Winter hair care at home

Girls should carefully and reverently treat their hair, because this is one of the main decorations. Hair care in winter should be even more thorough. This is due to the fact that frost, wind and other "charms" of the cold season affect curls destructively.

hair care in winter

Winter Hair Care: Tips

Winter is not only a series of holidays and pleasant moments. These are, above all, extreme weather conditions, from which the curls are particularly affected. Hair care in winter should be carried out in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • Do not expose the hair to high temperatures (this applies not only to styling, but also to washing), since this leads to the removal of the protective layer from both the curls and the scalp;
  • comb your hair as often as possible to improve blood circulation in the scalp area (combs made of wood or natural bristle are best);
  • take vitamins A, E and B inside, and apply them directly to the hair;
  • use oils for hair care;
  • choose high-quality products containing silicones (they will help to create an invisible film on your hair that will protect the curls from frost and wind);
  • going outside, hide curls under outerwear.

winter hair care rules

Terms of care for different types of hair

Careful attention should be paid to the issue of hair care. In winter, the main rules are moisture and protection from extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, there are some features characteristic of different types of hair care:

Hair type Winter Care Rules
  • refuse to wash your hair with hot water, as well as from thermosetting;
  • to reduce fat content without harming your hair, use raw grated potatoes as a mask;
  • wash your hair as you pollute to prevent bacteria from reproducing due to wearing hats;
  • touch your hair as seldom as possible
  • 1-2 times a week apply oil masks on hair;
  • use natural shampoos without SLS;
  • refuse to use a hair dryer;
  • monthly cut 1-1.5 cm of dry tips

Each type of hair is different, so you can adjust the care to suit your needs.

hair care in winter at home

Salon treatments

It is possible to independently provide the right hair care in winter. Nevertheless, the environment can sometimes have such a disastrous effect on curls that they may need emergency assistance that you may have in the cabin. In winter, it makes sense to go through the following procedures:

  • Express care of 5 interrelated procedures (each lasting no more than half an hour). This is a complex of nutritional masks that have an effect on curls when heated to a certain temperature.
  • Three-phase recovery can reanimate even severely damaged curls. First of all, the hair is treated with a composition with arginine, which provides them with softness and smoothness. In the next step, a glycerin mask is made with lactic acid. The final phase is the application of the vitamin composition. Even if you are used to washing your hair often, the result will delight you for almost 3 weeks.
  • Protein repair is great for dyed hair.The unique composition not only reanimates and protects damaged hair, but also helps maintain brightness and color saturation. First of all, a special cocktail of nutritious ingredients is applied to the head of hair that saturates it and seals the scales. Next, apply liquid protein, which provides powerful protection against the cold weather and other negative factors.
  • Japanese therapy allows you to restore the molecular structure of the hair. Thus, not only external care is carried out, but also deep moisturizing. The essence of the procedure consists in the sequential application of several serums, the components of which are characterized by good penetrating power. This procedure provides good hair care in winter. Reviews note that hair becomes moist and soft. At the same time, they look absolutely natural.

hair care winter tips

Homemade masks

Have you ever wondered how our great-grandmothers managed to maintain the beauty of hair? After all, they did not have all these grooming shampoos, serums and masks. They used exclusively what nature itself gave them. So, winter hair care may include such masks:

Components amount Cooking Using
For dry hair
Egg yolk 1 PC. Mix the yolk well with the oil. Lightly heat the honey and add it to the composition. Apply the mask to dry hair, paying particular attention to the tips. Wrap your head with a wrap and a towel. Half an hour wash your hair
Castor oil 1 tbsp. l
Honey 1 tsp
For greasy hair
Egg yolk 1 PC. Sliced ​​onions to make a gruel and mix with the other ingredients. Apply a mask on the roots, without touching the tips, so as not to overdry them. After a quarter of an hour, wash off
Bow 2 pcs.
Honey 1 tsp
For damaged hair
Burr oil 1 tbsp. l All components are thoroughly mixed and slightly heated. Apply the oil mixture to the hair, paying attention to the tips. To warm the head with a film and a towel. After 20 minutes, rinse curls well with shampoo
Castor oil
Oil solution of vitamin e 1 tsp
For dull hair
Sour cream 0.5 stack Prepare all ingredients by mixing them immediately prior to application. Treat the hair over the entire length, wrap the head with a wrap and a towel, and after 20 minutes wash it off.
Chamomile decoction
Apple vinegar 4 drops

Power Features

Hair care in winter should be carried out not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It is high-quality nutrition that ensures the growth of healthy and strong hair. In winter, you should pay special attention to such products:

  • carrots, onions, garlic and other vegetables saturate the body with vitamins;
  • citrus fruits help eliminate toxins and enhance natural defense barriers;
  • vegetable oil and nuts contain vitamins A and E, which have a beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails;
  • dairy products are rich in calcium.

proper hair care in winter

How to deal with electrification

Electrification is one of the main problems that hair care is designed to solve in winter. At home, as well as in offices, the air is strongly dried by heating devices, as a result of which the curls become similar to dandelion. Another reason may be the contact of hair with synthetic clothing. You can fight electrification in the following ways:

  • at home and in the office, you can install air humidifiers;
  • entering the room from the street, sprinkle hair with thermal water or process with nourishing serum;
  • for winter care, purchase products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) with antistatic effect.

winter hair care

Scalp protection

Considering the rules of hair care in the winter, one should not forget that during this period not only the curls themselves, but also the scalp suffer. The cold season is most favorable for the development of fungal diseases. Excessive dryness and peeling create an environment for the reproduction of pathogens. Dandruff and itching appear as a result.
To avoid such problems, follow these rules:

  • discard shampoos that contain SLS and other aggressive ingredients (give preference to products on a natural basis);
  • at least once a week (or better often), do massages and masks with the use of vegetable oils;
  • regularly perform the procedure of aromatherapy using tea tree oil (it disinfects the skin);
  • If oily dandruff appears, you should consult a dermatologist.

hair care winter reviews


Winter is a real stress for the body, and even more so for hair. It should be understood that curls are horny tissue, and therefore their damage is sometimes irreversible. In the cold season it is necessary not only to protect the hair from extreme temperatures, but also to feed it with useful components from the inside and outside.

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