Where to smoke a hookah in Moscow: photos and reviews

Rest is good. A good rest is even better. With such a statement and can not argue. Nice to rest after a hard day's work. Someone prefers to fall apart on the couch, someone will be more attracted by walks in the fresh air, and someone is waiting for the end of the working day or week to meet friends in a quiet and pleasant place.

It is always nice to see, discuss the latest news, have a beer and maybe smoke a hookah. Nice picture, isn't it? But who would know how difficult it is sometimes to find a place where you can sit quietly with friends, enjoying a hookah, especially in such a megalopolis as Moscow ...

But difficult - does not mean impossible. This article will help to study in detail and look after the places where you can smoke hookah in Moscow, depending on the company and the desired atmosphere.

Every man to his own taste

The huge metropolis is not only the capital of Russia, but also the capital of club and restaurant life. Where to smoke hookah? Yes, anywhere! Hundreds of places are ready to offer you this service. From the center to Mitino is full of institutions that offer hookah.But the taste and color of comrades is not. Someone is interested, for example, where to smoke a hookah is cheaper, and someone is looking for a quality assortment. Therefore, this article could not be relevant for lovers of such a holiday.

What to say about tourists who do not immediately find their hotel, not that a good hookah! Therefore, for convenience, this article will examine in detail the places where you can smoke hookah, and the districts in which such cafes, restaurants, bars “live”.

Central District

Residents of the center of Moscow and natives of such areas as Arbat or Zamoskvorechye are not likely to want to go to hell for good hookahs. The city is big, and for them to be interested in hookah establishments on the outskirts of the metropolis is the same as asking: “Where can I smoke a hookah in Ryazan?” Moreover, it is always pleasant that you can relax in the immediate vicinity of the house.


"Meal'n'Real!" - The ancient Romans knew a lot about rest. And if you need spectacles for a delicious hookah, then you should visit such an institution as “ARBAT-13”. It will be especially pleasant to look here for lovers of jazz music. This restaurant is more like a concert hall: 99 seats in the main hall, and all turned onto the stage.But for lovers of attention, there is karaoke in the small hall (40 seats).

where to smoke hookah

Yes, and feed here is not bad. In a word, everything is perfect. The only problem is that it's so hard to get out of here. Music, delicious food and really great hookah beckon to themselves.

In addition, this is the place where you can eat and smoke hookah, and even a good show, you can for a very reasonable price. Where the institution is located, it is not difficult to guess. The thirteenth house on Arbat Street is waiting for you to drop in for a delicious hookah and good music.

All at home

If the hype and the scene are not suitable, and I want to find where to smoke hookah in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, then very warm feedback from customers comes to the account of the hookah Smoking. This is a cozy and pleasant place, which is located at: st. Chistoprudny Boulevard d. 10, p. 1, located in the center of Moscow, and in spite of this, it maintains a calm and unhurried atmosphere of comfort in the contrast of a bustling city. The interior in general creates the feeling that you are in your own home. An ideal place for couch potatoes and lovers of cozy get-togethers.

where you can smoke hookah

Here you can choose a brand of tobacco, and the type of hookah to your taste and discretion.Nice, comfortable and cozy. What else is needed for a relaxing evening with friends?

Penny saves the ruble

You can always talk about Moscow - about the beauty, life and colors of this city. But for many, this place is often associated with a high price, sometimes even unreasonably high. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are wondering where it is inexpensive to smoke a hookah. The answer to this question may be the club "Strawberry Lounge". The institution does not have enough stars from heaven, but at the same time it does not drop its bar. The cozy atmosphere and beautiful interior perfectly complement a good hookah. The food here is delicious, and most importantly - the price does not bite. So all lovers of economical smoke in Moscow should pay a visit to Dimitrov Street, 8.

where to smoke a hookah in Moscow

The inhabitants of the suburbs

A little further from the center of Moscow, things are a little simpler. There are much less entertainment and cultural institutions. Sleeping areas, the airport, various businesses do not particularly care about the noisy social life. But this is the capital! And it is not necessary for the residents of the airport area or the inhabitants of the suburbs to endure kilometer traffic jams every time in order to resolve the question of where to smoke a hookah.

North smokes

Residents of the northern part of the city will like the Hukabar bar.It is located near the airport at 47 Leningradsky Avenue. The place is pleasant and with its own special atmosphere. It is simply created to relax and forget about the problems outside the hookah, watching the floating clouds of smoke.

where inexpensive to smoke hookah

Not far from Hukabar is another gorgeous place - Mr.Kal`yan. Nothing extra. The atmosphere of the lounge, pleasant and comfortable interior is suitable for those who prefer to smoke alone or smoke with friends. This place is located at: Airport Airport, 8, first floor.

Original Southerners

In the south of Moscow, too, there is where to go. A very unusual hookah is located at: 6th Radialnaya Street, 3. This establishment is remarkable because it is a computer club, so if you are an avid gamer or just like a quality hookah, you should visit the computer club Time lap. Here you can choose your favorite game, your favorite type of hookah and a variety of tobacco. Nice, cozy and original.

Another original place where you can enjoy thick puffs of smoke is “Captain Drake.” The original design of the club is that this is a real pirate ship. And here you can feel like a real sea conqueror. Would you like to relax? There is a restaurant with incredibly delicious cuisine and impossibly talented chefs.Do you like sports? Bowling is open to you. Do you want to sing "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum"? For this there is karaoke. And if the body asks for a dance, then the disco dance floor is completely yours. The place is excellent and varied. And, of course, you can smoke hookah here. Is that on the dance floor is impossible, but it is not accurate.

where to eat and smoke hookah

Eastern comfort

Residents of Izmailovo or Sokolnikov (and indeed all residents of the eastern part of the city) also should not despair. It is full of great places that will gladly offer you a hookah.

One of these places is Gipsy Club. Perhaps this is the first gypsy restaurant in Moscow. Restaurant with a bar on the ground floor is perfect for free communication and easy rest. The kitchen is excellent, so it will cater to any gourmet. On the second floor there is a concert hall, where various groups, including gypsy ones, perform. The institution is pleasant, you can even say family. Beautiful, cozy and atmospheric. What else is needed?

where better to smoke hookah

Another pleasant place is the restaurant "Amazonia" in the hotel "Izmailovo". The atmosphere here is truly relaxing. You can have a tasty meal by tasting European, Russian or Caucasian cuisine; after 20:00 live music is played, billiards lovers will like the place.In addition, they make an excellent hookah here, and according to reviews, it is especially good with milk. So it is worth to come, try, enjoy the rest. Address: Izmailovo highway, 71.

Western charms

Western Moscow is not without good places to stay. This confirms a restaurant like Sanatrello, where you can smoke hookah. Especially here recommend Italian dishes. One of the pieces of this institution is music, or rather karaoke accompanied by a talented back-vocalist in tandem with an excellent sound engineer who will delight you with a great musical atmosphere. A rather large room is always full. This suggests that the place is excellent, and what else can you order here is a banquet for as many as 200 people. The institution is located at: Sevastopolsky prospect, 61.

where to smoke hookah in Kaliningrad

You can also visit the excellent restaurant Celentano. Reviews of food are the most positive. It is strange that the restaurant in the business center boasts very tasty dishes, but it is. In addition, if desired, they will bring you a dish that is not on the menu.

Two rather large halls create a spacious atmosphere where no one bothers anyone. In the first, it is convenient to hold business meetings and simply invite friends for a cup of coffee.The second hall, more free and quiet, is ideal for a tasty dinner in good company. Many recommend this place for a feast. Convenient to hold a preliminary reception in the lobby bar, and the main banquet - in the large hall.

Of course, hookah is on the level. On water, on milk, on anything and anything. An institution made for the visitor and to the taste of each person personally. In addition, the price does not bite. So it is worth visiting Nametkina street, house 12a.

where to smoke hookah in Ryazan

Eh, Moscow, you can always talk about it ... And life is not enough to describe all the charms of this city. This article only touches the tip of the iceberg. The secular capital is full of cafes, restaurants and clubs. And each of them is good in its own way. Now and then the streets are full of bright signs of the best institutions of the beautiful city. How difficult it is to choose your ideal among this alluring variety. Maybe someone, having read this article, has already chosen where to spend the weekend.

Of course, not only residents of the capital can relax in pleasant places. Where to smoke hookah in Kaliningrad, for example, or Belgorod? In these cities, which is very pleasing to those who are used to always relax in the same cafe or bar, there is also, for example, Hookan.Large hookahs (restaurant chains) usually have their points in several large cities, so even on a business trip or a personal trip you can go to a familiar hookah and have a great time with friends or a loved one.

It remains only to wish good luck and a pleasant stay, as well as a really tasty hookah in a pleasant atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, this is quite feasible not only in his native city, but also (thanks to the network of establishments) in other localities on the territory of Russia.

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