Why do we need a computer sound card, processor, RAM?

Any personal computer consists of certain components that work together to allow the user to perform certain actions. However, many do not know why a computer needs RAM, a video card, a processor, a motherboard, a power supply, a hard disk, etc. Let's try to figure out what these elements are and what their role is in the device of a modern PC.


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The heart of any computer is a processor that can still be called a microprocessor. Such a component is a microcircuit whose main task is the processing of information received from input-output devices and RAM. Even for the miscalculation of two numbers, it is necessary to refer to a specific processor command. During the entire time of the computer, this element performs computational operations.In modern PCs, processors are even used in video adapters (video cards), which allows removing most of the load from the CPU.

Some personal computers have video cards with very powerful components that can instantly perform complex graphics calculations when running games. Of course, it is impossible for an inexperienced person to fully understand why a processor is needed in a computer, since there are a lot of subtleties of its work. The main thing is to understand the essence. It boils down to computing and processing data received from peripheral devices. In other words, even moving the mouse is an operation processed by the processor, the result of which the user sees as the movement of the cursor on the screen.

Modern elements have several cores. These are separate processors operating in parallel on the basis of a single circuit. Such a division of the chip into cores makes it possible to almost double the efficiency and speed of information processing, which entails a high speed of the system as a whole. There are four and eight core processors. However, the number of such elements does not always mean an increase in the efficiency of the device.

So why do we need kernels in the computer? First of all, they are necessary to increase the speed of information processing, secondly, to save energy consumption. In laptops where mobile processors are used, quad-core elements are often used, in which two cores are high-performance and the other two are energy efficient. The latter begin to work when the processor is not required to process a large amount of data. However, when the amount of information and the complexity of tasks for processing increase, high-performance cores are involved. Power rises sharply and power consumption rises.

Why does a computer need a video card?

why do you need a processor in the computer

A video card is practically the same processor. However, it does more computation related to graphics. What does it mean? In games, his work is especially important, since the graphics processor processes a huge amount of calculations and converts them into a signal for the monitor, so that the user on the display can see beautiful textures, shadows, movement of leaves in the wind, etc.

Thanks to special algorithms, part of the calculations can be assigned to the central processor, which can increase the speed of data processing.All this only approximately makes it clear why a computer needs such components.


why do you need RAM in the computer

Speaking of components, it is appropriate to tell why you need RAM in the computer. In simple terms, this system element is a temporary container for information and data that is currently running on a PC and used by the system. Any program takes a certain amount of RAM (RAM). Are there any exceptions? Even an open window or a Word document are objects that occupy the computer’s RAM. In other words, at the time of typing all of this text is in RAM, and only when saved, it gets into the physical memory of the hard disk. And there it will be stored until the user deletes it.

In essence, RAM is a temporary storage for files accessed in seconds. These files, stored in RAM, are regularly requested and processed by the central processor and the video card processor.

Quite often, trying to replace the RAM memory of the hard disk.For this, there is even a special tool in the operating system. However, it should be understood that the hard drive is slow. Therefore, it cannot be used as another element. The essence of RAM is reduced to high speed access to the files stored in it.

Sound card

why do you need a sound card in the computer

Also, some users are trying to understand why you need a sound card in your computer. Based on the name, it is easy to guess what a similar element is needed for. It is an expansion slot or a chipset integrated into the motherboard to create sound. What are the functions? Thanks to this card, the sound can be reproduced in the speakers or headphones connected to the sound card via the Jack connector.

The work of the card is simple: it receives a digital signal and converts it to analog. Headphones, simple speakers, or other acoustic devices can pick up this signal.

Why do computers need hard drives?

why do we need kernels in the computer [1]

Hard drives or HDDs are digital storage media - storage for files. It is on the disc is a movie that can be played on your computer.There are also games, music, documents and other files. Unlike RAM, the files on the hard disk will be until the user deletes them.


The motherboard is the link. All components of the computer are connected to it. This is a hard disk, video card, processor, RAM, sound card. The latter is often integrated into the motherboard. It is on the basis of this element that all computers are assembled.


Now you understand approximately why the computer needs the components listed above. It consists of each PC system unit. Without any of the devices mentioned (with the exception of the sound card), the operation of the computer is impossible in principle.

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