What to write to the former?

Always sad when something leaves ourlife, especially if it is some kind of relationship. Parting with a loved one always leaves a wound in our hearts, and even if you no longer love this person, you can hardly ever forget about it forever.

Memory periodically picks up pleasantmemories related to the former beloved or beloved, and we, having felt ourselves and succumbing to a momentary weakness, think about whether to write to him or her. But what to write to the former, when everything is already finished and whether it is necessary - that's the question.

Letters from the past

Immediately say that if the relationship is over, then you do not need to write. Why stir up the past? What can you write to the former, if now everyone has a life? What is usually written and for what purpose:

  • Write to return. If you broke up because you were not comfortable with something in a person, then it's unlikely that anything has changed in the time that you were not together. People, as a rule, do not change. If your ex has another or another, are you sure that he will break with him at your first request? Is it worth it to stir up the past and chase after its ghosts or better look ahead?
  • "I wish you happiness." Such messages are sent by people who very much want to expose themselves as a victim of parting, they say, be happy, and I, such a miserable person, all my life will suffer and quietly cry in the pillow. Trying to cause a sense of guilt in the former you will not return it. Such messages cause only irritation or misunderstanding.
  • Fun, jeers and stuff. Similar letters and SMS sent to you by your ex, do not paint you in their eyes, because to write to a loved one any muck is low and ugly. You will finally fall in his eyes, and he will only be glad that he broke off all relations with you.
  • Letters to an ex-girlfriend. The same negative evaluation is given to the letters of your ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. People who are distant sometimes sometimes puzzle that they write a former girlfriend, but they find nothing better than to write a message that would let her know that he is yours now and she will not break off anything. These girls resemble, sorry for the comparison, animals that tag their territory in a certain way. Be higher, do not be like yourself.
  • Wishes such as "Good morning", "Good night" andetc. The purpose of these SMS and letters, apparently, is only one thing - to bring discord into the life of the former guy, because these messages, especially those sent for a dream to come, will clearly not go unnoticed by his true passion. Especially if you intended to send them with enviable persistence several times a day. They are justified only in one case, if you intend to insidiously destroy his personal life. Only now you are unlikely to achieve this sympathy on his part, most likely, he will send you, so to speak, far away.
  • Stories about how you feel good without it. The writing of such letters is not entirely understandable, since if you want to inform the former about your happy life, the best way is to not write anything at all. So he surely will understand that you are happy and completely forgot about its existence. And maybe even upset a little. And maybe not even a little bit.

So if you are tormented by the thought that writingto a former friend, then drive her away, that is, this thought, far away. Better write something to your real or future boyfriend or girlfriend. Well gone and gone. Let there remain a pleasant memory, do not need painful and humiliating correspondence, SMS, messages in social networks. Imagine that he or she does not exist anymore, but rather erase the phone number and delete it from friends in "Classmates". And as soon as you break with the past, the new life will begin immediately.

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