Where did the water go?

This is what the Abakan River Station looks like today. Sadly Why is that? And what are the prospects?
01. Regular shipping on the upper Yenisei began in 1886, when the St. Nicholas steamship began to sail between the Yeniseysk and Minusinsk. Beginning in 1900, this ship "Sibiryak" appeared on the upper Yenisei (in the photo), which took on board 292 passengers. In 1904, the steamboat Strela made its first flight from Minusinsk to the Big Threshold on the Yenisei, which blocked the way to Tuva. After the revolution of 1917, the Ust-Abakanskoe village has its own marina, moorings for cargo and passenger ships, storage and service facilities are being built. Since the 30s, regular passenger traffic has been established between Minusinsk and Abakan, the freight route to Tuva has been actively developed. For this purpose, cargo ships “Chaa-Khol”, “Sovetskaya Tuva” and “Chadan” were specially designed and built.

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02. As for the full-fledged river station in Abakan, it appeared only in 1972, that is, after the construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station and the formation of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir.By this time, 6 motor ships of the class "ZARYA" were assigned to the Abakan river port, which carried out regular shipments from Abakan to Shushensky, and further to the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station under construction. In the opposite direction, along the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, right up to Krasnoyarsk, there were “ROCKETS”, which were later replaced by more modern “SUNRIES”. I understand that by the 90s, Abakan was the largest transport water hub on the Upper Yenisei.

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03. And here are our days. The Abakan River, about a kilometer from its mouth (where the mountains are already the Yenisei).

04. Overgrown in place of the half-ruined and closed for almost twenty years, the building of the Abakan River Station.

05. River expanses.

06. Stunning shallows.

07. The embankment of the river has long been overgrown with dense wood.

08. And actually, the river station itself in 2016. Notable cesspool.
The taxi driver, whom I asked for a ride to the river station, was surprised a lot.

09. Now I understand why. )
- What happened? - I ask him.
- The river channel has changed ...

10. In fact, there is a whole set of problems. In the Soviet years, the water level in the Abakan River was regulated by the discharge of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP and not by the discharge of the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Station. That is, the level of the Krasnoyarsk Sea regulated the level of the Abakan River near the city.In addition, regular dredging works in the port and river station waters. In addition, support for river transport, at least at the regional level. All this for economic reasons, it has become a reason, has sunk into oblivion ... And the nature itself is to blame for everything ...

What are the prospects?
Good question.
The river is blocked from both sides. From the side of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP tightly. So the way to Tuva is closed. Road transport has completely closed the need for passenger commuter traffic.
Freight transportation to Krasnoyarsk and further assumed the same railway, road transport, and transshipment port of Krasnoyarsk. Why is the water level in the Abakan River not maintained? What is the condition of ship elevators of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station? Questions rather rhetorical. Although the answers to them would be very curious.

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