What is the penalty for cruelty to animals?

Animal abuse

So what? Are we not brothers ?!

With love in our eyes they look ...

No! No! I'm not ready to kill

Homeless puppies and kittens

I'd rather take out their bread

And the booth from the boards soby.

Wherever he went, wherever he was -

I will not betray them, I will not kill!

Cruel treatment of animals, despite the fact that punishment is provided for in the Criminal Code and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, has recently taken the scale of a global problem. During December 2014 alone, more than 300 cases of various torture of pets in cities of the Russian Federation were recorded. Not only domestic animals are subject to violence, but also representatives of wildlife, including those listed in the Red Book.

Come from childhood

Most of the maniacs, murderers, rapists, still at a young age, mocked the "lesser brothers" with impunity. Society often does not focus on such episodes, blaming them on the fact that children rarely are aware of the acts committed.

Meanwhile, after closer communication with such adolescents, it becomes terrible how much genuine pleasure they get from each individual case of their own violence. Seeing helplessness and suffering is the goal of the young tormentors.

Cases of animal abuse

However, in a loving family, where a tender attitude prevails over rudeness and conflict, cases of cruel treatment of animals by children are rather nonsense. They are usually associated with serious mental disabilities that require immediate treatment.

Responsibility for cruelty

In Russia, legislation defines pets as property - an object of law. The only action that is prohibited even to the owner is cruelty to his pet. But, apparently, not wanting to spoil the statistics, the police rarely accept statements from citizens who are turning to cases of savagery known to them. As a result of this irresponsible attitude of representatives of the power of tortured animals every year becomes many times more.

Russian legislation is imperfectly and periodically finalized by new legal acts.Responsibility for cruelty to animals comes in accordance with the texts of some articles of the Criminal Code and the Civil Code.

Crime and Punishment

Article and Code Content A responsibility
Article.245 of the Criminal Code, part 1 Killing or mutilating animals from mercenary or hooligan motives, the use of sadistic methods, the presence of young children during the "execution". A fine of up to 80,000 rubles, or compulsory work, or imprisonment of up to 6 months.
Article.245 of the Criminal Code, part 2 The same crime, only committed by prior agreement by a group of persons. A fine of up to 300,000 rubles, work up to 240 days or arrest up to 2 years.
Article 131 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation Compliance with property rights (since animals are not otherwise specified in the legislation of the Russian Federation). Responsibility comes, if the principles of humanity are not respected. The ability to apply Article 241, which provides for the removal of the animal in favor of the applicant by means of redemption.

The problem of cruelty to animals

"Angry like a dog!"

Examples of animal abuse are ubiquitous. The media is full of various photos, articles, comments about bullying and reprisals. The most "recent" savage example is the dismembered carcasses of Ussurian tigers, discovered in mid-January 2015.The criminals who are holders of an elite restaurant of Korean cuisine, settled in the center of Moscow and were detained during a sudden check.

The problem of cruelty to animals is widespread not only in Russia, but also in other countries. For example, in Denmark, recently a massacre of a small giraffe took place. 50 children were invited to the execution! with parents. The worst thing is that the event was condemned only in Russia. The rest of the world did not find in the case of cruelty. Just a giraffe born with a marriage - no luck.

The children filmed the whole process on the camera phones, each trying to get closer to look at the dead giraffe. What kind of mercy can we talk about when killing a defenseless creature is turned into a show, a show, a show? A society that maintains and promotes such an attitude moves to extinction in giant leaps. The one who is entertained today by cruel treatment of animals (photo below), tomorrow will laugh at a man dying in heavy agony.

Article cruelty to animals

And again Copenhagen ...

The poor giraffe was fed to a lion pride. He, defective, was not given to other zoos, which literally begged for it. Graceful Marius, like cattle, was grown "for meat".

But the cruelty to animals in the Copenhagen Zoo did not end there. Another fanaticism struck and shocked even the Danes, who were watching the death of a young giraffe. It began with the fact that a new lion-producer was ordered to the zoo, and four males, who had broken Marius's warm carcass a month ago, were killed in cold blood. Deal with them for a simple reason: the cats have become unnecessary.

Residents of the city promised the director of the zoo personal reprisal for repeating the killing of animals. How serious this threat was was not known, but each joke contains a piece of truth.

Examples of animal abuse

Poor maria

In Fryazino, not far from Moscow, the so-called “station of pretrakki” works quite legitimately, where it is openly, with impunity, mocking wild animals. Poor old bear Masha, a former circus actress, has to endure constant, daily bites of fighting dogs. The article "cruelty to animals" is simply not working here!

How is everything going? For the staff of this zhivoderni - ordinary and boring. The bear is tied on a chain in the center of the training area. The owner of the dog and life pays the unfortunate 5 euros for the dog to nibble on the live bait.

Together with Masha suffer foxes and raccoons.They are driven around the site, pulled out of the holes made by human hands (or nonhumans?), The same fighting dogs ... After the "work", the weakened livelihoods are pushed into small cages, where they, hungry, frightened, hunted, lick their wounds on the bitten paws and tails.

Cruelty to animals at similar stations is a variant of the norm. Small groups of "green" activists are trying to achieve justice, but so far the law, alas, does not stand on their side.

There is not much good

Animal abuse photo

The supreme being is a civilized man. What is its great position? In the power of the weapon? Impunity for cruelty? The real power lies in nature in mercy and sympathy. Dogs feed kittens with their milk, dolphins save drowning people.

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