Where to go to Russia to rest?

This time you decided to rest in Russia. Someone in principle likes to spend vacations at home, but someone just did not take care of the passport ...

Where to go in Russia to have a rest: resorts

The choice of resorts in Russia is. You can relax at the sea through a travel agency, or you can go by train or car to your destination, as they say, by savages. In the first case you will stay in a hotel, a boarding house, and in the second - take off a nice house by the sea.

  • Anapa. Sand and pebble beaches are 50 m long; The Black Sea, familiar from childhood; homemade grape wines and curative mud springs - a wonderful holiday on the coast you are provided.
  • Gelendzhik. Also a popular Black Sea resort, whose name means "White Bride". A wonderful holiday for children and adults - jeep riding, the largest water park "Golden Bay" and a cable car.
  • Sochi and its beautifully equipped beaches withSnow-capped peaks of the mountains will not let any tourist forget themselves. In Sochi you can arrange for yourself beach, cognitive, entertaining and active holidays!
  • Hero City Novorossiysk. Here you will find not just a beach holiday, but also a lot of interesting sights, plunge into the history of a large seaport. Be ready for the small pebble beaches of Novorossiysk, enjoy the infrastructure of a large industrial center.

Winter resorts in Russia

Fans of outdoor activities in winter are advised to chooseski resorts in Russia. Go to the Caucasus: Dombai, Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus. Skiing is not the only pleasure in such resorts. You will have the opportunity to try yourself on snowboarding, in alpinism. Fans of hiking and mountain tourism also go to these areas. Overcoming difficulties, active rest in the team, the joy of victory - these are unforgettable feelings of winter holidays in the mountains. Take note of this kind of rest for the corporate meeting: team building, the release of negative emotions for further productive work and achievement of the company's goals.

Where to go in Russia to have a rest: tours around the cities

Often we remember about rest, approachingthe only holiday in the year. But it would be nice to arrange a breather and during the working season ... For example, weekend tours! In Russia, you can relax in the sanatoriums and boarding houses of the Moscow region, actively have fun in the tourist centers and in the cottage areas near your city, arrange a shopping tour to St. Petersburg or Moscow.

Do not forget about the sightseeing tours incities of Russia. Meet the cities of the "Golden Ring". On this trip you will visit such cities as Rostov, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Kostroma and Suzdal. Each travel agency offers its own terms and a list of cities can expand. In any case, you will feel your penetration into unique monuments of culture, into artistic values.

Choosing a city in Russia for recreation, think through your program. Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities can offer you to visit theaters, dolphinariums, zoos and numerous historical museums.

Cruises in Russia

Tired of beach vacation? Against the bus tour? Where to go to rest in Russia in this case? Arrange yourself an unforgettable vacation in Russia - go on a cruise! Walking along the rivers, lakes and seas of Russia invigorates freshness, gives warmth of the sun and clean air. A fascinating cruise on Lake Baikal is a luxurious romantic holiday for lovers.

Russia: away from the city bustle

Resting from a noisy city you need not only in the summer,but also in the winter. Who has ever rested in Karelia, will come back here again! Summer holidays here are thousands of lakes, stunning waterfalls, tents, romance of the white nights by the fire, songs with the guitar with the closest friends. Unforgettable beauty of Karelian nature will not leave anyone indifferent! Relax from the city bustle in Karelia - go to mushrooms and berries, go fishing, arrange a rafting along the rivers of Karelia. A lot of tourist bases and guest cottages are waiting for you in Karelia in summer and in winter.

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