What should be the guy?

Many girls have one of the most favorite topics forThe conversations are the guys (and, this is absolutely normal). Some boast of their fiancees, but, others, modestly silent on the sidelines, hiding the truth from their girlfriends. But, practically, at any age, it is interesting to know opinions on the topic: what should a guy be like. Do the values ​​of girls change over time? Or maybe, let the guy be anything, if only he was close and loved? Let's try to understand those qualities of men that women would like to see.


During the first meetings with the guy, anythe girl looks at his reasoning about life and draws conclusions about whether he will be able to provide for himself and his family in the future, whether he will be able to support himself in domestic affairs, and not hang heavily in the girl's neck. Unfortunately, many guys are lazy, or simply grown in hothouse conditions.

The guy should watch himself

Nobody, probably, will like the zachuhannya guy who "smells" is far from being violets, and does not change socks. Still girls love, when hair at guys are well-groomed, and there is no week-old bristles. The ability to competently dress exactly makes a difference for girls. If the guy does this bunglingly, then for sure she will want to help him. And, in general, the concept of "beautiful" for a man is nonspecial in principle.

Kindness and affection

Not suitable stereotype: "beats, then loves," girls should not be guided by this phrase, but must flee from such rude guys. A gentle guy, on the contrary, can not afford to embrace and kiss - this is exactly what you need! After all, all need caress and care, and at any age.

Sincerity and Trust

It is important to understand that lies are often notIt is justified, and if it is connected with treason, then. why hold onto such a subject? And, if the guy does not give cause for treason, then praise him and love. When the couple is trusted to each other, the emotional state of the couple is more stable and there are much fewer reasons for different conflicts.


Not to say, but the cardinal difference ineducation and education, will play a cruel joke with the pair. If in the first days of dating, the girl does not attach importance to this, it may be that the guy is not from her world. And the guys have more chances to find a girl, if he reads a lot, has a hobby and knows how to behave. Manners of behavior at the table or in relation to women should not cause concern or shame in the latter.

Love for children and animals

Very rare in our country, socalled "childfree" or just those people who do not like children. If the guy treats them indifferently, then, at least, do not let him shout about it at every corner. The ability to care for, love and educate a child, and also to be interested in his life is an important indicator for the humanity and spiritual culture of a guy.

How tall should the guy be?

Some girls can not pick a guy because ofsuch a banal parameter as growth. There is a simple principle: if a girl of low stature, then she does not fit a guy very large, tall. And if the girl is tall, then choose the same lean and tall guys so that you can safely dress your heels, and not be above your boyfriend. Although many (even Hollywood couples) consist of a tall girl, and, slightly below her, men. And, no one particularly bothers about this. The main thing that a person was good is really true.

We really hope that from this article you have learned,what an ideal guy should be. Do not forget, also about your feminine intuition. If you feel that this guy must necessarily be next to you, and you are very much suited to each other, then so be it. If, on the contrary, everything seems to be in place, but you feel that something is wrong, inside there is always some unpleasant excitement and disharmony, then, apologize, and look for yourself another companion of life.

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