Why bitter cucumbers - a question on filling

One of the most beloved vegetables is cucumber. It goes to salads, it canned and marinated for the winter period, used in cosmetology and medicine, this vegetablewhy bitter cucumbersfinds its use in folk remedies for certain diseases. But sometimes cucumbers do not bring pleasure. They can not eat because of the bitter taste. Why are cucumbers bitter?

How many people, so many opinions

This question is asked and gardeners, farmers and farmers, and buyers. The reasons for this feature are different. Some believe that bitterness causes the chemical composition of the soil. Others suggest that it depends on the variety. Still others, answering the question of why cucumbers are bitter, speak of insufficient watering of this vegetable. There is an opinion about the nutrients entering the plant too intensively, which causes bitterness. A crunchy, fragrant fruit can sometimes not be swallowed due to this particular taste.

Science at a dead end

In all these assumptions there is some truth, although it is accurate to explain why cucumbers are bitter, even doctors of science cannot.Conducting a study of plants of the pumpkin family, to which this vegetable belongs, the scientists found that they contain the substance cucurbitacin, which causes bitterness. But after all, it is present in every member of the family, and only a few grieve us with their taste.

Opinions vegetable growers

Observations of vegetable growers lead to the conclusion that the weather and the intensity of sunlight act on the intensification of bitterness. In the bright sun on dry land unprotected cucumbers grow bitter. This is explained by the fact that their homeland is the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Such forests are very warm, moist, devoid of direct sunlight. This vegetable grew in the shade, often curled over the trees, the leaves of which covered it from the sun.variety cucumberThe climate, where the sun reduces the humidity of the air, has a negative effect on these plants, hence the appearance of bitter cucumbers. The dryness of the air and the bright sun provoke an increased release into the ovary of the above-mentioned substance cucurbitacin. That is why they should be watered almost daily, in the evening, without splashing on the leaves and fruits. The violation of humidity conditions or the duration of 5-6 days in a row on sunny days with unstable air temperature during the day and at night (high and low), increase the percentage of bitter cucumbers.The clay soil that does not allow moisture, also contributes to the appearance of this feature. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet brought a cucumber, varieties of which would absolutely not bitter.

All about growing cucumbers

These representatives of the pumpkin family love systematic fertilizing with organic fertilizer. They are less sensitive to mineral feeds, which are best applied to the soil before planting the seeds of this vegetable. Beautiful fruits without bitterness give the plants planted in the garden, where in autumn small branches and grass are laid under the top layer of soil. During the winter, they pereprevayut, make the earth more saturated with oxygen, air and soft. Cucumbers lovebitter cucumbersweeding, loosening, because their roots are shallow in the ground. Some summer residents on the ground near the root system of cucumbers put mowed non-flowering grass to preserve moisture, tie up the lash, which helps protect the foliage from direct sunlight and gives them additional air space.

Possible reasons

Thus, summing up why bitter cucumbers, the following reasons can be identified:

  1. Lack of moisture in the soil.
  2. Dry air.
  3. Low temperatures at night and high during the day.
  4. Poor soil composition.
  5. Lack of fertilizer.
  6. Unearthed beds without loosening the soil.

If you still get bitter cucumbers, cut off the skin and both edges, because the bitterness is collected at the ends of the vegetable.

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