Why use a parametric stabilizer?

With the invention of elements with nonlineara variety of schemes have emerged with their use. The simplest and most reliable is the scheme, called the parametric stabilizer. It perfectly copes with voltage stabilization, easy to manufacture and reliable in operation.

parametric stabilizerA semiconductor device can be equipped with a zener diodecompare with the back-on diode. Only a breakdown of voltage in the opposite direction in the case of a zener diode is a normal mode of its operation. This property is widely used in a variety of circuits, where it is required for some reason to limit the voltage input signal. These can be matching devices, when you need to convert a signal from one level to another, a lower one. Either surge protection or impulse noise protection circuits. The parametric voltage regulator has good speed and perfectly protects sensitive devices from impulse noise. Its presence in electronic circuits has become the norm of good design, which takes into account all possible modes of equipment operation.

parametric voltage regulatorThe scheme of such a stabilizer is so simple indesign and manufacture, which does not require any special knowledge. The main thing is to correctly calculate the current of the breakdown of the zener diode, so as not to damage the device sensitive to current overloads. For this, a current-limiting resistor is included in the zener diode circuit. The parametric stabilizer can be compared with a voltage divider, in one arm of which a nonlinear characteristic of a zener diode is incorporated. Stabilized voltage is removed, respectively, from the zener diode, can serve as a reference voltage and used for further conversion.

three-phase stabilizerIn addition to voltage regulators,electronics uses a parametric current stabilizer. This device is similar in principle to its action with its predecessor, but the object of transformation in this case is current. Current stabilization is used in electronic circuits that protect different devices from current overloads. An example of the use of such devices is the limitation on the load in amplifiers of the audio frequency. Parametric current stabilizer is widely used in production.

All of the above devices are beautifuloperate in single-phase circuits or logic circuits. Three-phase circuits also use stabilization devices, one of which is a three-phase stabilizer. This device operates on the same principle as single-phase, only in this case the voltage stabilization occurs immediately in three phases. At present, various schemes of such a stabilizer have been developed, the purpose of which is to improve the accuracy of stabilizing the phase output voltage. Particular attention in the design of such circuits is given to the reference voltage source and the output power elements of the stabilizer. Such devices are quite simple and reliable in operation.

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