What to see? Catherine Parkinson: Biography and Filmography

Catherine Parkinson is a British actress, known for her roles in such films and TV shows as “Easy Behavior” (2008), “Doctor Martin” (2004 -…), “Psychoville” (2009–2011), “Cold Shop of All Sorts” (2011 ), “Computer scientists” (2006–2013), and others. At one time, she quit her studies for the career of an actress and didn’t lose, because now her filmography has several dozen projects. About this and talk in the article.


Kathryn Parkinson (photo below) was born in 1978 in Hounslow, a western district of London, in a family of an Englishwoman and Irish historian. She studied at Tiffin School for Girls, located in Kingston on the Thames, then went to Oxford, where she studied classics at St. Hilda College. And on her return to London, she entered the London Academy of Drama and Music. True, she never received education, having exchanged it for the roles proposed in several productions.

Catherine ParkinsonIn 2007, it became known about the engagement of the actress with the British actor Harry Peacock. Two years later, at one of the awards ceremony, Catherine called him her husband.Now they have two daughters - Douro and Gwendolyn.

Carier start

Catherine Parkinson’s filmography began in 2005, when she starred in Adrian Shergold’s dramatic television film The Calling Teacher. After that she got the role in one episode of the British medical drama Jeremy Brock and Paul Anvin “Catastrophe” (1986 - ...). Then she played the “woman in the queue” in the British comedy series Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Massovka (2005–2007) and performed a small role in the comedy laboratory project (1998 - ...).

catherine parkinson moviesIn 2007, the actress played Gemma, one of the main characters, in five episodes of the BBC comedy series “Fear, Stress and Anger” (2007). She played the role of Vanessa in Mark Russell's television comedy drama Christmas on the Riviera (2007). And she received the minor role of Marion Whittaker in Stephen Elliott's comedy melodrama “Easy Behavior” (2008), the plot of which is based on the Noel Kauardas play of the same name.

Dr. Creek

In 2008, Catherine Parkinson appeared in the Robert B. Weid comedy film “How to lose friends and make everyone hate you,” based on the memoirs of British journalist Toby Young.Then she played in the episode of David Renwick’s mystical multiseries drama “Jonathan Creek” (1997–2016) and played Felicity in Richard Curtis’s musical drama “Rock Wave” (2009) about the activity of a pirate radio station broadcasting in the 60s from a ship, standing in the waters of the North Sea.

Catherine Parkinson photoIn the period from 2005 to 2009, the actress took part in the filming of 24 episodes of the successful medical drama Dominic Minghella "Dr. Martin" (2004 - ...). The series tells the story of the famous doctor Martin, who decided to leave the noisy metropolis and move to a tiny quiet village. The only problem is that due to the lack of tact and medical ethics it is difficult for him to establish contact with his new patients and neighbors.

Old men in the fresh air

In 2009, Kathryn Parkinson received a small role of a physics teacher in the adventure film by Oliver Parker and Barneby Thompson “Classmates and the Mystery of Pirate Gold.” Played Sophie in all three episodes of the British comedy series Katherine Morshead “Outdoors”. Also played by Amber, the daughter of one of the main characters of the comedy series Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bane's "The Old Men" (2009 - ...).

In 2010, Catherine played Carolyn, the owner of the restaurant and head waiter, in David Kerr's sit-comedie “The Kitchen”. She played the role of Fiona in the psychological multi-part thriller Steve Pemberton's Psychoville (2009–2011) about people from different parts of England connected by some kind of blackmailer who allegedly knows about the bad deeds they committed in the past.

Catherine Parkinson FilmographyIn the role of Kitty Raleigh, Kathryn Parkinson starred in one episode of the popular detective series Mark Gettys and Stephen Moffat "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the lead roles. She played one of the main characters of the BBC four-episode comedy series “The Cold Store of All Sorts” (2011), based on the works of Charles Dickens. Also played the role of Joe Pepper in one episode of the comedy series Love Matters (2013).

Computer scientists in the club

For eight long years (from 2006 to 2013), the actress conscientiously played the main role in Graham Linehan’s comedy series “Computer scientists”. She played Jen Barber, the head of information technology, who doesn’t know anything about this area. And this role brought her a victory at the British Comedy Awards, where she was identified as “The Best Television Comedy Actress”.

Catherine ParkinsonIn 2014, Kathryn Parkinson appeared in the episode of another Steve Pemberton project “Inside the ninth issue” (2014 - ...). The role of Rachel Stein, the wife of the protagonist, performed in eight episodes of the spy thriller Hugo Blik "The Noble Woman" (2014). Brand Kennedy played in the British TV series Kristin Gernon "The Kennedy Family" (2015) and Kim Hall, a school assistant, in the Kei Mellor serial series "In the Club" (2014–2016).

From 2015 to 2016, the actress could be seen in the role of Laura Hawkins, a lawyer and one of the main characters of the sci-fi series Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley “People”. And in 2018, another film will be released with Kathryn Parkinson - Mike Newell's historical melodrama “Guernsey”.

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