Why America was called America? Answer

Since school times we know that America has discovered But there is a version that this continent got its name in honor of the Florentine Amerigo Vespucci. What are the reasons for such injustice and why America was called America. Maybe we do not know something, and Vespucci really surpassed the famous Columbus in something?

why america was called america

Olaf Ericson

Today it is known that the first Europeans who visited America were the Vikings. They visited this continent five centuries before the voyage of Christopher Columbus. They were headed by Leif Ericson - the navigator, ruler and baptist of Greenland. He was born in Iceland. His father was from Norway. Even in childhood, his family moved to Greenland.

In 999, before going to the American shores, he left with a trade expedition to Norway. Here he was baptized by King Olaf Trygvason. From Norway, he brought a Christian priest, christened the inhabitants of Greenland, among whom was his mother.It was in Norway that he first heard about a distant land in the West.

After arriving in Greenland, Erickson sailed to the lands of modern America. He went to distant shores, not blindly, but knowing for sure from the Norwegian seafarers that while sailing to the west they saw the outlines of the earth. In order to reach her and explore Erickson and took his trip.

why america is named america

Discovery of America by the Vikings

Supposedly in 1000, Erickson buys a ship from a Norwegian who has seen mysterious lands from afar, and with a team of 35 people sets off. Reaching the shores, he explored and described them. Presumably, the navigator reached Newfoundland. Open land, he gave the name Vinland. According to the stories of the navigator and his crew members a map was drawn up.

Why America was called America, and not Vinland - the name given to her by the discoverer? There is only an assumption that 500 years have passed between the voyages of the Vikings and Columbus, and the distant land of Vinland could only be learned from the sagas stacked in honor of the Greenlander Erickson, which survived to our time.

why columbus called america america

Christopher Columbus

Columbus - the Italian navigator, the first European, who in 1492 reached the shores of a new continent in the tropical and subtropical zone.He was the first to go to the Sargasso and Caribbean, he opened Central and South America to Europeans. His credit is great. For nearly twelve years he had been waiting for an expedition from the Catholic (Aragon and Castile) kings. Until the last one, he was sure that he had discovered the western route to India, not knowing that it was a new continent. Did he think why America was called America, and not his name? No, I did not think. He died in 1506, before this name appeared.

He led four expeditions to the new continent (1492-1504), which made many discoveries, explored and described the region of central and part of South America. Colonies of Europeans were founded in these areas. Columbus did not give up trying to find the way to the shores of India and Japan, he reached on his ships the shore of the Isthmus of Panama, where he was only 65 kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean, but he was not destined to get there.

why america is named after americo vespucci

Why not colombia

Why is America called America, and not Colombia, in honor of her, as it is commonly believed, the discoverer? The answer to this question, probably, is that Columbus was looking for western passages to Asia, in particular, India. Reaching the shores of the new continent, he was sure that he had found this path and sailed to the outskirts of China or Japan.

His first expedition reached the Bahamas, Haiti and Cuba. Agree that the islands is difficult to determine what kind of land in front of you. It is interesting that for a long time America was called the West Indies, and India itself - the East Indies. The difference is that in order to reach America, it is necessary to sail to the West, and the path to a real India lies in the East. Native Americans are still called Indians. There are versions of what exactly Columbus called America America. Why they appeared, it is difficult to say, for him America forever remained his dream - the West Indies.

why the mainland was called America

Amerigo Vespucci

Florentine Vespucci was a little younger than Christopher Columbus and was born in 1454. He studied at the University of Pisa, after which he worked in Paris as secretary to the Florentine ambassador. After returning to Florence, he served in the Medici banking house. In 1491 he was sent to the banking house in Seville, where he was engaged in maritime trade. He personally knew Columbus, as he participated in the equipment of his expedition. The successes of the famous discoverer led to the fact that he abandoned the trade and decided to go in for navigation in order to see the new lands personally.Probably, he dreamed of new discoveries and did not think that the mainland would be called America. Why it happened, we can only guess.

In 1499, he became a member of the expedition of the Spanish captain Alonso Ojeda, departing for South America. Studies have been made on the territory of modern Brazil. The Orinoco delta and the mouth of the Amazon were studied. The expedition passed along these rivers 200 kilometers upstream. Passed 1,200 kilometers along the coast, described the island opposite modern Venezuela.

In the years 1501 and 1504 Vespucci takes part in two voyages of the Portuguese Gonçal Coell. His main responsibilities were navigation, cartography and astronomy. Ships, reaching the territory of America, turned to the South, and passed along the coast, breaking 2000 kilometers. The expedition penetrated 250 kilometers into the mainland. They were amazed by the team and local residents, it was clear that they were not Indians and, of course, not Chinese. There were no more doubts, these were unknown continental lands.

why america was called america 2

Why America was called America

There are also suggestions that he was not on his own will on the expedition of Alonso Ojeda, but was sent by the Medici banking house, which financed Columbus’s first company.Vespucci was not a navigator and, unlike Columbus, did not organize an expedition. He only took part in them. Interesting, but many researchers question his participation in the last two expeditions. So why America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, because he was an ordinary member of expeditions?

Being an educated person, he recorded and analyzed everything. He also sent detailed reports to the Medici banking house, which were subsequently published. He shared his impressions with his many friends, and contributed to the dissemination of his knowledge about new lands.

Few people knew about the discovery of the new mainland by Columbus. On the other hand, Vespucci's letters and notes were printed and even books were published in which he does not mention the great navigator. I do not want to think that this was done intentionally, he just wrote about the impressions of the expedition, and there were more than enough of them. There was a general opinion that Vespucci was the pioneer. Therefore, in 1507

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