What should be the composition of "My Room"?

The school program certainly includes such tasks. This type of work is quite interesting and gives you the opportunity to fully express your imagination. The writing “My Room” is often asked to children at home, but sometimes in school it is necessary to make such a work. In any case, students should understand what the description should be in order to properly express their thoughts.composing my room

What is special about writing an essay on the theme “My Room”?

Such a task is given for a reason. The writing-description “My Room” helps teachers and parents to understand the inner world of the child. Through this work, students will be able to tell how comfortable and cozy they are in their own space at home. It is also very important that the essay on the theme “My Room” helps self-expression and the development of creative abilities.

The task of teachers and parents is to correctly explain to the child how best to complete the task. The essay “My Room” should be detailed, detailed and express the idea to the fullest.

How to make a work plan?

To make it easier for your son or daughter to write an essay describing My Room, you should make a detailed plan. To do this, parents themselves need to think about what exactly should be in the story. The outline of the essay-description "My Room" may be as follows:

  1. Introduction. In this section you need to specify general information about what will be discussed in the essay.
  2. Main part. Here should be divided into subsections:
  • description of the size, shape, length of the room;
  • information about lighting, bright room or dark, is on the shadow or sunny side;
  • detailed description of furniture items;
  • a story about the interior of the room and decorative elements.

3. Conclusion. In this section, you should tell, comfortable or not in the room that I would like to change.

Such a plan will help the child set out the thoughts in detail in the correct sequence.

The writing "My Room" for elementary classes

Students who have recently begun to study various sciences may well express their thoughts, but the story must be without complicated accents and turns of speech. For an example, you can take the following versions of essays:

"I have my own room.It is small, but this space is enough for me. The walls in the room are high, but the room itself is narrow. Thanks to the correctly arranged subjects, there is enough space for classes and games with friends or younger brother.

My room is bright, it has large windows, almost the entire wall. From the windows you can see tall houses and beautiful trees, which I admire when I have time. To the right of the window is a desk, at which I do my homework and do creative work, if I decide to draw or drink. The table is semicircular and adjoins to the corner of the wall. On the right in the table are the drawers where I put my study materials and materials for creativity.

To the left of the window is a closet of white color with lots of shelves. My parents bought it for me, so that there was where to put toys and clothes. Near the opposite wall is a sofa. I really like him. It has a bright orange color. I sleep and read books on it.

Near the opposite wall from the desk I have a play area. There are a lot of assembled designers, machines. And in the middle of the room there is free space where I can do exercises or just play.

I love being in my room, it's cozy, warm and there is always something to do. "writing description my room

"In my room, my parents recently made repairs to make me feel comfortable and cozy. The color of the walls is orange, and interesting patterns are painted gold over the top. My room is quite spacious, although there are many different things in it.

The window overlooks the playground. It is always warm and light in my room because it comes out on the sunny side. To the left of the window is a large wardrobe. It stores my toys, clothes, creative kits. To the right of the window I have a bed with a curtain, like a princess's.

On the opposite side of the bed is a bedside table, in which you can also fold clothes or toys. Opposite the cabinet is my desk and chair. I have a table with large cells in which I put my books and notebooks. At the bottom of the table there are drawers, which can also be folded school supplies.my room writing plan

I really like my room, it is always cozy and light in it. I feel light and secure here. "

A writing on “My Room” for high school

Children older than fifth grade also write similar work.For them, the essay "My Room" is an easy task. Nevertheless, the requirements are somewhat higher than for the younger school, so the story must be detailed and detailed. Alternatively, you can consider the following creations:

"My room is rectangular in shape. All the furniture in the room is made of natural material - wood. A massive table with bends and without sharp corners is very comfortable for me. There is a chair next to it, the height of which I can fix depending on what I am doing. If I write homework, then one height, and if I watch a movie, then another.

In the nightstand that hangs over the desk, I placed a collection of vintage cars in a reduced form, some of which I did myself. At the opposite wall is a cabinet made of dark shades of brown wood. The doors in it are sliding, and the shelves are deep. Therefore, to clean up the room is simple, because in the closet fit all the necessary accessories and clothing. To the left of the table is a sofa. When guests come to me, I collect him, and when I'm at home alone or with my parents, the sofa is laid out and takes up half the room.

I feel comfortable and well in my room.I am glad that I have a separate space where I can dream or just watch TV. "Russian essay my room

Such an essay on the Russian language “My Room”, where everything is described in detail, will help to get a high mark and prove himself in the eyes of the teacher.

What is worth making accents?

Acting clearly according to plan, you can pay attention to each part of the room. It is best to fully cover the topic and in the smallest detail to describe all the interior items and accessories in the room.

Why writing essays is very important for schoolchildren?

The story about your room is not only a type of homework. Writing such creations will help to reveal the inner world of the child and understand how harmoniously a boy or girl feels in the territory of his personal space.

The main thing that such essays were written in detail and in a light style.

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