Where to walk in Kazan: interesting places

Russia has a vast territory where multinational cities are located, distinguished by their historical and cultural traditions. Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, became one of such cities. Thanks to the close attention of the federal authorities and the indifference of the residents of the subject, the city is changing before our eyes. Where to walk in Kazan? How to spend time for people with different requests?

Kazan: a brief description of the city

Kazan is located on the left bank of the legendary Volga River. Being a major port and transport city, Kazan has always been a center of commerce, art and scientific development.

Here the climate is optimal for living: large temperature drops are not typical for this territory. Mild winters and warm summers rarely offer surprises.

The city consists of 7 administrative units. In terms of population, Kazan is in 6th place in Russia, with a population of more than 1.2 million people. More than 100 nationalities live in the city.The authorities actively support all residents, centers and complexes are being built. Many interesting places in Kazan are connected with the national peculiarities of the city.

Major economic players of Kazan: Kazanorgsintez, cluster of aviation industry, Kazan Powder Plant. Interestingly, the city is the carrier of the registered brand "Third Capital of Russia".

Historical features

The city was founded in the 11th century. Archaeological excavations have become evidence that in 1004-1005 a settlement with its own way of life, culture and customs already existed on the site of Kazan.

In the 13-14 centuries the city acts as a border point of Volga Bulgaria, and at the same time the development of the city as a transport and trade hub begins.

In the 15th century, the settlement became the center of the Kazan Khanate under the leadership of Khan Ulu-Muhamedda. And in the 16th century, after the wars and raids, Kazan became part of the Russian kingdom.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city became one of the strategic centers of the revolution, for which a lot of compatriots' blood was shed. During the Great Patriotic War, Kazan was subject to atomic bombing by the invader as one of the most important cities of the USSR, fortunately, the plans did not materialize.

Now Kazan remains the same strategic city, which is an important part of Russia as a whole.

How to get to Kazan?

Kazan is located 800 km from Moscow. The city itself is a transportation hub for several federal highways: M7, P241, and P239.

Kazan International Airport operates in the capital of Tatarstan, which receives many tourists from around the world and from distant cities of Russia. There are also two railway stations of the same name that serve trains from Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Izhevsk, Yaransk and, of course, Moscow.

Bus stations (“Yuzhny”, “Vostochny” and “Central”) also operate, receiving a huge number of buses from settlements of Tatarstan and other border regions of the Russian Federation.

Intellectual development: theaters and museums

where to walk in Kazan

Cultural development is as necessary as physical or creative. Tatar State Theater of Drama and Comedy. K. Tinchurina will be the right choice for spiritual nourishment. The organization was created in 1933 on the initiative of collective farmers-drummers. Since then, the theater has grown many times in its level, and world scenes enjoy taking performances by artists from the Tatar State Theater. Address: st. Maxim Gorky, 13.

Where to walk in Kazan and learn a lot about the city and the Republic of Tatarstan? Of course, in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. Location: st. Kremlin, 2.

The entire museum complex is a cultural monument of federal significance. The buildings in which the exhibition is located are Gostiny Dvor, built in the early 19th century. The museum has more than 910 thousand exhibits. The main collections are: Bulgarian, Egyptian, antique, ethnographic, arts and crafts, collections of the peoples of Russia and the world, numismatic, written and others.

Kazan Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater. IN AND. Kachalova has been pleasing the audience for over 200 years with exceptional productions. He was one of the first based in Russia. The new building, the repertoire consisting of 24 performances, famous artists will not leave indifferent the hearts of tourists and citizens.

Vacation with children

where to walk in Kazan with children

Where to walk in Kazan with children or spend an active weekend with them? There are plenty of answers to this question. For example, in the open water park “Riviera” (address: Fatykh Amirkhan Avenue, 1) or in the closed “Baryonix” (lecture: Mazit Gafuri St., 46). Splash in warm little water,slide down the steep hills and just take a dip - the children love it, and their parents are no less.

To explore the animals you can visit the Kazan Zoobotanic Garden on the street. Hadi Taktash, 112. This is a place in Kazan, where both adults and children love to walk. There you will be met by monkeys, camels, zebras, tigers, foxes, deer, bears and more than 200 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Interesting and fauna of the garden, especially for children. Workers lead various circles, sections, schools in which young naturalists learn a lot about the world around them.

“Kyrlay” is a park in Kazan, famous far beyond the borders of Tatarstan for its attractions and entertainment. There is also a 55-meter ferris wheel, which overlooks the Kazan Kremlin. Address: st. One-sided Grivka, 1a.

Night entertainment

where to walk in Kazan at night

Young people most often do not think of themselves without nightlife, namely clubs. Kazan has a large list of both typical nightlife and specialized ones: karaoke, jazz cafes, men's clubs, etc.

One of the most visited can be attributed IDOL nightclub on the street. Pushkin, 46, with an atmospheric design, great DJs, regular show parties, excellent menu and excellent service.

Music cafe Amnesia - a place where you can spend an interesting evening, listening to good music, high-quality performers and at the same time enjoying cocktails. Address: pr. Yamasheva, 28a.

Club "Barsuk" opens its doors to real men who love exquisite cuisine and the beauty of women. In a cozy atmosphere and in a good company, the evening will pass unnoticed. Location: st. Chernyshevsky, d. 27.

Where can I watch a movie

interesting places in Kazan

In Kazan, there are several movie chains, as well as independent cinemas.

Film Cinema Grand Cinema on the street. Spartak, 6 - a place not only for viewing the premiere, but also for live productions and opera. The prices pleasantly surprise, and the quality of the sessions is always on top.

Kinomax, a network known throughout Russia, also operates in Kazan. Addresses: pr. Victory, 91; pr. Ibragimova, 56. The modern stereo system and large screens will not leave indifferent any viewer.

"Homeland" - a complex that includes a bowling alley, a cinema, a billiard room, a restaurant. 650 seats in the “Homeland” halls are waiting for their audience daily from 9.30 to 02.00. Address: st. Bauman, 44/8.

Beautiful places in the city: monuments and architecture

where to go for a walk in Kazan

In fact, it can be said with full confidence that Kazan is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, along with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, etc.In Kazan, a huge number of famous historical sites.

The first thing tourists see is the Kul-Sharif Mosque. The history of this place began in the 16th century. At the moment, the building is part of the reserve Kazan Kremlin. The whole complex is a place in Kazan, where it is always interesting to walk in summer and in winter.

The temple consists of two crossed squares under a 45-degree gradient, in the form of the sacred Muslim symbol “blessing of Allah”, 6 minarets decorated with domes. Temple location: Sheinkman Avenue.

An interesting place in Kazan is a monument to the dragon Zilant, a mythical creature from the legends of Tatarstan, which is reflected in the flag of the Republic. According to legends, Zilant tortured those living in the city until the hero came and conquered the dragon. The monument was erected to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan. Address: st. Bauman, 7.

Among the unusual monuments can be attributed to the monument dedicated to the national dish echpochmaku. Location: st. Tufan Minnullin, 14/56. The monument is installed on the territory of the national complex “Tugan Avylym”, where tourists can not only taste the delicacy of local cuisine, but also try to make it themselves.

Where to shop?

 where to walk in Kazan with a girl

Where to go for a walk in Kazan, but at the same time return home with shopping? The answer is simple: in large shopping centers, of which there is a huge amount in Kazan.

TRC "Ring" (address: St. Petersburg, 1) - this is 4 floors of easy shopping and leisure. While shopping, a man can be left in a billiard club, children in a planetarium, and a woman can freely go to famous boutiques and major stores: Befree, Familia, Love Republic, Zarina, Riv Gosch, DNS and many others. After the whole family, you can visit the cinema, and then eat at a fast food cafe or in a pancake.

TC "Mega". Location on the map of Kazan: Victory Avenue, House 141. “The Snow Queen”, “Econika”, “IKEA”, “M.Video”, “Bahetle” and even more than a hundred brand and chain stores are waiting for their customers every day.

In the process of shopping worth a bite: ice cream, sweets, pastries, coffee, cocktails, fast food and restaurants open their doors to hungry guests.

TRK "Tandem", which is visited daily by more than 30 thousand residents and tourists. Large tenants: "Eldorado", "Sportmaster", "Carousel", "Decathlon", "Children's World" and others.Brand departments: Colin`s, Naf Naf, Intimissimi, Freestyle, etc.

In addition to retail space, a large share of the entertainment and food area:

  • cinema;
  • children's attractions and centers;
  • Fitness Centre;
  • restaurants;
  • cafe and more.

Location of the complex: Ibragimova Ave., 56.

Night Kazan: where to walk?

parks in Kazan

The most popular place where to take a walk in Kazan at night is a real pleasure, is the Kremlin Embankment. This site is interesting for its structure: there is an Alley of Arts, Alley of Youth, Alley of Family, Alley of Children. In each of them there is one or another infrastructure that is interesting to those for whom it is intended: a creative gazebo, reading books and playing the piano, party games and bike rental - everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

The embankment is a place where taking a walk in Kazan with a girl is pleasant, romantic and interesting. Very often, it is here that young people make a marriage proposal to their ladies in the light of the night city, the reflections of the river, sitting on a beautiful wrought-iron bench.

A classic place for evening and night walks are the parks in Kazan, for example, the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation, which has beautiful alleys with benches, a luminous musical fountain and, of course, many trees.

Thus, there are many places where you can walk in Kazan with benefit, and it is interesting to spend time. Residents and tourists say that this is a beautiful, cozy and very atmospheric city, in which you want to return.

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