Where are Bermuda? Holidays in Bermuda

Many people dream of getting to Bermuda. Some lucky ones are happy to rest here. What do they attract many tourists and where is Bermuda? Let's see.

Where are Bermuda?


The islands of interest are located in the center of the Atlantic. By plane from England to fly there for six and a half hours. The distance from North Carolina is 1046 km to the east. They are located at the intersection of sea lanes. Only 900 kilometers away is North America. This archipelago consists of 180 coral islands, as well as tiny islands, most of which are uninhabited. Bermuda - the main one.

Interesting facts related to Bermuda

Historically, Bermuda belongs to Britain. Therefore, the British were the first inhabitants (as far back as 1609), although the Spaniards discovered the islands. Incredible stories and secrets are missing.Everyone knows, for example, the Bermuda Triangle. Several routes of communication of various airlines pass over Bermuda, and often inexplicable catastrophes occur on the sea and in the air. However, tourists do not usually swim in these places. On the 150 islands there is where to rest. Enough space for everyone!capital bermuda

In 1503, Juan Bermudez, a Spanish navigator, discovered Bermuda. For a long time they bore the name of one British admiral, George Somers, who in 1609 crashed after an expedition off the coast of Bermuda. He returned here the same year, but he died soon, so the name did not stick. The settlers left by him are believed to have become an inspiration for Shakespeare's play The Tempest. The famous Bermuda Islands in the times of Somers were famous only for cedar forests. Today it is a resort area with many attractions.

Climate and beaches

The climate on all islands is subtropical. The temperature ranges from +19 to +28 degrees Celsius, so you can visit Bermuda for a beach holiday all year round. The sea is always warm here (from December to April, however, its temperature is +20 ... + 22 degrees, but this does not stop many tourists).The most rainy period is from the end of June to October. The best time to visit is perhaps May, June and November. At this time, the humidity level will not be very high. The peak of hurricanes falls on other months. And the temperature for a beach holiday will be optimal.

The beaches here are famous for their unique pink sand, which is very rare in nature. You can find it on the island of Bermuda, on the stretch of coast between the bays of Horseshoe and Warwick-Long. The beaches are both public and owned by hotels. At night, public closed.

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Infrastructure bermuda

The population of all islands together is almost 70 thousand people. There are dozens of times more tourists, so the economy is almost entirely associated with the tourism business. However, the agriculture, shipbuilding and pharmaceutical industries are also developed here.

A variety of hotels are located on the coast, unique in beauty. These are both intricate and traditional houses, as well as modern luxury buildings. All categories of holidaymakers can find a suitable option for themselves.In addition, there is the opportunity to do golf and tennis, cricket and rugby, horseback riding, snorkeling and diving, yachting and kayaking, as well as undergo a course of spa treatments, which are very popular here.

Interesting places to explore

There are many interesting places to explore on these islands, including botanical gardens, crystal caves, and 365 places for diving to the ships that sank at different times near the coast. Lucky treasure hunters still find treasures on the seabed that belonged to the Spanish galleons and British merchant ships. In addition, there is a 120-kilometer ridge of coral colonies in clean coastal waters, among the sea grass, which creates excellent conditions for the habitat of marine animals.

About 350 different species of birds can be found in Bermuda. One of the rarest are Bermuda petrels, blue herons, bright blue coloring of oatmeal, pussies, arctic plovers. Throughout the year, the islands are covered with tropical vegetation due to the mild climate. You will find bougainvilleas, oleanders, lilies, white, yellow and red hibiscus flowers, Bermudians everywhere. This is a real paradise!

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Nature reserves and national parks

The waters around Bermuda are among the richest in the western Atlantic by species diversity. About 4.5 thousand species of marine organisms live here, as well as about 650 species of fish and 350 species of birds. Local ecosystems, of course, suffer extensive damage due to numerous tourists. It is not surprising, therefore, that there is strict environmental legislation, as well as many small nature conservation zones. For example, the island Nonsach. He guards the Kahu, the Bermuda pigeon, which is one of the rarest species on the planet. Access here is naturally limited, although sometimes Bermuda Biological Station organizes visits for some tourist groups.

Several conservation areas created to protect the underwater world include Castle Island, Gilbert Neyche Reserve, Hungry Bay, Charlis Island, Coopers Island, Wollsingham, and others.

Hamilton (capital)

Bermuda has several important cities. However, the main one is Hamilton - the cosmopolitan and dynamic capital with a cheerful and relaxed rhythm of life.Its main attractions are: the historic Bermuda Museum, containing an exhibition of the period of the Great Geographical Discoveries, as well as objects that were found at the bottom of the sea; Bermuda Cathedral (neo-gothic style), Bermuda National Gallery, where you can find works by Winslow Homer, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough. All this and more can be seen by visiting Hamilton (Bermuda).

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Saint george

St. George is a city declared by UNESCO as a heritage of mankind. It reproduces with its architecture the attributes and events of bygone days. This city of Bermuda has many attractions. It should be noted Royal Square, where the city hall with the "pillory", dating back to the 18th century. Once in this place criminals were punished. Also interesting is the Old State Residence, which was built in 1620. The fort, restored and received a second life, is also very curious. Now there are: Bermuda Maritime Museum, a cinema, a traditional pub, a craft market and the famous Snorkeling Park (a scuba diving center, one of the best in Bermuda).

Hospitable and friendly island dwellers are justly proud of their historical heritage, which combines different cultures. Here they wear Bermuda shorts (traditional clothes) with dignity, a cocktail with rum and a plate of fish soup are always available. More than 150 restaurants you will find on the islands - from gastronomic, gourmet to democratic.

Local kitchen

Bermuda, tours which are now in high demand, have their own special cuisine. It is the result of mixing different cultures. Typically, traditional dishes include pork, rice, peas. In Bermuda, one of the favorite dishes is fish soup served with spicy sauce. Residents of the islands for Christmas must cook cassava pies. The delicacies of these places also include sea bass fish soup, seasoned with black rum, shark meat soup, cod pies, Bermuda lobsters, etc.


The cost of service in most restaurants is about 10-15% of the amount of the check. It is usually included in the bill. Tips in hotels are not accepted, they are usually already included in it. It should be said that hotels add a special tax to the room rate.Its size is 7.5%. In addition, there may be some other fees. Porters and doormen in hotels and the airport are usually given a few dollars. Taxi drivers expect about 10-15% tip of the fare.

Money bermuda

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Many tourists bring as a souvenir coins of Bermuda. Tell a little about the local money. Bermuda dollar is the national currency. It is 100 cents. On the islands before the introduction of this currency in 1970 was the Bermudian pound, equal to the pound sterling. The Bermuda Dollar was introduced on February 6, 1970. It is equal to the US dollar. On the face of all banknotes is the image of Queen Elizabeth II. Bills are similar in appearance. There is no fundamental difference between the designs of new and old samples.

Festivals and holidays

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In Bermuda, as well as in the whole Caribbean region, various festivals, carnivals and festivals take place. The most famous is the Caribbean Music Festival SOCA, which at the end of July or at the beginning of August is held at Royal Nawal Dokjard. Bermuda Reggae Festival, no less colorful, takes place in mid-August. Also worth noting is the three-day "Bermuda-Tattoo", ending with a big firework display (time - early November).

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