Where is Lake Ilmen in Russia?

To the question: "Where is Lake Ilmen?" - many will not be slow to report that it is located near Novgorod. Of this sure are those who managed in geography and literature at school. And they are right, there is such a lake. In the epic about the Novgorod guslar Sadko says about the wonderful fish with golden feathers, which is found in Ilmen. But it turns out that in Russia and elsewhere there are lakes with the same name.

where is the lake Ilmen

How many lakes are called Ilmen?

Ilmen - on the territory of Russia is a fairly common name. Let's find out where the lakes Ilmen are, what the name means. Most of them are located in the southern and eastern parts of Russia. Only in the Voronezh region five lakes with the same name. Two lakes in the Tambov and Volgograd, one each in the Tver and Vologda regions. In the Urals, the Chelyabinsk and Kemerovo regions also have their own Ilmen lakes.

In the old days such names gave small and not very deep silted lakes covered with reeds.They are usually located in the deltas of large rivers. Formed from estuaries or extended arms. In spring, when spilling, it is impossible to determine their boundaries, except by black reed sticking out from under the water, or a group of birch trees in the water growing on a flooded islet. At this time it is difficult to find where the lake is. Therefore, these waters began to be called Ilmen in Russia.

lake ilmen where

origin of name

Why is such a love in the Russian people for this name, because apart from the lakes there are two rivers with the same name and five settlements? In the vicinity of the Ural city of Miass there is a group of ridges called the Ilmen mountains. Most likely, they were named in honor of being on the territory of shallow water bodies.

Ilmen is the name of any shallow, silted and reed-covered lake on the territory of the Russian Plain, and this name came to the south and the Urals together with the settlers. There are many versions of the origin of the word “Ilmen”, but the most real thing is the formation of the word “il” with the addition of the suffix –men, since most reservoirs with such a name are really heavily silted.Even in the large lake Ilmen, located in the outskirts of Novgorod, the thickness of bottom silt is 10 meters.

where is the source of the lake Ilmen

Novgorod Ilmen Lake

Where is the Ilmen Lake in the Novgorod region? The famous reservoir is located in the northwestern part, almost near the city. This is a wonderful and extraordinary lake, sung in Russian epics about Sadko. To begin with, the water in it is extremely tasty, although it must first be cleaned of suspended matter. The lake’s bowl is very shallow, and water exchange takes place quickly, the water changes several times a year. From constant movement, it is highly saturated with oxygen.

Great silting of the bottom has a positive effect on the reproduction of a large number of fish species - there are more than 40 of them. In the old days, for this, Ilmen was called the "golden bottom". The lake is navigable, in some places the depth is more than 8 meters, but basically the distance from the water surface to the bottom is 2-4 meters.

The Slavs who lived here in antiquity called this lake the Slavic or Moysky sea. It really occupies a large area of ​​982 square kilometers. But this value is not constant. During the spill, when the water level rises, the area of ​​Ilmen is 2090 square kilometers.

Eyewitnesses claim that if you swim far into Lake Ilmen, where its conditional middle is located, then the vast expanses of water open up that make it look like the sea. More than 50 rivers flow into it, and only one river flows out of the Volkhov, which, having made a certain way, flows into Lake Ladoga. The river Neva, flowing from Ladoga, carries its waters into the Baltic Sea. Therefore, it can be said that from Lake Ilmen there is an exit to the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.

ilmen lake where is in russia

The value of Ilmen-lake

People on the shores of Ilmen-lake, where the most ancient Russian cities of Novgorod and Staraya Rusa are located, have been living from time immemorial, since the abundance of fish, waterfowl, and beast gave food. The forests growing along the coast gave the timber from which the dwellings were built. The convenient geographical location, the passage from the lake to the Baltic Sea made it strategically important for relations between peoples. Through Ilmen-lake passed the way "from the Varangians to the Greeks" and "from the Varangians to the Persians."

Under Peter I, the importance of Lake Ilmen increased. Not far from it, the Vyshnevolotsk water system is being built, which includes Ilmen, Volkhov, Ladoga and Neva.According to the emperor, it was supposed to be the waterway from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The technical part of the project was assigned to ten Dutch masters under the leadership of A. Gauter, who were assigned to build a canal between the rivers Tsna and Tvertsa. But due to errors in the calculations, the channel was erected incorrectly. The Novgorod merchant M.I. Serdyukov brought the system to working condition, to whom Peter I granted the channel to private management.

Where is the lake Ilmen in the Volgograd region

Lake Ilmen in the Volgograd region

The small village of Danilovka, where Lake Ilmen is located in the Volgograd Region, is a district center, where 5,000 people live here. The lake is small, elongated, one kilometer long and 200 meters wide. Outwardly, an unremarkable body of water enjoys constant success among locals and fishermen from other parts of the region. There are many small creeks, thickets of reeds. This is the place for predators: crucians and pikes. Like all its namesakes, the lake is shallow, silted and overgrown with reeds. During flood, it is invisible among the spill. In the dry season, the water level drops dramatically. There are a lot of waterfowl on the lake.Game lives in small forests along the shore, which attracts hunters here.

Lake in the Uryupinsky district of the Volgograd region

In the Volgograd region, not far from the Petrovsky farm, where Lake Ilmen is located in the Uryupinsky district, there is excellent fishing for pike and perch. The lake is small, shallow, with many small gulfs connecting with it. The reservoir, like the Farm Petrovsky, is located in the meadow steppe of the Khopersko-Buzulukskaya plain. The Kamenka River, the Khopra tributary, is the place where the source of Lake Ilmen is located. There are a lot of waterfowl here.

The Uryupinsk-Dubrovsky highway passes through the farm, along which it is 6 km away from Uryupinsk. To get to Volgograd, you need to drive 340 kilometers. Petrovsky Farm is an administrative unit with a single settlement in the composition.

where is lake Ilmen in uryupinsky district

Pond in the Povorinsky district of the Voronezh region

Where is Lake Ilmen in Russia yet? In the Voronezh region there are several floodplain reservoirs that bear this name. Consider some of them. Bolshoy Ilmen is located in the Povorinsky District of the Voronezh Region. This place is located near the Tambov, Volgograd and Saratov regions.The lake is protected, fishing and hunting in these places is prohibited, which led to a large number of fish, birds and other animals.

Not far from the lake is the village Ilmen. In the summer, thousands of birds nest in the reservoir, including those listed in the Red Book. The lake is shallow, with oozy, and in some places a sandy bottom. There are backwaters and small bays, overgrown with reeds, in which ducks and cranes nest.

Lake in Anninsky district of Voronezh region

Lake Ilmen, located in the Anninsky district of the Voronezh region. It is small, its maximum depth is 1.5 meters. The coastal zone is overgrown with reeds. In summer, the water warms up well, which contributes to the spawning of fish, of which there are quite a lot. It is well known to all perch, pike, bream, rudd, bleak, roach, ruff and others. During severe frosts, fish are observed.

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