World Boxing Champion Natalia Ragozina: biography and photos

Women's boxing is a rather specific sport. Few parents approve of their daughters receiving serious blows during fights. However, world boxing champion Natalya Ragozina proves that you can become a great fighter, while remaining a charming girl. She dreamed of being a model, an actress, but became an invincible puncher with a blow of extraordinary strength that her rival could not withstand almost twice as heavy as her.

Zemlyachchka Wladimir Klitschko

Like the famous Ukrainian heavyweight, Natalya Ragozina was born in Kazakhstan, and also in 1976. The girl's father was Russian, the mother was Tatar. There lived a friendly family in the city of Abay, in the Karaganda region. Like all contemporaries, the future boxing champion Natalya Ragozina didn’t think about the feats in the ring at first. She dreamed of working as a flight attendant, to be able to travel, to see the world.However, after the first flight by plane, I immediately said goodbye to this desire.Natalya Ragozina

Tall, slim Natalia also tried to become a model, but was rejected by agencies. Under the influence of her father, she still stopped at the sport and seriously engaged in athletics. The girl did everything, Natalya Ragozina won the tournaments in Kazakhstan and Asia among juniors in the middle distance race. At the time, she first got into boxing training. For the interest of the girl put on gloves and held a duel with a guy of her age. The result turned out to be deplorable - the girl clapped several hard blows and left the hall with a broken face.

However, this first defeat only provoked the athlete, and she promised herself to become a serious fighter by all means.

From the treadmill to the ring

In 1993, Natalia Ragozina moved with her family to Nizhny Tagil. Wanting to gain a profession outside the sport, she began to study at the teacher training college. And at the same time I decided to change my sports specialization abruptly. Seventeen-year-old beautiful girl replaced track and field spikes with boxing gloves. At first, like Vitali Klitschko, she took up kickboxing.Natalia Ragozina photoParents ambiguously accepted her choice. Mom cried a lot and was afraid that her daughter would receive blows to the face.

However, her rivals rarely managed to break through the protection of lightning Natalia. The athlete easily dealt with all the girls, often - ahead of schedule. She won her first tournament at the age of 17. Then Natalya Ragozina, a local champion, moves to Moscow, accepting the invitation of the authoritative person in the world of sports Mark Meltzer.

Soon she gains world prestige, invariably defeating all rivals in various tournaments. The girl suffered the only defeat in one of the fights in the USA with very ambiguous judging by a local referee. Despite the fact that Natalia’s opponent was knocked down three times, the judges awarded her the victory. Outraged Natalia Ragozina did not want to leave the ring for a long time, and she had to call a dress of strong guards to calm the athlete.

Amateur career in boxing

Having won all that is possible in kickboxing, the athlete decided to try her hand at a more popular sport. First, Natalia Ragozina acted in the framework of amateur boxing, having won two World Championships in a few years, gold at the European Championship and the World Cup.However, amateur competitions, as a rule, pass by the attention of fans, specialists, and for Natalia all this was preparation for more serious challenges.

Terrible "Sledgehammer"

In 2004, Ragozina finally begins his career in professional boxing. In the first year she holds four fights, all of which completes ahead of schedule. Speaking at an average weight, the girl hit everyone with the power of her own blow, rushing around the ring. Even then, she becomes a dangerous opponent for any fighter.Boxing Champion Natalia Ragozina

In 2006, the athlete signs a contract with the SES-Boxgym club and moves to German Magdeburg. For the next three years, Ragozina climbs up the rating ladder and is not defeated. Having won such serious rivals as Yves Weston, Laura Ramsey during her professional career, she takes the gold belts of the WIBF, WBA and GBU versions, thus becoming the absolute world champion. However, there remained only one opponent, with whom Natalia Ragozina dreamed of meeting. Leila Ali was considered the strongest female boxer who did not lose a single match.

But Natalia Ragozina was so convincing that the titled daughter of Mohammed Ali avoided fights with the Russian woman in every way and so she left boxing without meeting her.

Having won all that is possible on the average weight, “Sledgehammer” (as the girl in the boxing world is called) made the impudent decision to take the championship belt in the super heavyweight category. Natalia's rival was Pamela London, who weighed under a hundred kilograms, almost twice as many Russians. However, in the arena in Yekaterinburg, Ragozina had an impressive fight, knocking out a formidable opponent in the eighth round.

Thus, having spent 22 fights in professional boxing, the girl won victories in all of them. She was supposed to hold and the 23rd fight, but all the potential contenders for the belt, impressed by her victory, did not dare to go out against Sledgehammer, and Natalia Ragozina left the unbeaten champion.

Outside the ring

Missing a few strokes, the girl retained her beauty and charm. Natalya Ragozina, whose photos often appeared not only in sports publications, constantly received offers to participate in various shootings. Her candid images appeared in magazines Bild, Sim.Natalya Ragozina championAccording to the girl, she did it in order to popularize women's boxing.

In 2008, Natalia Ragozina starred in a feature film about the sport “White Bear”, playing the role of Alexandra Platoshina.Her work did not go unnoticed, and the picture itself even won an award at one of the festivals for the best film about sports.

Having finished with an active career in the ring, Natalia Ragozina did not leave the sport. She actively participated in the work of various amateur hockey leagues, and in 2014 she even took part in the match of the Night League in Sochi, playing in one team with the president of the country.

Personal life

Natalia Ragozina is now divorced, brings up her son Ivan. Husband Michael also engaged in martial arts, was a master of hand-to-hand combat. However, the two fighters could not get along within the same couple.World Boxing Champion Natalia RagozinaThe husband demanded the departure of his wife from the ring, and soon they broke up, unable to resolve the contradictions.

Natalia Ragozina during her career became the most titled athlete in women's boxing. At the same time, she remained the most ordinary charming woman, constantly chained admiring glances to herself.

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