Yuri Gusev was good at that.

The films in which he played, not all became particularly popular, but there are many really good pictures: "Eternal Call", where Gusev played Zubov Peter, "Decoupling" (Andrei Baturin), "Detective" (Guladze), "Option" Zombies "" (Demin), "The Lost Expedition" (Olshevets) and many others. To list all the roles Gusev will take a long time.

Yuri Gusev - actor studio Mosfilm since 1978. He devoted his entire life to this film studio, not changing it to others.Of course, there were a lot of offers, but he had enough roles for which there was less and less time.

Yuri Gusev movies

Personal life

Yuri Gusev was a happy family man, his personal life was built with the speaker of the All-Union Radio Marina Kuznetsova.

The family consisting of creative people almost never swore. Yuri and Marina had warm relations, even after long years of marriage, they really loved each other.

In 1969 a third member appeared in the family - a daughter Tatyana. She became an only child. The girl, brought up by people of art, also decided to be an actress, like her father. But she did not act in films, preferring to play on the stage of the theater RAMT.

Absurd death of an actor

Yury Gusev, working in the staff of "Mosfilm", went to Tashkent to shoot the next film. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, the usual trip.

On January 19, 1991, he fell down badly and hit his head hard. The blow was so strong that the actor received a fracture of the base of the skull, the consequence of which was a quick death. At this point he was only 54 years old, and in less than a month he would have celebrated his fifty-five year anniversary.

By the time of death, working as an actor for a little over twenty years, Yuri Gusev played more than a hundred roles, and this is only in the movies. How many more would he give us unsurpassed images! But his fate was cut off so sadly.

The actor was buried at Khovansky cemetery. Not only colleagues and relatives came to say goodbye to him, but also many ordinary citizens who knew him from the films.

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