Wine from raisins at home: recipe

You can make a tasty and healthy wine not only from fresh grapes. You can make wine at home from a variety of dried fruits. For cooking using only a few ingredients and a minimum of additives. For example, raisin wine turns out tasty and fragrant, almost like a drink from young grapes. But the important thing is that you can find raisins at any time of the year in all supermarkets.

Homemade raisin wine has a unique taste. In addition, during cooking, you can use other ingredients: prunes, beer, carcade and even rice.

Wine made from raisins and rice

This will require:

  • Rice - three kilograms.
  • Raisins - one kilogram.
  • Sugar - two and a half pounds.
  • Water - nine liters.
  • Wine yeast - eight grams.

Cooking process

Pour sugar and rice into a container suitable for making wine, add unwashed raisins and pour boiling water over it.Stir thoroughly until sugar is completely dissolved. Set aside and wait until everything is completely cool. After that, dissolve the yeast in warm water and top up to the cooled wort. Stir well again. Cover with a water seal and place in a warm and dark room for about four weeks.

raisin wine

Get rid of sediment and pour wine

After the fermentation process is completed, a sediment forms at the bottom, so the wine must be carefully poured into another dish so that there is no sediment. This procedure must be repeated once more in order to get rid of the sediment, since it may subsequently affect the taste of the future homemade raisin wine.

At the final stage, the young wine should be poured into prepared bottles and well sealed with lids. Withstanding homemade wine preferably at least six months in a cool and dark place. But the longer the wine will be infused, the higher its taste will be.

Vodka and raisins

This simple recipe for wine from raisins will appeal to those who prefer to drink stronger drinks. Its simplicity and the availability of all the ingredients allows you to make wine at home.

You will need the following products:

  • Vodka - two hundred fifty milliliters.
  • Raisin - eight hundred grams.
  • Sugar - five glasses.
  • Water - four liters.


homemade raisin wine

Any recipe for homemade wine always begins with the preparation of the leaven. Wine yeast is usually used for this, but since unwashed raisins contain a sufficient amount of wine bacteria, it is possible to dispense with the use of yeast when preparing the starter.

To start cooking the starter, you need to find a suitable container. For example, it can be any enamelware. We take a pan, put in it one glass of unwashed raisins, half a glass of sugar and one glass of warm water. It is recommended to stir everything well so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Place the sourdough in a warm room for about three to four days.

When the fermentation process begins, you will need to pour the mixture from the pan into a blender. Grind the mixture to a homogeneous consistency, similar to a rare puree. Pour back into the pan and place the crushed sourdough for one more day in a warm room. Then you can proceed directly to the preparation of homemade strong wine.

Mixing ingredients

Pour water into a large bottle or jar, pour out sugar and raisins and mix thoroughly. Then pour the prepared leaven and close tightly the lid. In the lid that will close the container, it is necessary to make a small hole in which a flexible tube is to be inserted. One end of the tube must be placed through the cap into the wort, and the other into the prepared glass with water.

raisin wine at home

In the process of fermentation carbon dioxide will be released through the tube. The container with the wort should be placed in a dark room at room temperature until complete fermentation has ceased. It will take about a month. Now you need to prepare a clean container and strain into it the finished wine. Filter through the gauze, folded in several layers.

The last thing that still needs to be done is to pour two hundred fifty milliliters of vodka into the wine that has been purified from sediment, stir it, pour it into bottles and close it with the prepared lids. In this form, you must leave the young wine of raisins for full maturity for three months. The room in which the wine will ripen should be cool and without direct sunlight.After the required amount of time, you will be able to please yourself with the soft and very fragrant taste of strong wine made with your own hands.

The classic recipe for raisin wine

Ingredients Required:

  • Sugar - two kilograms.
  • Raisins - one and a half kilograms.
  • Water - eight liters.

How to make wine

First you need to take three hundred grams of raisins and grind with a blender. The resulting mass is placed in a jar, add two tablespoons of sugar and pour so much water so that the crushed raisins with sugar turn out to be completely under water. Cover the jar with a layer of gauze and tie. Place the jar in a warm place for three days. After three days, a foam cap should form and a certain sour smell will be felt. This means that the fermentation process is proceeding normally.

raisin wine recipe

The raisins, which remained, are also crushed with a blender and poured into a bottle prepared for raisin wine. Add a kilo of sugar and pour water. Stir well until sugar is completely dissolved. Metal object for mixing can not be used, only wooden.

Pour the fermented raisins with sugar into the bottle with the wort from the jar, mix and close with a sealed seal.The tank must not be completely filled, as space is needed for foam and carbon dioxide. Place the bottle in a dark place with a temperature of twenty to twenty-seven degrees. Leave for five days. Then remove the water seal and pour a small amount of the wort into a jar, add five hundred grams of sugar, stir and pour back into the bottle. Re-install the water trap and leave for another five days.

After five days, pour a little wort again, add the remaining sugar, mix well and pour into the bottle. Now you need to leave a bottle of wine from raisins in a warm room for a period of from thirty to sixty days. After the wine has fermented and no bubbles appear, a precipitate should form at the bottom. Then the future of raisin wine will begin to lighten.

Next, you need to pour the liquid without sediment into another container. Put already in a cool place for three months. Periodically, when a precipitate forms at the bottom, a liquid will need to be poured. If you do not, the wine will be bitter. Finished wine from raisins at home pour into prepared containers and cork.

raisin homemade wine recipe

For those who prefer to drink alcoholic beverages, prepared with their own hands, we suggest using a recipe for raisin wine at home.This drink has a rich aroma and a very pleasant taste. In addition, raisins ferment well, and because of this, it is often used as a starter in the preparation of alcohol at home.

Wine made from raisins with dried fruits

In addition to raisins, homemade wine can also be prepared from other dried fruits. Of course, you can use to make wine at home only one of the dried fruits, but when you use several types in the process, you will end up with a drink that will be saturated with the aroma and taste of dry berries.

The following ingredients are required:

  • Raisins - six hundred grams.
  • Sugar - seven hundred grams.
  • Dried apricots - eight hundred grams.
  • Prunes - two hundred and fifty grams.
  • Water - five liters.

Wine making process

In order to finally get the desired result, you must strictly adhere to the selected simple homemade wine recipe from raisins. First you need to cook raisin sourdough. To do this, take an unwashed raisin, about one hundred grams, and pour it into a jar. Pour fifty grams of sugar and pour two hundred milliliters of warm water. Stir, cover the jar with gauze and tie a thread around the throat.Jar placed in a dark place with a temperature of twenty-seven to twenty-nine degrees. After four days the leaven will be ready.

raisin wine at home recipe

Rinse all dried fruit under the tap and put it in a saucepan. Boil the remaining water and pour over the washed dried fruit, mix and cover with the top. Leave to insist one and a half hours. Then drain the infusion of dried fruit through two layers of gauze. Strain the liquid in a bowl with a wide neck. To twist pulp from dried fruits through the meat grinder. The crushed mass from dried fruits to place in ware with the strained liquid. Add half the remaining sugar and stir well. The resulting wort should cool to twenty degrees, and then it will be possible to pour the leaven into it. Mix everything again.

Place the container in a dark room with a temperature of twenty-five degrees. Throat banks wrapped with gauze. Wooden stick periodically interfere with the contents of the jar. Then there will be foam and sour smell - this is the beginning of the fermentation process. Set aside the wort for six days until all the oilcake comes up.

The wort must be drained through gauze folded in several layers.Pour the liquid into a clean container, filling it at eighty percent. Pour the second part of the sugar and stir well. Captain's throat with a lid with a hole done. Insert one end of the tube into this hole, and the other into the glass of water.

simple recipe for raisin wine

The process of fermentation of homemade wine from raisins and dried fruits depends on the temperature of the room and how actively the yeast will ferment. By the time it may take from twenty-five to sixty days. When the water in the glass ceased to release gases, a precipitate formed at the bottom and the wine became brighter - the fermentation was over.

Cooked homemade wine made from raisins with the addition of dried fruits should be filtered through folded gauze. Then add alcohol, in the amount of ten percent of the total, as alcohol contributes to a longer storage of wine. The dishes with wine must be hermetically sealed and placed in a dark cool place, with a temperature not higher than fifteen degrees.

Give the young wine at least eight months before full maturity. Matured the necessary time to pour the wine into bottles and cork.

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