What to do if a woman has a hairy chest

For all women the procedure of epilation has become somethingordinary and familiar. Legs, armpits, bikini zone are those parts of the body on which the presence of hair is undesirable. Epilation in these cases is the procedure studied. And what if the girl has a hairy chest?

Hairy chest

With a normal hormonal background, hair growsonly in certain areas of the body, but if it is violated, "vegetation" begins to appear in unexpected places, most often on the chest and stomach. It's all about the high level of the "male" testosterone hormone. In this case, the hair on the body begins to appear on the body, which is typical for the male. It is necessary to distinguish between ordinary hair, which is the norm for women, and hard black hairs.

Another reason for the appearance of hair on the chestis a genetic predisposition. Because it is inherent in nature, there is nothing to be done. The degree of hairiness of the human body can depend on the type of skin and hair, belonging to an ethnic group, nationality.

At pregnancy in an organism of the woman there are serious hormonal changes. This can also cause the appearance of hair on the chest. As a rule, after birth, they disappear.

With certain diseases, the doctor can prescribehormonal medicinal preparations. Hairy breasts can be a side effect of their intake. In this case, you need to see a doctor to change the drug.Getting Rid of Hair

When the pituitary gland and adrenal gland failureendocrine disorders can occur that lead to the appearance of hair on the chest. For treatment, you must always consult a doctor and pass the test for hormones.

Getting rid of hair on the chest - not so muchcomplicated procedure. It's easier than epilating the legs or the bikini zone. Unlike men, women grow a single amount of hair on the chest. Most often they appear in the nipple zone. Remove them best with tweezers. The tool must be carefully tucked in order not to break the hair, but to pull it out with the bulb. To do this, sterile tweezers need to grasp the hair and slowly pull it. At the end of the procedure, disinfect the place of hair removal and tools.

There are other ways to remove hair, but notit is recommended to use a razor, since it is difficult to control the epilation zone and can be cut inadvertently. In addition, after its application, instead of the usual inconspicuous gun hair will appear black hard hair.

Methods of hair removalIf you have a hairy chest, be carefuluse a cream for depilation, since it is possible the appearance of pimples, allergies, irritations and so on. The disadvantage of this method of hair removal is also that ingrown hair can appear, and it is more difficult to remove them.

In order to get rid of thiscosmetic defect, like a hairy chest, ideal for laser hair removal. It makes hair thinner, lighter. The thing is that the laser kills hair follicles, which contain a coloring pigment. Unfortunately, this type of hair removal has a high cost.

If the breast covers a large amount of hair, thenthey can be removed with a wax. True, this procedure will be painful, since the breast is a sensitive area, but with each hair removal the hair will become thinner and lighter.

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