Where to issue CTP at temporary registration?

Drivers are obliged to issue policies for their compulsory motor insurance for their vehicles, without which it is prohibited to operate the vehicle. If traffic police officers stop the driver, and he does not have insurance, then in this case payment of a monetary penalty is expected. But where to issue a CTP if the driver has only temporary registration for the car? Let's try to sort out this issue.

What does the law say?

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Any issues related to the registration of car insurance, including for vehicles with temporary registration, are regulated by federal law under number 40. According to this document, insurers are required to provide their services to absolutely all motorists, regardless of where they are registered. In this case, the service should be carried out on standard conditions, without additional requirements for the car owner by the insurance company.

Is it possible to insure a vehicle with a temporary registration?

Registration policy CTP is possible in any case, even if the owner of the vehicle does not have a permanent registration in Russia. In this case, the difference will be in the cost of insurance, which is calculated according to another principle. KMB will be installed in a standard size operating in the region, in which the auto-citizen is issued, without taking into account the accident-free length of service, and the driver can choose where to issue OSAGO.

Required package of documents

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So, where it is possible to issue the OSAGO, we already clarified. It can be absolutely any region of the Russian Federation, which will choose a car enthusiast. But here another quite natural question arises: what documents will be needed for this? It all depends on what exactly the driver wants to do - extend the old policy or issue a new one. In the first case, it will be sufficient to provide the insurer with the previous contract, since all data on the vehicle and its owner have already been entered into a single electronic database.

If you plan to design a new policy, in this case, the motorist must collect the following documents:

  1. A standard form statement.
  2. Passport.
  3. PTS.
  4. Technical certificate.
  5. Registration certificate.
  6. Driver's license.
  7. Diagnostic card about technical inspection, if the vehicle age is too big.
  8. The power of attorney, in case the insurance is issued not by the legal owner of the car, but by a trustee.

It should be noted that if the driver is a citizen of another country, then he will also be required to have a residence permit or any other document granting the right to stay in Russia. In addition, all the above documents must be translated into Russian and certified by a notary.

Regardless of where to issue OSAGO, all documents must be valid at the time of contacting the insurance company. Also, if you have an old contract in your hands, then it is worth taking it with you, as this may speed up the procedure for signing a new one.

Car registration process

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First of all, you need to decide where it is better to issue a CTP. Today, there are many insurance companies operating in the market, so no problems with this will arise.

Then everything happens in the following sequence:

  1. Prepare originals and photocopies of all necessary documents.
  2. Contact them to the selected insurance company or its representative.
  3. Make a statement of the established sample.
  4. Check the relevance of the information included in the policy.
  5. Pay for car insurance services.
  6. Sign an insurance contract.

This procedure is standard, so regardless of where to issue a CTP, it will take place in that order.

How to be in the case of imposing additional servants?

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Some unscrupulous insurers are trying to impose additional services on motorists for the purpose of raising their income levels, arguing that it is impossible to issue an insurance policy without them. Such actions are illegal, since any services that are not included in the standard package are not mandatory. Simply put, every car owner has the right to independently decide whether to insure his life, health and other things with the car or not.

To avoid such situations, you can not visit the UK office personally, but send a registered letter to the main office to which the application will be attached.The insurer will be obliged within three working days from the receipt of the request to provide the driver with a document with all the calculations and details for payment, which can be obtained at the branch of the insurance company. If the appeal is ignored, then the motorist has every reason to file a complaint with the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. However, the UK is afraid to lose the license, so it usually does not come to that.

Another option is to design an electronic policy. This feature is implemented on the websites of many insurers. It involves the design of only the basic set of services, so you can not impose any additional services. About where to issue an electronic CTP will be described below.

What documents must insurance companies issue to the car owner

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After all documents are signed, the insurer is obliged to issue the following documents to the driver:

  • original contract;
  • the original of the policy, in which all persons entitled to drive a vehicle must be entered;
  • check for payment of insurance services;
  • list of rules for using insurance;
  • two forms of a traffic accident notice.

When you apply for autocitizens, it is recommended that you carefully read the contract and familiarize yourself with the list of insurance claims that the policy covers. This will allow you to avoid many unpleasant surprises in the future.

Registration of electronic CTP

In 2017, motorists had the opportunity to design an e-insurance policy. This is very convenient, since drivers no longer need to personally go to the office of the insurance company, and registration is carried out through the site. In this case, you will need to provide the same information and package of documents as in the case of registration at the insurer's office, and you can pay for the services provided using a card of any bank. The insurance contract and the driver receives the policy by e-mail, specified when submitting the application. Both documents are printed out on the printer and fumble with the car in the glove compartment. It is worth noting that non-residents of Russia, who do not have permanent registration in the country, cannot use this service.

Where to issue an electronic CTP policy - each driver decides for himself.Most major insurance companies provide this service, so all you need is to go to their website and go to the appropriate section.

Terms and cost

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We have already told you where to issue a CTP policy. By the time the whole procedure takes about half an hour, so you can get your hands on all the documents on the same day. This applies to both the design of insurance in the office, and online.

As for the cost, it depends on the specific region in which you will enter into an insurance contract. The thing is that in each zone there are different bonus-malus factors, on which the cost of auto-citizen depends to a greater degree. For example, in rural areas it will cost less than in the city. Prices for car insurance services in different cities may also differ markedly.


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According to the current legislation, insurance companies are obliged to serve absolutely all motorists if they have the necessary documents with them. Any waiver is illegal, so if you do not have a permanent registration, you still have the right to use auto insurance services.And if you do not know where you can get a CTP policy, talk to other motorists, and they will prompt you a good and reliable auto insurer.

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