Where to go for the New Year: all directions

New Year is one of the most favorite holidays of Russians. Each celebrates this celebration in different ways: someone at home with his family, and some in a large company, in a restaurant or a country cottage. Recently, trips on New Year's Eve to a wide variety of places are gaining popularity in order to celebrate the holiday in unusual surroundings. This is especially true due to the fact that in January there was a reduction in working days, many use this mini-vacation as an opportunity to make a trip. If you really want to go on an exciting trip, but did not think about the route, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of places to go for the New Year.

In Russia

If in your life there are circumstances in which you can not leave the borders of Russia, do not be discouraged. Where to go for the New Year in Russia? Our country is rich in many interesting places where you can spend a holiday no worse than abroad. For example, residents of other cities can go to Moscow or St. Petersburg.In these cities, a huge number of unique museums and exhibitions, walk on which - a pleasure. You can mark the New Year itself on Palace Square or Red Square, catching the insane atmosphere surrounded by a crowd of celebrating people.

Go to the suburbs

But what should the residents of Moscow do? Let's look at the options for where to go for the New Year in the suburbs. If your family is adherents of a healthy lifestyle, then a trip to one of the boarding houses, such as the Mozhaisky, Pushkino, Nara, and Volna sanatoriums, will suit you.

Where to go for the New Year in the suburbs

Here you can forget about troubles with peace of mind and just enjoy the holiday - the staff will do everything for you. As a rule, in these sanatoriums offer complex nutrition and a variety of wellness treatments. You can also consider options for trips to the entertainment park near Moscow "Drakino", the hotel park "Ambramtsevo" - this is a great solution where to go for the New Year in Russia cheaply and profitably. A pleasure program, a banquet, and water activities will be prepared for you in these establishments. The choice of hotels and pensions in the Moscow region is very wide, you will definitely be able to choose what you like.

Great Ustyug and Sochi

In order not to guess where to go for the New Year in Russia, patriots are offered a win-win option - to go to the homeland of Father Frost, to the city of Veliky Ustyug, located in the Vologda region. Buy a tour or go on an independent trip - the choice is yours. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only one thing invariably - Ustyug will please you with the New Year program, as well as an amazing immersion in history.

Those who love outdoor activities are advised to go to Sochi. This is a beautiful resort with numerous ski slopes, where you can not only have fun, but also go skiing. You can book a package tour with a New Year's program and a banquet or make an independent flight, choosing an interesting pastime already in place.

In Italy

Where to go for the New Year abroad? Sometimes the soul requires something new, and the wide open spaces of Russia have already become boring. Then we think about other countries. The upcoming holiday gives us an excellent opportunity to go abroad for the New Year, to celebrate the triumph in an unusual atmosphere and to learn many new traditions.Let's look at the most popular countries and what they offer us.

Where to go for the New Year abroad

Italian New Year - sounds unusual, is not it? Residents of this country can and love to have fun. If you choose a tour to Italy, then enchanting performances, folk festivals, shows and discos are provided for you. Also, you will learn many signs associated with the New Year. For example, Italians believe that in the last minutes of the old year it is necessary to get rid of all unnecessary things, then in the coming year you will receive a new thing in return for the old one. The Christmas program in Italy is very diverse: you can choose a fun stay in the city or visit a ski resort.

Going to a celebration in France

The French New Year is a bustling celebration with champagne, confetti, fireworks and a gala dinner. The Field of Mars near the Eiffel Tower is considered the most popular venue for celebrations. The spectacle, when the symbol of Paris lights up at exactly midnight, will not leave anyone indifferent. At this point, you need to make a wish that will surely come true. There is also a skating rink on the Field of Mars, which is very popular and arouses tremendous delight in both children and adults.

In Germany or the Czech Republic

New Year in Germany turns into a fabulous show, full of colorful lights and tart smells of mulled wine and sweets. Traditionally, the inhabitants of this country celebrate the New Year at the Brandenburg Gate, where they are entertained by roving actors, clowns and circus performers. And all this is accompanied by numerous fireworks.

Where to go for the New Year? A tour to the Czech Republic will be one of the best options. This country is famous for its mineral springs, ancient castles and dizzying ski resorts. Everyone can choose something interesting for themselves. It is noteworthy that in the Czech Republic there are as many as four Santa Clauses: a Russian fairy-tale character, Santa Claus, Mikulas and Jezhek.

Going to Holland

The Dutch New Year will amaze you with its chic city decorations, festive cannonade, salutes and fireworks. Locals celebrate the holiday in Dam Square, and then wander around the cafes and restaurants, already waiting for their visitors. And in Germany there is a tradition to swim on the New Year in the North Sea to enter the coming year with a clear conscience and peace of mind.

New Year in visa-free countries

Where can I go for the New Year without a visa? If you do not have it or you do not have time to get it, but you really want to go abroad, now we will consider countries to which you can go without this document.

Montenegro in the New Year is a fascinating sight: the streets decorated with garlands, theatrical shows, concerts, fireworks. There are a lot of options for a holiday: from visiting Lake Schatz, famous for fishing, to ski slopes. If you do not want to spend fabulous sums for the celebration, then private guest apartments will help save money.

The countries of the Caucasus region will delight you not only with the New Year program, but also with the most beautiful landscapes and sights. Georgia and Armenia are known for their hospitality and hospitality to tourists. You will be amazed by the unusually tasty cuisine, ski resorts, the atmosphere of old cities.

A visa is also not required to travel to Israel. At this time of the year in this country is warm, the temperature of the sea is about 22C. You can spend the New Year in a very unusual way: go diving, take part in desert safaris, visit an amusement park and a dolphin reef.

New Year in Brazil in terms of enchantment is not inferior to its carnivals. You will be amazed by the abundance of salutes, lights, fireworks. Well, delicious food, fiery dances and songs will complement the festive atmosphere.

Exotic countries. Where can I go for the New Year?

Even the best and most beautiful in time bothers you. If you want exotic and unusual sensations, then check out the excellent countries and cities where you can go on New Year's Eve and especially spend time.

If Hong Kong becomes your choice, then pyrotechnic shows, shining installations and entertainment programs will be waiting for you. Instead of the usual cold and ice, you can go on a cruise around Victoria Bay, enjoy mass celebrations and festive fireworks.

New year in India began to celebrate relatively recently, it happened under the influence of Western countries. Celebrate it with great carnival processions. Elephants participate in it. Also in India they organize contests, fairs and archery competitions. The role of the Christmas tree is usually played by a mango tree, the decorations, which are familiar to us, replace fruits. The special charm of India gives the opportunity to celebrate the New Year severaltime. If you are unable to visit India on December 31, do not worry, you still have two options.

Morocco is an excellent option for those lovers of the exotic who do not have a visa. The flight from Moscow will take less than seven hours. Here the hotel administration organizes a show program and performances by artists. It is noteworthy that in Morocco, the locals do not celebrate the New Year, but they gladly arrange it for tourists.

Celebration at sea. Which countries can I go to?

Where to go to the New Year at sea? If you nevertheless decided to go to another country, then why not combine business with pleasure and not warm yourself in warm water? Your attention is given a brief overview of countries and cities with warm seas and oceans at any time of the year.

The Republic of Seychelles is truly a heavenly place. There are waiting for you white sand, clear water surface, a unique fauna and flora. The Indian Ocean will help you relax and rest from worries, dropping your shoulders. The flight from Moscow will be a total of fourteen hours. The cuisine and service of the islands will for a long time leave a pleasant impression on the past New Year.

Where can I go for the New Year

Canary Islands are another heavenly place on earth. It will be your favorite, if you think about where to go for the New Year cheap. Tours to the Canaries are relatively cheap, and the Atlantic Ocean is clean and warm. In addition to the unique nature, the islands boast black volcanic sand and excellent service.

Thailand has long won the hearts of Russian tourists with its exotic, affordable price and warm climate. You can celebrate New Year in this country at one of the many resorts that provide wellness services, spa treatments, water taxi and much more wonderful. Bangkok is suitable for an active celebration. Phuket and Pattaya are a good option for families with children.

If you have already been to these wonderful countries and are thinking about where to go for a New Year's holiday, pay attention to Cuba. The holiday here is celebrated in a big way. For tourists, arrange New Year's excursions to attractions, carnivals and fun shows. Leisure time is depending on which city you decide to go to, somewhere you can go diving, and somewhere you can visit unique parks and golf courses.

The Dominican Republic is considered one of the best countries for winter holidays. The republic is famous for its beautiful beaches, white sands and warm sea. Here is a lot of entertainment. Therefore, if you are a lover of outdoor activities, feel free to go to this country. You will enjoy the abundance of retail shops, where you can buy original things for a penny, and the hospitality and hospitality of local residents.

Family holiday in the New Year. Which country to choose?

Any caring parents try to spend this family holiday with their children. Then a reasonable question arises: "Where to go for the New Year with a child?" Options, of course, weight. But we will analyze only those that absolutely will delight your baby and move it to a magical winter fairy tale.

Where to go cheap? Tours for the New Year in Scandinavia are quite popular. One of the most vivid and memorable places is this country. In Scandinavia, is the real village of Santa Claus. Around the settlement there are many different family-friendly hotels with excellent service and low prices. And near the village there is a ski resort Levi. The new year spent here will remain unforgettable for the child.Because only here he will be able to meet a real Santa Claus and receive a gift from him.

New Year Tours

If you want to take your baby to a warmer country, then look at Italy. This country has one more advantage - Gardaland, or, in a simple way, Italian Disneyland. There are also a lot of children's museums, exhibitions and entertainment centers that will delight the child.

New Year in Paris

You can go to celebrate New Year with your child also in France. This state combines the advantages of two previous countries at once. There is the famous Disneyland, which does not need additional views, but also the village of Santa Claus, which opens only during the New Year. An argument in favor of France can also be the fact that there is a large number of Russian-speaking staff in hotels in the country.

New Year in the village of Santa Claus

If you do not want to leave Russia, then you can and even need to travel with your child to the city of Veliky Ustyug. This is the birthplace of Russian Santa Claus. There, children will be able to meet him personally, tell a rhyme and get a gift for it. In Ustyug, for New Year's kids, a performance is organized with the participation of professional artists, and guided tours of the city are held.

Where can I go with minimal cost?

Not everyone can afford to spend fabulous sums on the trip. For those who want to celebrate this holiday without much damage to the wallet, we present a brief overview of countries and cities where to go on holiday on New Year's Eve cheap.

First you need to decide exactly how you want to celebrate this holiday: abroad or in your native Russia. Let's consider the first option.

The main condition for budget holidays abroad is early booking of tickets and tours. If you decide to visit any country, try to take care of it in advance. Remember that the sooner you start looking for a tour, the cheaper it will cost you.

Ski resorts

The snow-covered Alps, the mountain slopes of Austria, the harsh landscapes of Switzerland - the list can be listed indefinitely. But we still consider only these countries. Because, as practice shows, it is on them that one can most often find tickets and rooms for accommodation at a reasonable price. Where can I go for the New Year cheap?

Alpine mountains - one of the most famous in the world. At the same time the ski slopes are cool and breathtaking. Having gone to Austria, you can not only go windsurfing, go skiing and snowboarding, but also join the Tyrolean culture.And friends and relatives can bring a bunch of attractive things at a ridiculous price: Tyrolean gingerbread, wines, national costumes.

Switzerland is a classic ski resort. Here, great service, excellent trails and plenty of entertainment for tourists at a reasonable price.

Rest in warm countries

In winter, rest in warm countries becomes quite affordable due to the closure of the season. You can visit mysterious Israel, swim in the Red or Mediterranean seas, dance in discos in Thailand. Change the snow and cold on tropical butterflies and mango forests - what could be better? Flight prices may seem inflated. However, in Thailand itself you will not be able to refuse anything for a ridiculous amount.

Holidays in Russia

As the saying goes, visiting is good, but at home it's better. Russia is the richest country in the world, we have so many inexpensive places to celebrate the New Year: severe Siberia, mysterious Kamchatka, snowy Karelia. City lovers can go to Moscow or St. Petersburg. There they will be able to celebrate New Year in the Red or Palace Squares. The classic remains, of course, Great Ustyug - the birthplace of Santa Claus, where you can plunge into a fairy tale and remember childhood.

"Automobile" New Year

If you are afraid to fly on airplanes, and in trains you are swayed, then you should consider options for traveling by car. It's great if you have a car in your family. If not - you can rent a car, the main thing is the presence of rights and driving experience. Where to go for the New Year by car?

The Golden Ring is a collection of old Russian cities with white stone churches, temples and monasteries. A trip on it will be a real adventure for all residents of Russia. In whatever of the cities you find yourself, you will be waited by a hospitable meeting, a beautifully laid table and friendly service. The Golden Ring includes the following cities: Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir and Kostroma.

If you want not to make a tour, but to visit only one city, pay attention to Kostroma. This city is considered the birthplace of the Snow Maiden. Here you can visit the Ice Hall, Svetlitsa, Susaninskaya Square, Ipatiev Monastery. New Year will move you to a fairy tale. In this city, you will learn a lot of new and interesting things, with the benefits and fun you can spend your time.

You can travel by car to New Year in Kazan, the capital of two religions.This is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Here you can visit the Ice Town, the Millennium Park, Kul-Sharif and the rink of the Kazan Arena stadium.

It will pleasantly surprise you and Murmansk if you choose it as the target of your route. In this city you can see the Northern Lights and the Arctic Ocean, ride in a harness with Huskies, meet a real shaman, stroke a reindeer and take part in a light show.

New Year's Tips

We give some useful recommendations:

Where can I go for the New Year abroad
  1. All tickets and hotel rooms are better to book in advance, the sooner the better. Because as the New Year approaches, their price increases significantly.
  2. If you are celebrating a holiday in another country, it is advisable to take care of health insurance. There is no guarantee that you will not have an accident. In this case, treatment without insurance will cost you dearly.
  3. If you want to not only elegantly celebrate the New Year, but also bring gifts, then go to any city in Europe. At this time there are always great sales.
New Year in France

The most important thing: wherever you go for the New Year, bring along good mood and close people. Then the success of the holiday is guaranteed.

Small conclusion

Now you know where to go to celebrate the New Year. As you can see, there are a lot of options. Choose a suitable country for yourself. We wish you a wonderful holiday for the New Year!

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