Where did the cockroaches go?

Most recently, talking to my friends aboutcataclysms, occurring all over the world, suddenly remembered that for a long time they had not heard or seen cockroaches - eternal satellites of neighbors and public catering. It turns out that over the past ten years, scientists have tried to find the answer to the question: where did the cockroaches go? They were able to unravel the mystery, which did not give rest to the majority of the inhabitants of Russia.

And finally, a group of scientists from Russia, the Czech Republic,The United Kingdom and America published the conclusions and conclusions of their work. The main conclusion they made is that cockroaches could always intuitively anticipate natural disturbances, such as volcanoes, floods, earthquakes. Accordingly, the burst economic crisis finally frightened the cockroaches and they left us.This version was confirmed when scientists tracked the way of their migration. The last years of our refugees are met in India in the state of Goa. As you know, India is absolutely free from any economic turmoil, because there is simply no model of the economy there. This kind of insects, like cockroaches, exists in the world for more than 300 million years, if they did not have a presentiment, they would not survive dinosaurs and other species of animals. There are facts when cockroaches left entire areas with impending earthquakes in advance.

There is another version of the disappearance of allbored insects. It consists that cockroaches have disappeared because of an irradiation of cellular telephones. The active spread of mobile communication began in 2003, around the same time, a significant reduction in the number of cockroaches was observed. To date, at least one cell phone is almost all people, and the cockroaches have disappeared almost completely.

They say the same thing about the fact that these insects do notcan eat genetically modified foods that are gradually pushed from the shelves of stores natural. In the modern rhythm of life, we did not pay attention to the fact that it was not noticeable for ourselves to switch to non-corrupting products and fast food products that even cockroaches do not eat.

Some experts believe that the matter ismodern means against cockroaches, which acted on them slowly, but systematically and over time caused an epidemic among them, the insects themselves spread it among themselves and died out.

In general, the scientists did not reach the final conclusion. But disputes are controversial, and the fact remains that cockroaches for a long time are nowhere to be seen.

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