Where do bedbugs come from and how to fight them?

It seems that the bugs are a relic of the past, and in the modern world their appearance is an extraordinary case. But the thoughts, where the bugs come from, arise already when an unpleasant acquaintance with the parasites occurred, and not somewhere, but in their own homes.where the bugs come fromThe insects that have penetrated into the home, do not hesitate, divide the living space, delivering discomfort and suffering to all members of the household. Arguments that the cause of infection is unhygienic, untenable, because bugs feed on blood, not food debris. The main thing for them is the presence of a warm-blooded creature, which will be their power source, and a secluded place to hide.

Bug? What does he look like?

Most modern people have no idea what the bloodsucker tormentor looks like. When hungry, the insect looks like a little coin. It is flat, 4–8 mm in size, with a body length equal to the width; it is very problematic to crush it.where do bedbugs come fromThe head is triangular in shape with a proboscis located at the bottom.Piercing the skin, the pest in one of the available channels in the proboscis injects an analgesic, anesthetizing the bite, and sucks blood in another hole. As it saturates, the pest increases in height and length twice, because in 10 minutes it is able to drink 7 μl of blood, which is twice its original mass. On the abdomen clearly marked segments that are visible more clearly when the bug is saturated. The color varies with the degree of insect satiety, it is maroon-brown. At birth, parasites have a light yellow translucent color. Milk-colored blood sucking eggs in the form of oblong granules.
The life span of a bug is about a year, during which the female lays up to 500 eggs, which grow under favorable conditions in adult individuals per month. Therefore, the question of where the bugs come from is asked when there are already a lot of them in the neighborhood.

What makes bugs different from other pests?

To have such a neighbor as a bug is not a pleasant feeling.bugs come from where and how to get ridBut to recognize it immediately is not always possible, because it is often confused with other insects: fleas, cockroaches or ticks. So what is the difference from other pests?
• Cockroaches do not have wings and move much faster.
• Very often, bug larvae are confused with ants because of their milky-transparent color. But a significant difference in ants on closer examination is the presence of a kind of "waist."
• Fleas are generally difficult to confuse with bedbugs, because they are able to jump, but there are no bugs. Yes, and their sizes are different: the bug is much larger.
• Most often, you can confuse bedbugs with ticks, which are very similar in appearance, but after careful study, you can find that the legs of the bugs are not 8, like in ticks, but only 6, and even shorter.

Bedbug species

In nature, there are more than 30,000 species of bedbugs. They live all over the world. The most common:
• Stinkbugs, living in the berries and sucking their juice. He has a rare sense of smell, and with the approach of danger he uses his weapon - a sharp unpleasant smell.
• A blind fly bug that does not have an eye has a bright color. Its color varieties do not resemble each other. The most common of them - since childhood, the familiar "soldier." Larvae, like adults, are very harmful to young plants, pulling juices from them and poisoning them with their poison, which is injected when they pierce.
• Bug turtle, similar in color to a real turtle.This species is the worst pest of all cereals, destroys agricultural and ornamental plantings.
• But the most common in homes and apartments are bedding, which is also called sofa and linen. But whatever they are called, but the essence of these hemiptera is the same - they love human blood.

Where do bedbugs come from?

How do these disgusting insects that can cause discomfort and suffering to all living inhabitants of the house get into apartments and houses?where do bed bugs come fromTheir amazing adaptability, love of travel and the desire to taste human blood make it possible to penetrate into the tidiest apartments.
Where the bugs come from in the apartment:
• Insects travel through ventilation pipes with ease, running from apartment to apartment.
• In the warm season, they make their way through the open windows along the walls of the building.
• They are ready to come in suitcases from traveling. Hotels, transport, old houses, where they stayed for the night, can award bloodsuckers.
• Bedbugs will be able to be as a free app in purchased furniture. Upholstery, mattresses stored in different warehouses can be an ideal transport on which uninvited guests will enter the house.
• Unscrupulous workers living in places that are teeming with bedbugs can bring them into the house with tools and their clothes.
• Guests who came to the house, without knowing it, may endow the owners with neighbors, who will be difficult to get rid of in the future.

Bed bugs

Given that the ways of spreading parasites are so diverse, no one can be insured from them. You can understand the panic caused by bugs. Where do they come from? How to fight? These questions do not give rest to the owners. Need to calm down, because the invasion of these insects is not necessarily a sign of neglect of housing. This should be treated as a temporary problem, which is completely solvable.
bugs where do you come from how to fightBed bugs are occupants of apartments, which quite often penetrate decent apartments. They are nocturnal, attacking a person at a time when their victim is defenseless - during sleep. Painful irritations in the form of a string of red spots are observed at the bite sites, because dangerous infections are most often transmitted with insect saliva, causing itching and inflammation. Pests lay eggs in hard to reach places, which greatly complicates the process of their destruction.Therefore, asking the question, where bed bugs come from in an apartment, you need to be prepared for the fact that uninvited guests have already settled thoroughly. It is necessary to determine the places of their distribution in order to understand the scale of the works on their destruction.

Furniture bugs: where do they come from?

Parasites live in shops, various warehouses, and are conveniently located even in the upholstery of public transport seats.where do bed bugs come from in the apartmentYou should not be calm in the office or at home, because the furniture is also an excellent haven for pests. When buying both new and used furniture, items from second-hand there is a chance that the blood-sucking insects will enter the house, hiding in the seams under the upholstery. In order not to ask yourself: “Where do bedbugs come from in the sofa?”, All seams should be steamed, clothes should be washed in hot water, and the furniture should be kept under bright sunshine for several hours in summer or cold in winter. As it turned out, bedbugs do not like the temperature below –20 and above +45 degrees, so temperature shock is an effective method of dealing with parasites.

Where are uninvited guests hiding?

When detecting bites on the body, you should make sure that these bloodsuckers did it.After thinking about where the bugs come from, comparing all the facts, you need to examine the housing for their presence. You need to look in the sofa, cabinet furniture and chairs with insects that have a brownish color, but because of their nightly lifestyle, this presents certain difficulties. Often they run into the waste products of parasites: transparent eggs in the seams, discarded chitinous membranes of adults.where do home bugs come fromWhen inspecting housing special attention is paid to the places that are most favorable for living bugs. After all, one question, where do homebugs come from, and quite another - where are they hiding? Their favorite places:
• behind furniture;
• for pictures;
• in window frames, under the window sill;
• in things, inside furniture, in crevices;
• in technology;
• under carpets;
• under the mattress;
• inside the bed, in the seams and joints;
• in sockets, vents;
• at the joints between the wallpaper;
• under the plinth.
These places are inspected with great care, because bugs reproduce with lightning speed under favorable conditions.

What should alert the appearance of bedbugs in the first place?

In addition to bites, what else can suggest that there are unexpected neighbors in the house?where do bed bugs come fromThe presence of bloodsucker tormentors in the house is indicated by facts that should be paid attention to:
• Brown spots on bedding, formed because of crushed fat bugs. It is problematic to crush hungry parasites, but well-fed individuals burst like small balls when pressed.
• In the habitat (under the plinth, in the corners of beds and sofas) there are excrements in the form of poppy seeds.
• With a large number of pests, they are given a peculiar smell, which is noticeable after being in the open air. It resembles fermented raspberry jam, similar to almonds or cognac.
These signs in the complex provide complete confirmation of the presence of parasites in the house.


Having figured out where the bugs come from at home, you need to think about how to prevent them.
• Dry things on an acquired dryer that heats up to +50 degrees.
• Isolate sockets by smearing all holes around them.
• After traveling, living in hotels, giving away dry cleaning.
• In the summer period, supply windows with mosquito nets.
• In the vents to fold bunches of tansy, lavender and wormwood - it will scare away uninvited guests.
They do not tolerate temperature fluctuations, do not tolerate heat, and at +50 die instantly. An abrupt change in living conditions may force them to migrate. They move quickly, and thanks to the notches on the legs, they easily run along the walls and ceiling. Maintain a temperature of –18 degrees: pests remain alive and hibernate until the temperature favorable for their life and reproduction occurs.

Folk remedies

Understood what bugs are, where they come from. And how to get rid of them? Such a question comes to the fore.furniture bugs where do they come fromPeople have many ways of dealing with them, which are used with greater or lesser efficiency.
• Washing things with hot water (70 - 80 degrees), ironing using steaming function. Steam treatment when the jet is directed to an infected area.
• Leave things in freezing cold for a few hours.
• Spread bunches of wormwood in the couch, under the bed, in the wardrobe.
• Dust treatment, purchase and independent use of chemicals. It is a risky way, because you can poison not only bugs, but also households.

What will the experts say?

Traditional methods are often ineffective, and in some cases can even harm the health of those living in the house.If you find the first signs of the presence of bugs in the home, you should contact the experts involved in the destruction of parasites. Professionals will be able to choose the necessary method, taking into account all the features of the contamination of housing, they will take into account the ability of bugs to adapt to the chemicals used. Means affecting the larvae and adults will be selected. Organizations that perform such work, provide a guarantee that allows you to contact them again if the bugs decide to return.

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