Why a big belly?

The easiest way to learn about internalproblems in the body - is to look at the appearance of a person. Any diseases that occur inside the body have a strong effect on appearance. A large belly is a sign of serious problems in the body.

To diagnose the type of disease, it is necessarydetermine the shape of the abdomen. The easiest way to do this is by relaxing, taking a natural posture and looking in the mirror. In this case, you can see how it looks, and understand what should be treated.

What could be the reason for changing the shape of the abdomen?

Over time, any person changes his posture,form of the abdomen, thorax. Often these processes are attributed to the age and do not pay attention to them. But in most cases they are associated with weakness of the muscles of the abdominal cavity, problems with digestion or inflammatory processes. The tone of the abdominal muscles largely depends on the condition of the lumbar and thoracic spine, as well as on the health of the intestines.

If the spine of a person is healthy, he is without problemscan maintain the pressure of the intestine and its contents, but with a weak and sick spine, the muscles are not able to resist the pressure of the abdominal organs, thus increasing the abdomen. In addition, changing the size of the abdomen is often a consequence of digestive disorders. As a result of long-term studies, Austrian scientists derived the following classification of types of stomachs: calf, gas stomach, gas-stomach, normal stomach and fatty abdomen.

Why is the big belly than it caused?

If your stomach is swollen or unpleasantpain, always consult a professional doctor. Only he can make an accurate diagnosis and choose the right treatment. Consider the most common causes of abdominal enlargement.

Stomach abdominal enlargement

If the person's daily diet is toomany products of animal origin, which he badly chews, in the intestine begins the process of decay, leading to the appearance of an inflamed or flaccid stool. Because of the weak abdominal wall, the intestinal loops under the action of gravity fall down the abdomen, forming a heavy "bag" in the lower abdomen.

Abdominal enlargement due to gases

With a low tone of the intestine, various flaccidCavities are filled with a lot of content than it is supposed to. As a consequence, the process of its transportation is disrupted, it mixes poorly and begins to decompose. If a person consumes a lot of plant food, there is a process of fermentation, which threatens intoxication with alcohol and other harmful substances. In addition, in the intestine, fermenting gases begin to produce, inflating this internal organ. As a result, a strong protrusion of the upper abdomen may occur.

Belly of gas-fired origin

Poorly chewed mixed food cansubject to both the process of decay and fermentation. As a result, the intestinal loops, filled with gas, rise to the top, and filled with feces - go down, forming a belly, convex at the same time from below and from above. Mixed type of abdomen is one of the most common.

Increased abdomen due to fat

It is worth noting that the stomach is increased by fatrarely. Basically, there are problems of a mixed type. In the absence of pregnancy, pathologies of the abdominal cavity or large tumors, in most cases, an increase in the size of the stomach is associated with a deterioration in the state of the intestine.

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity is almost notcauses protrusion of the abdomen. With obesity, it just hangs like an "apron". Thus, in the presence of one of the types of abdomen, you should reconsider your diet and pay more attention to sports.

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