Where are the guest houses of the Crimea? Photos and reviews

The Crimean peninsula is one of the most visited summer resorts in all of Russia. Here come the residents of neighboring countries. Every tourist who arrives at his destination immediately raises the question: where should he stay? To solve these problems, guest houses have been created in the Crimea, literally in each of its towns. Accommodation in them is inexpensive compared to hotels and hotels.

So, in which guest houses in the Crimea rest does not cause trouble? All data presented in this article is based on the feedback from those people who were their guests.


Guest houses in Alushta (Crimea) offer tourists different conditions for living, but mostly, as the tourists themselves say about the rest, they were arranged as comfortable as possible. Many houses have large cozy courtyards, guests can go to the garden and enjoy the growing fruits, for the dear guests, the hospitable hosts set the table with wine and treats. Here are the most popular ones:

  • "Elling". Located in the private sector near the sea. The main building consists of five floors, which contain 8 rooms, designed for a one-time settlement of 23 people. The cost of living is from 1300 rubles per day.
  • "Cozy". The guest house is located practically on the most visited Central Embankment. Guests can stay in any of the 4 rooms. In the courtyard there is a cozy garden, a corner for relaxing with barbecues and soft sofas.
  • Chalet "Glade Red". The house is located next to the main infrastructure of Alushta. This guest house in the Crimea is designed for the resettlement of guests in double rooms, the cost of each of which is 500 rubles per day. According to tourists, this is one of the best options for a holiday on the very sea shore.Crimea Alushta guest houses


Coastal - one of the most favorite cities for recreation in the Crimea. Guest houses in Beregovoe are inexpensive at a cost, but as the guests note, the conditions in them are very decent. The village is located a short distance from the famous resort - Theodosia.

  • "Malachite". A guest house that offers lodgers perfectly arranged rooms in a five-minute walk from the sea. On its territory has its own dining room and parking.The cost of living here is from 500 rubles per person per day.coastal Crimea guest houses
  • "Oasis". This guest house is located in the Crimea, close to the sea, in a couple of minutes there is a clean and developed sandy beach. In the "Oasis" there is a common kitchen in which the guests cook for themselves. In the midst of the resort period, the daily room rate is 1200 rubles.
  • "Villa Asteri". One of the most famous guest houses in the Crimea, which is located in the village of Beregovoy. On its territory there is a small cafe and its own parking. The rooms are located in two buildings, there are 30 comfortable apartments in total. The cost of living in them is 2000 rubles per day.Crimea Guest houses close to the sea


There are few guest houses in Sandy (Crimea), and the village is not very developed for the resort business. However, in its territory there are still some decent options that are loved by tourists.

  • "Wooden log house". This house is located near the sandy shore, in a place where fresh air reigns, surrounded by tall pine trees. The attention of visitors here are 6 rooms that are located in a large house, made of this log house.The amenities have a communal kitchen, several barbecues and an excellent seating area. The cost of living is 600-1000 rubles per day for a double room.
  • "Exi-Kermen". This is a small estate with a pool and apartments of luxury, junior suite and standard, the cost of which starts from 1500 rubles. Guests speak very positively about the rest in this place, as there are very hospitable hosts who provide guests with absolutely everything that is available on the estate. Here you can feel at home.


This city is loved by millions of tourists. Along its main city promenade you can rent good apartments, which will cost relatively cheap.

  • "Breeze". One of the most favorite tourist options. As they themselves respond, this house is a place where for a small payment they will provide excellent living conditions in the city. At the peak of resort activity, the room rate per day will be about 1,800 rubles. Among the amenities there is a shared kitchen, parking and a great beach in three minutes. On the territory of the house there is a large swimming pool.
  • "Tauride". Guest house in Crimea (Yalta), which offers a wide range of services and excellent rooms for the price of 2500 rubles per day for one room.The guests say that from this place you have to walk 10 minutes to get to a clean pebble beach, but even the road leading to the coast is very beautiful. On the territory there is a cafe, parking and a beautiful flowered garden with facilities for relaxing.sandy Crimea guest houses


Koktebel - a city famous for its stone gates, which are located directly into the sea. Thousands of tourists come here every year who appreciate a homely atmosphere and inexpensive, but comfortable accommodation. Here are a couple of the best places to sleep and stay:

  • 7 UP. Large guest house, in which there is a swimming pool. Guests note that there is a lush garden, which is pleasant to relax. The sea is 5 minutes away, the beach is clean and covered with pebbles. Guests can eat on their own while preparing meals in the shared kitchen. The cost of the room here is 1400 rubles during the peak holiday season.
  • "Stork". As the guests say in their reviews, this is the budget option for a holiday in Koktebel. The cost of living here is 400 rubles per person per day. For such a fee is available in the kitchen in the room and a parking space.

guest houses of Crimea


Evpatoria is a city where the Kazantip festival was held.This city still loves to visit young people, who appreciate noisy entertainment and good rest. The most popular luxury-looking guest houses, which provide the best conditions for a comfortable stay. The most popular of them are:

  • "Katerina". The house is located in the area Popovka. The cost of living in its rooms is low: in the midst of the holiday season, it is 400 rubles per guest. Guests argue that the conditions here are excellent: a dining room, a shared kitchen and a personal one in each room, a place for a car in the parking lot. The beach is a five minute walk from the building.rest in the Crimea guest houses
  • "By the sea". The speaking name of the guest house - it really is located a few steps from the sea. Guests are welcomed very welcome here, all the tourists feel it. Each room has a personal kitchen - guests consider this a pretty big plus. The price for a room in this house is about 2000 rubles per day.

Guest reviews in the Crimea about guest houses

Tourists who have tried to live in comfortable houses in the private sector at least once will hardly agree to rent a hotel room. As noted by the guests, in almost all households of the peninsula everything is arranged for the maximum comfort of each guest. Yes, and prices in most cases pleasantly pleased.

After a holiday in Crimea, travelers share their impressions with their subscribers on social networks and on thematic sites on the Internet. Many of the reviews left by them, said that in private homes have free access to Wi-Fi, beautiful gardens and the sea within walking distance. In many you can find playgrounds, and in the most prestigious homes - swimming pools.

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