When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men.

The abdomen is the most vulnerable part of the body. Therefore, the emerging pain in this area may indicate a variety of diseases. Unlike women, men experience less pain in the abdomen, but when pain syndromes appear, it is necessary to consult a specialist, since this can serve as a signal for the development of several diseases at once. In most cases, the abdominal pains in men can be either acute, or aching or blunt, depending on the type of disease. If there is a pain syndrome on the left side of the abdomen, inflammation of the intestine, kidney or genital organs or due to poisoning of the organism may have occurred.

In frequent cases of pain in the abdomen when walkingtestify to chronic inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs, for example, in diseases such as inflammation of the testicles and appendages or prostate gland. Pain sensations can often increase with urination, and may be accompanied by fever and spread to the sacrum and anus, all these symptoms indicate the development of prostatitis. This disease proceeds in a latent form, and begins to bother after the transferred hypothermia or stress. Quite often, the development of prostate adenoma, in which the urethra narrows as a result of a neoplasm in the bladder, while the process of urination is disrupted, often the pain in the abdomen in men with such a disease. Pain sensations in the groin area may indicate the inflammation of the testicles.

Another disease that is accompanied bypain syndrome, is inflammation of the kidneys or cystitis. Cystitis usually develops in men as a result of complications of prostatitis and is accompanied by frequent and incomplete urination. Such a disease should be treated immediately, since there is a risk of its transition to a chronic form. Sharp and intolerable pain in the lower abdomen in men often occur as a result of the formation of kidney stones or their inflammation. In this case, in frequent cases with increased body temperature, fever and chills occur.

Thus, the acute pain in the lower abdomen on the left is manifestedwith inflammation of appendicitis and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Initially, the pain syndrome is localized in the navel, gradually spreading to the lower abdomen. In general, nausea and vomiting can accompany various diseases of the stomach and intestines, so an experienced doctor will put the correct diagnosis.

Often, the pain in the lower abdomen in men canindicate the problems with the intestine, in particular, with its obstruction. Attacks begin with sharp pains in the navel, go to the stomach and become blunt and constrictive.

A sudden sudden pain can occur wheninfringement of an inguinal hernia, it extends downwards on a stomach and is accompanied by a nausea, vomiting and a frustration of a stomach. With such symptoms, immediate surgical intervention is necessary.

It should be borne in mind that the sudden emergence ofpain is a sign of bleeding, rupture of the internal organ or its torsion, if the pain develops gradually, this indicates the development of the inflammatory process.

If the pain becomes acute,consider obstruction of the intestine or pathology of internal organs. Dull pain accompanies inflammatory processes in the human body. Such painful sensations as fights or colic are a sign of spasms of tubular organs.

When diagnosing, specialists drawattention to the duration of pain, their nature and the area of ​​their spread. With frequent pain you should talk about chronic human diseases.

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When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men When there are pains in the lower abdomen in men