Why can't I give a watch? Or can it?

Signs from the East

Giving a watch is a bad omen. It is assumed that such a superstition appeared here under the influence of Eastern cultures (China, Japan), where this accessory is associated with a reduction in the period of life, separation, etc. Perhaps this prejudice is related to the fact that in China for the first time firing hours were in fact, they were sticks with metal balls attached. When the wand burned, the ball fell into the bowl, making a sound and announcing that an hour had passed. Apparently, the Chinese have associated the burning of the candle with the end of the earthly path of man. They believed that the watch as a gift promises a quick death. In other cultures (Greece, the Mediterranean), where in ancient times there were devices for measuring time associated with the movement of the sun, pronounced bad will not be observed.why you can not give a watch

Waste accessory?

However, the clock has always been a rather mysterious subject, because they measured time - a phenomenon that no one can influence.Why can't I give a watch? You can give them. But in the century when every person has a mobile phone, this accessory has almost lost its relevance. This means that there is a high probability that the bestowed person will not carry the gift, and the present will gather dust somewhere. And this chronometers do not like. It is believed that the stopped watch contribute to stagnation in life. Therefore, they need to start, even if they do not rush. Not all people are able to perform such a procedure due to their own laziness or forgetfulness.

you can not give a watch

Give a couple of hours for a wedding

Many believe that it is impossible to give a watch for a wedding, allegedly it leads to parting. However, many modern companies produce wedding chronometers, among which paired sets are becoming increasingly popular: for the groom and for the bride. And in general, a lot depends on whether to believe in omens or not to believe. Sometimes people at a subconscious level under the influence of prejudice shape their attitudes and actions. It is better for such persons to present in return to the donor a small denomination coin, which will be a “payment” for a gift.

Well, give ...

Why can not give watches to each other people living together? Again - this is a prejudice.There are families where such gifts have been traditional for many decades, if only because one of the partners simply collects watches. In addition, the jewelry industry produces samples of watchmaking, which men buy, of course, as a gift to a woman.
to give watches a bad omen

Watches - a valuable gift

Before mass production, watches were a luxury item. They were favored for their merits and were given on anniversaries. When in 2009 to VV A worker came up to Putin in Tula and asked for something to remember, the Prime Minister, of course, did not think about why he could not give the clock, and presented the applicant with the personal clock “Blenkpayn” for 5.5 thousand pounds sterling. Now the souvenir is an honorable relic in the family of this person.

Signs do not affect veterans

The nominal chronometers were given to the participants of the Great Patriotic War to several round dates from the moment of its termination, which does not prevent them from living and healthy. Therefore, the problem why it is impossible to give a watch is, in general, contrived and occurs in a number of people because of the tendency to mystical phenomena, and sometimes simply on the basis of a tired nervous system.

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