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The life of the great navigator and traveler Christopher Columbus was full of self-education, mapping and trading. According to him, he knew the exact route of the shortest route to India, but the Portuguese king, in the service of which the researcher was, did not support the idea, and the discoverer went to Spain. There he quickly found support in the person of the government (to a lesser extent), bankers and Andalusian merchants, and achieved the organization of a naval expedition under his command, becoming one of those who first discovered America.

Who discovered America

First expedition

It took place from 1492 to 1493 and included three vessels: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria - and 90 crew and passengers. During the voyage, the Sargasso Sea was discovered and an island called San Salvador. The descent to this coast is celebrated as the official opening date of the continent - the twelfth of October 1492. And for people celebrating this day, the answer to the question: "Who discovered America?" - one: "Columbus".But the traveler himself was sure that he had sailed to Asia. He went to several islands of the Bahamas archipelago and found part of the coast of Cuba, located in the north-east. After that, the cavalcade discovered the island of Haiti and moved north. Here the flagship sat on the reef, but the crew escaped. In Spain, Christopher returned to the "Nina".

Second expeditionwho discovered north america

Columbus did not know that he was the one who discovered America, and on his second trip he gathered an incredible number of people and ships: up to two and a half thousand people and as many as 17 large caravels. In this campaign were discovered the islands of Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Dominic and more than twenty small pieces of land of the Antilles archipelago. In addition, the southern and southeastern coast of Cuba, Jamaica and Juventud were found. It took 40 days for the mariner to fully survey the southern coast of Haiti. In 1496, after three years of constant voyage, the traveler went home, where he informed everyone about the opening of the new Asian route. In fact, he became the one who discovered North America.

who first discovered americaThird and fourth hikes

The third attempt began in 1498, and ended in 1500, when the discoverer was denounced on the denunciation, but, having figured out what was wrong, they were quickly released. This time, six ships sailed.They found the island of Trinidad and the sleeve of the Orinoco delta. A part of the Caribbean was also investigated. In his last expedition, the one who discovered America went in 1502. Columbus visited the Gulf of Honduras, met the last representatives of the ancient Maya and fouled the entire west coast of the Caribbean. In 1503, while driving to the north, the traveler’s flagship crashed, and help had to wait more than a year. Arriving in Spain very sick, Christopher Columbus died shortly after returning. The continent got its name from another researcher - Amerigo Vespucci. It was he who was one of the first to guess that the land found by Columbus does not belong to India and is not the West Indies, as it was called at that time. Therefore, the mainland was named after one mariner, and those who discovered America were another person.

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