Where and how to get a workbook?

Every citizen of our country possesses a package of important documents, such as a passport, SNILS, policy, etc. When applying for a job, the workbook reflecting the employee’s experience is added to this list. The workbook is a document, the design of which does not require additional visits to the authorities for certification. The procedure for registration, receipt and storage is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. It describes this document as the main one, reflecting the periods of activity and organization in which the employee worked. There are a lot of discussions on the topic of abolishing in favor of digital media, but so far there has been no further talk. This article will look at how to get a workbook.employment record how to get

Definition and functions

Employment record as the main document of labor activity was introduced in 1938. It contains basic information about the employee, namely: education, qualifications, attitude to work and career growth. It includes information about hiring and dismissal, transfer to another position, information about combining with other activities.

The workbook was originally an analogue of a passport and acted as a document confirming the identity of a person, it was issued food rations. To date, its main function is to confirm the experience of working activity. Although even in the Pension Fund at retirement to submit this document is optional. Payment of sick leave also no longer requires the submission of an extract from work, as it does not depend on interruptions in the experience.

How to get a workbook is interesting to many.

Areas where a document is required

When and where can ask to show labor?

1. In the bank when making a loan.

2. In the process of obtaining a passport.

3. In some cases, bailiffs are asked to submit an extract from labor (for example, in court proceedings involving alimony).

4. To confirm the qualifications of the employee.

The presence of the employment record book helps the employee of the personnel department to find the necessary information about the frequency of changing jobs, articles for which the potential employee has fired. It also recorded information about the awards received.how to get a workbook

Workbook: how to get?

Under the law, there are three ways to acquire a workbook in the Russian Federation:

1. If the employee is satisfied for the first time, the organization must issue a new work record to the employee. There is no charge for this. That is, for registration for the first time there is no need to visit government agencies, it is enough to verbally notify the employer that this is your first place of work. After registration, the document is transferred to the personnel department and stored there until the moment of dismissal. How to get a workbook for the first time, you can specify in the personnel department.

2. Some universities give their graduates a work book at the time of graduation. This action is not necessary and does not give special advantages in employment, however, it is becoming increasingly popular.

3. It is not forbidden by law to buy the document independently in the stationery department or in some branches of Rospechat. However, unauthorized labor filling entails responsibility as an administrative violation.

How to get a workbook?

During employment

It is easy to get a document during employment.As for the already completed document, it is worthwhile to approach its storage responsibly and carefully, as it contains information about your work experience and experience. If the workbook is lost or damaged, it is sometimes impossible to recover all the data.how to get a workbook for the first time

While working

During operation, the document is stored in the personnel department. Get it on your hands is possible only with the dismissal. For all other cases where you need to submit information from the workbook, an extract is drawn up or a certified copy of the original document is made.

Upon dismissal, if the person himself did not take away his documents, he will receive a notification - get a work record.

During the dismissal

You have the right to get the original on your hands only in the official, confirmed by order of the day of dismissal. If the dismissal is immediately after the release of vacation, then the labor is given on the first day of official vacation. If the document was not submitted on time, you have the right to financial compensation for each day of delay.

Here's how to get a workbook.


First of all, the title page is filled. It includes the name of the employee, date of birth, profession, education, and specialty. All these records are made only after the prospective employee has submitted a passport and a diploma.get a labor book

After filling out the title page, the employee signs the document. Then the “position” column is filled and the employee’s signature is put back. Supported information is stamped by the organization or personnel department.

Then information about the company is entered, where the employee is received in the manner prescribed by the Labor Code. If an employee is taken on probation, this should also be reflected in the workbook. The basis for this record is also recorded (usually it is an order for admission to work). Printing in these columns is placed upon dismissal.

Where to get a workbook, we told.

In addition to the above items, information is entered on military service, on service in the tax service, the police, etc., as well as on studies at universities, training, and advanced training. When a student is employed in the "education" column, the wording "incomplete higher education" is indicated before the presentation of the diploma of graduation from the university. All information is also entered into the personal file of the employee and is stored in the personnel department. You can get a labor book in your hands after being fired.

New Labor

There are such situations when a person is faced with the question of starting a second job:

1. Attempt to hide information about previous jobs because of their incompatibility with the desired position.

2. Attempt to change the scope of activities.

3. Loss of the first employment record.

4. Attempting to settle in two places at the same time.

Needless to say, the only case out of those that legally allows you to start a second job is the loss of the previous document. Moreover, if it is found, the second document is to be destroyed, and the first is in priority. If it turns out that the employee lied about the loss of labor, the employer has the right to dismiss him upon the fact of deliberately providing false information.

There are several options for responsibility for the institution of the second workbook, namely:
notification to receive a workbook

1. Dismissal under the article for providing false information.

2. Taxes are deducted from only one place of work, therefore, illegal placement in a second job may result in the second employer collecting tax deductions in court.

3. Experience in the second employment record will not be taken into account when drawing up a pension.

4.Disability payments can only be received by one place of work; accordingly, an attempt to receive these benefits in another place can be regarded as illegal enrichment.

5. Among other things, the issuance of a second document may entail liability under the criminal code, namely, under articles 159 and 327.

Cancellation perspective

There were many conversations and discussions about the possibility of abolishing the workbook. In 2017, it was planned to conduct audits of accounting personnel documents and determine the transition period. To date, to confirm the length of service for retirement, it is not required to submit a work record, and hence its main function has been lost. Cancellation would be an absolute advantage from the state point of view, as this would simplify the pension accounting and reduce the number of paper media, and hence the cost of archiving documents. In addition, the abolition of the workbook would bring us closer to international standards.

Indisputable advantages of abolition for the employer will be:

1. Reducing the costs associated with personnel administration, that is, optimized personnel resources.

2The employer will no longer be liable for the storage and transfer of the employment record upon dismissal.

However, in this question not everything is unambiguous and there are certain negative sides, namely:

1. It will be possible to confirm the experience only with reference letters from previous jobs and resumes (information is easily falsified and not always objective).

2. It will be easier to hide the real reason for dismissal from previous jobs.

Based on the above, it turns out that the company will be forced to take an employee without confirming his experience and experience in the documentary form, in other words, believing the word.
get a duplicate employment record


At first glance, for an employee, the abolition of the employment record will be rather a disadvantage. After all, it will deprive the employee of the official document confirming the experience. Failures in personalized accounting are not excluded, which means there is always a chance of losing data from the system or incomplete recovery. Since an employment contract is easily forged, it may not be accepted as proof of seniority. In this case, the employee will have only one way out - to prove his case in court.Employee integrity is one of the moments that plays a significant role for an employee when canceling a workbook. After all, if the employer turns out to be unfair and will not make contributions to the Pension Fund, then the employee will not be able to confirm his experience in the future.

Where it is possible to get a workbook is now clear. But will it be needed in the future?

In the abolition of employment records, there are benefits for the employee. For example, when drawing up a pension, he will not have to collect piles of paperwork and run around his work places. It will be enough to write an application about reaching the retirement age and entering a legal pension.

The main alternative is the employment contract. But the requirements for its design should be tightened at the legislative level. It is necessary to consider the conditions of confirmation of work experience in the future.

Thus, the initiative to abolish workbooks is being put forth everywhere, but there is no legislative basis or resources to carry out this action.

How to get a copy of the workbook?

The employee has the right to request a copy of the work record certified by the employer in writing. Issue it to the personnel department within 3 days.

Copies of documents must be properly certified, they are provided to the employee free of charge.


How to get a duplicate workbook? If she is lost for any reason, it is necessary as soon as possible to notify the employer of the last place of work.

how to get a copy of employment record

The duplicate includes the following information:

  1. General information about the identity of the employee (name, date of birth, education with a reflection of the specialty or specialization, as well as qualification characteristics, etc.).

  2. Basic information about the professional experience of the employee, which he has accumulated in his life and until the moment of receipt to this employer.

  3. Information about the work, indicating the functional responsibilities (including awards and incentives).

The duplicate fits the total number of years, months and days worked. Each entry to the duplicate entry must be made on the basis of supporting documents.

So, once again we emphasize that the employer at the last job of the person who lost the document is obliged to give him a duplicate work record. And up to 15 days.

We looked at how to get a workbook.

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