Who came up with a plan for Dulles?

The last decade of the twentieth century and the beginning of the next millennium were marked by large-scale changes in the shape of the world geopolitical map. Not only the Soviet Union, but the entire socialist camp disappeared from it. European borders were overlapped, states that were considered a stronghold of calm and stability turned into kingdoms of chaos and blood. What is the reason for such significant changes and to whom are they at hand? Looking for an interested party is a favorite affair of the heroes of detective novels and political scientists who want to identify the causal link between the events that occurred at first glance quite by accident. And among all the possible objective and subjective reasons for the collapse of communism, some analysts point out a certain Dulles plan, according to which insidious imperialists were able to crush the world's most powerful state. Who was this genius who succeeded in something that Hitler did not master? And is it really so simple?

dulles plan

World post-war order

If you believe the supporters of the theory of a single plan for the destruction of socialism, then it remains only to be surprised at the systematic approach of its authors. It seems they have considered everything.After the defeat of German fascism, Japanese militarism and all countries that opposed the Allied coalition, an equilibrium was established on the planet due to the enormous military might of Stalin’s USSR, achieved at the cost of incredible sacrifices and deprivations on the one hand and the presence of atomic weapons along with tremendous economic power from the United States. It was clear to the leaders of the two opposing political and economic systems that contradictions could not be resolved by armed invasion. And both sides began to act the only right way. By concluding peace treaties, they did not abandon their intentions to win, acting by hidden means and assuming at the same time that a world war is quite likely. It was then, according to our common opinion, that the plan of Allen Dulles was formulated. Evidence of its existence does not exist. There are some texts attributed either to the US Secretary of State during Eisenhower's time, or to his brother, the director of the CIA.

And which Dulles?

The plan for the destruction of Russia, according to the published text, was to apply a comprehensive approach to the suppression of the economic and moral and ethical foundations of Soviet society.Of course, he was secret, but, quite possibly, it was stolen by our scouts in the early 50s. After they were able to get the secrets of the Manhattan project, they would have become. The document is written in simple and understandable language accessible to a wide circle of readers, which leads to some doubts. Most often, such memoranda are addressed to specialists and are full of obscure terms. So, Dulles was two. John Foster served in the American government as head of the Foreign Ministry and Secretary of State in 1953 to 1959, that is, after Stalin's death. He, of course, could dream of the collapse of the USSR, but, most likely, we can talk about his younger brother, whose name was Allen Dulles. The plan for the destruction of Russia is often attributed to him. And he lived much longer, until 1969.

allen dulles plan

Document text or double-edged sword

This memorandum outlines the main directions of the upcoming destructive anti-Soviet activities. First, you need to find allies in the camp of the enemy. Secondly, bribery, blackmail and threats should be made to cultural figures to promote Western values ​​among the masses. Thirdly, it is necessary to encourage bureaucrats and bribe takers, tyrants and bunglers in the ranks of leaders of all ranks in every way.It is they who destroy the Soviet system, sometimes without even realizing what they are doing. Well, fourthly, it remains to corrupt the youth. Here is a plan for the collapse of Dulles USSR. Who prevented the Soviet leadership from developing a similar strategy for the United States and the rest of the Western world? American conservatives, at least, quite seriously argued that all revolutionary-anarchist youth movements had come up with in Lubyanka. And hippies, and sexual revolution, and rock and roll. And the drugs were also sent to the US by KGB agents, according to the shtatovskikh fighters for the purity of morals.

First doubts

In addition to the extreme simplicity of the exposition, there is one more sign, according to which Dulles' plan causes some doubts. The text contains extremely emotional traction, not characteristic of the style of presentation of the scout or politician. Everything falls into place after an eager and prone to analyze reader becomes familiar with Anatoly Ivanov's novel Eternal Call or at least watch a television series based on his motives. The villain Lakhnovsky and quotes from the top-secret document, reproducing them almost verbatim.This could be explained by the acquaintance of the venerable writer and member of the Writers' Union with the leadership of the KGB, who supplied him with materials, but ...

gave the plan to destroy russia

Prior to Ivanov, in the same way and in approximately these words, Dulles' plan (a similar concept to him) was described by the spy character Dumbright of the Soviet Ukrainian author Yuri Dold-Mikhaylik ("The Black Knights"). The editors of the Eternal Call of later editions even had to correct the text of Lakhnovsky’s monologue, plagiarism was evident.

dulles plan text

What document is issued for the plan Dulles?

In 1948, the US Security Council developed a memorandum, in its content and focus, resembling a controversial plan, voiced by literary characters Lakhnovsky and Dumbright. It would be strange if the USA did not attend to the growing Soviet military might and influence of the USSR in the world. This concern was reflected in Memorandum No. 20/1, now declassified. It was initiated by US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, who soon went mad (on the basis of anti-Sovietism) and committed suicide. This, of course, is not the plan of Allen Dulles, since the goals stated in Memorandum No. 20/1 are much more modest. The measures recommended in it are divided into two categories (military and peaceful) and are designed to reduce the degree of influence of the USSR, as well as weaken its “excessive” power.About the collapse of the USSR and the speech does not go (apparently, such a task seemed to be unsolvable). In addition, a completely sober and objective analysis led to the conclusion that it was unreasonable to try to tear Ukraine away from Russia. According to American intelligence officers, the ties between nations are too strong. Here to listen to them!

dulles plan for the collapse of the ussr

Plans, plans ...

The Americans built plans for the USSR and continue such surveys regarding modern Russia. And today, many politicians in America have an opinion about the special role of the United States in the world law and order. Even assuming that the Dulles plan existed (although there is no evidence, unlike the Security Council Directive No. 20/1), it fades before the Dropshot directive of 1949, which set targets for atomic bombings of Soviet cities, industrial and defense facilities. It was supposed to attack three hundred bombers, and even set a date - the New Year's holiday in 1950. This plan was postponed, and then completely canceled, apparently having developed the next one, just as ingenious.

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