Why does a dog eat grass outside?

There are many phenomena in the world that have been programmed by nature: the spider weaves a web to move from one point to another; a woman after childbirth actively produces milk in the amount that her baby needs; blind kittens know how to find their mother. Have you ever thought about why a dog eats grass? Is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon?

why does a dog eat grass

Version number 1. Smell

Why do dogs eat grass? The answers to this question are very diverse. People have long believed that with such a gesture the dog tries to disguise the unpleasant smell emanating from the mouth.

Zoologists are perplexed by this version. It is unlikely that any animal will confuse untidy appearance. By itself, the grass does not have the ability to eliminate odors.

Version number 2. Vitamins

There is a more believable version of why a dog eats grass outside. Green helps her to replenish the necessary supply of vitamins, trace elements and even cure a dangerous disease. But it is worth considering: how can an animal independently diagnose itself? How does it determineWhat kind of vegetation does she need to eat? Zoologists do not deny the beneficial properties of grass for the dog's body, but this version is extremely wary.

why does a dog eat grass outside

Version number 3. Cleansing

In this way, the animal tries to clean the crowded stomach, providing a sense of relief and comfort. But then again the question arises of how the dog can know that it is the grass that will create such an effect. Experts do not exclude the fact that the instincts inherent in this individual are stimulated to such an act.

Version number 4. Just

For a long time, zoologists tried to find the answer to the question: “Why does a dog eat a lot of grass?” They are sure that it is not worthwhile to attach importance to this substance. She does it at the level of instincts just as she gnaws a tree, wallows in mud and does other unpredictable things. Consciously make a diagnosis and cure it with vegetation, it can not. There is one more ridiculous assumption - this behavior foreshadows a quick cooling. However, to believe in signs that depend on the unpredictable actions of an animal is stupid.

the dog eats a lot of grass why

Useful properties of sedge

Surprisingly, the dog does not eat all the vegetation.In this regard, it is very selective. Why does a dog eat grass sedge? She is preferred by cats, cows and other animals. That's because she has a lot of useful properties:

  • It is able to clear the body of accumulated bile. All food, regardless of whether it is natural food or food, the dog's stomach digests with difficulty. Such vegetation will help bring out this wad of rotting food.

  • It concentrates fiber and moisture. Zoologists have proven that regular reception of sedge normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation will stop the animal.

  • In a small amount it contains phytoncides, and therefore, it helps to strengthen the immune system.

There is an opinion that sedge contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Perhaps this is true, but they will not be given to the animal. This is due to the fact that it is not digested in his stomach.

why does a dog eat sedge

What to do if the dog is sick?

Often caring owners ask themselves the question: “Why does a dog eat grass and then tear it?” You shouldn’t worry about it, such a reaction is absolutely reasonable. Greens move to the stomach through the alimentary tract, during which time it swells noticeably, forming a prickly clot. It tickles the mucosa, causing the esophagus to contract.If the animal has eaten grass in large quantities, then in a few minutes nausea or diarrhea will appear.

 why does a dog eat grass and then vomits

Accordingly, there is another question about whether the animal should be restricted in the use of vegetation. First, it is almost impossible to do this, the dog will still insist on it. Secondly, vomiting should not be afraid. This is the process of cleaning the body of accumulated bile. Sedge on an animal has the same effect as activated carbon on humans.

Another version

Based on the above, it is worthwhile to talk separately about why the dog eats grass sedge. Most likely, her stomach is overloaded: she ate or eaten any product that causes her discomfort. Instinct makes her smell to find exactly the vegetation that will help get rid of the feeling of heaviness.

why dogs eat grass answers

The most useful herb

There are several herbs that will benefit the dog’s body:

  • Sprouted oats.

  • Rye.

  • Wheat.

The leaves of these cultures are well digested in the stomach of dog. They have a softening effect on it: they reduce the feeling of discomfort, relieve pain and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.This herb has a high level of fiber, moisture and volatile production. All these substances are perfectly absorbed by the body of the animal.

why dogs eat grass answers


  • Do not allow the dog to eat grass from the street. Recall that cars drive along it, other animals defecate, and people's shoes are the largest carrier of bacteria. Now imagine that all these substances get into the esophagus of your favorite dog. The risk of poisoning and dysbiosis is very high. It is recommended to grow vegetation yourself. Of course, it will still be of little use, but it surely will not bring harm.

  • Add the necessary vitamins to your pet's diet. It is necessary to introduce in her diet natural products, not just food. Proper fluid balance should be maintained so that the dog does not experience a lack of moisture. If necessary, you need to diversify food supplements, but it is recommended to do it only by appointment of a specialist.

  • It is necessary to observe an interval between meals. For each age category of dogs it is different. They may begin to eat grass, and from the fact that experiencing a clear sense of hunger.

People who are concerned about the question of why a dog is eating grass should be aware of those situations when expert help is needed:

  • If the dog is sick for more than three days in a row.

  • If other symptoms are present along with vomiting: fever, weakness and drowsiness.

  • If your pet has diarrhea for a long time.

All these signs signal people about the poisoning of the pet. Most likely, the animal ate harmful grass, or consumed something on the street with it.

Why does a dog eat grass? The reasons for this phenomenon are many. The most common is that it does this in order to relieve the stomach. To interfere with this process is not necessary. For an animal to use vegetation in summer is the norm. In the same way as to relieve need, sleep and walk regularly. Vomiting is an obvious consequence, it should not be alarming. If the condition of the animal has deteriorated sharply, then you should seek help from a veterinarian.

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