What types of bangs exist?

Long hair with bangs ... This hairstyle, unfortunately, is not for everyone. It is strongly recommended to contact the stylists before deciding on such a haircut. Improper hairstyle can make imbalances in the appearance of its owner. Moreover, some ladies need to choose hairstyles without bangs, since, if available, their appearance leaves much to be desired. You can find out if this haircut suits you by drawing it in Photoshop to your photo or using special programs. In addition, overhead bangs are now on sale. And if you do not want to cut your own, then this is the best option for changing the image.

types of bangs

The dependence of the bangs on the type of person

Types of bangs, like types of hairstyles, are quite diverse. In addition, haircuts for long and medium hair with bangs have a lot of possibilities for modeling. Slender tall girls with clear contours of the face and a sharp chin may well decide on a similar hairstyle. Moreover, the fringe of the arch will underline the facial features in the best way possible.It should also be noted that bangs in combination with long hair visually make their owner younger. Girls with a rectangular or square face should be very careful when choosing a hairstyle with bangs. Straight bangs can emphasize the roundness of the chin, while the graceful side curls framing the face, visually remove the excess in the form of puffy cheeks.

hairstyles without bangs

Stylists are advised to chubby girls to choose haircuts for long hair with bangs, made in a shortened version or a multistage style. These types of bangs are very popular. If the face is square or rectangular, then the best option would be oblique or diagonal bangs. In addition, if the girl has a curvaceous shape, then hair styling with a bang should be “from the face” - this will help to emphasize the airiness of the look.

The dependence of the bangs on the type of hair

 false bangsIf a girl has wavy hair, then it is better to think about abandoning bangs, as this is fraught with daily “wars” with disobedient and twisting curls. You also need to know that stylists do not recommend curling hair and making curvy hairstyles for girls of short stature.For such a hairstyle, you can "get lost." In addition, styling long hair with bangs requires a certain type of them. With thin strands bangs for long hair will look very faded and will require daily procedures to give volume and visual weighting. Conversely, if the hair is very thick, then the bang "from the back of the head" will look too heavy and require constant thinning. Such types of bangs, as straight and level, will require some effort every morning. For example, in the case of a properly done haircut, some side strands after scratching can lie down, and the bangs will have to be pulled out with an iron or with the help of a hair dryer. And most importantly - you need to remember that hair tends to grow. Therefore, going to the hairdresser can be monthly, depending on the speed of hair growth. Keep in mind that the types of bangs depend not only on the face or hair of their owner. You also need to take into account the acceptability of this choice regarding your image and lifestyle.

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