What is useful cloudberry (berry)?

It is considered that the northern regions are harsh and unassuming places. Surely any prospect of a southerner to spend his vacation in the Siberian outback will not cause delight: it's damp and cold, flocks of wild animals roam in the taiga, but the menu will probably consist of boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. And only the inhabitants of the North know perfectly well how amazing and unusual their land is. The endless expanses of forests, fields and mountains not only delight the eye with its pristine beauty, but also bestow people with generous gifts. Here you will find that not one overseas country will offer you. With the retreat of the harsh winter, brisk sprout of wild garlic appears, in the middle of summer - fragrant freshly pumped honey, carefully collected by bees from wild flowers. And of course, delicious wild berries. But closer to autumn there will be rich glades of various mushrooms and pine nuts. In July-August, the inhabitants of the hinterlands are sent to the marshlands and forests, because by that time the cloudberry is ripe to ripen - a berry similar to beads from the purest amber.

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Tsar's berry

It is called the Antarctic raspberry, swamp amber or royal berries.Since ancient times, it has not only been a favorite dish of villagers, but also enjoyed popularity with the representatives of the royal nobility. This treasure trove of beneficial vitamins gave the inhabitants of harsh areas good health and protected against many diseases. Cloudberries - a difficult berry. The inhabitants used unremarkable plant bushes and orange-yellow berries to cure a multitude of ailments. Harvested not only the fruits, but also the roots, leaves and even the sepals of plants. Cloudberry is an excellent melliferous plant; therefore, in the places of its growth, local residents try to break up apiaries. But from ripe berries they prepare aromatic jams, compotes, jams, liqueurs and liqueurs, they are frozen for the winter and added to a wide variety of desserts. It is also good, tasty and well kept in the peeled form. A jar of frayed fresh berries hostess will certainly save for the winter. If someone has a cold or has flu, then saving cloudberries will come to the rescue. The berry, whose taste is slightly sour and sweetish at the same time, is loved by both children and adults.

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The plant is a low shrub with a perennial root.The green part dies off in the autumn, and in the spring new cloudberries make their way. In height, they reach 20-30 centimeters, and the bush itself can grow over a large area due to the branchy creeping rhizome. It blooms in June, the buds with five white petals in 40 days turn into ripe amber fruits. So there is a delicious delicacy of the harsh land - cloudberries (berry). Photos perfectly convey the unobtrusive beauty of this modest, but so valuable for residents of the northern expanses of the plant. It is interesting that usually the berries of the plants are tied with green, and as they ripen they become yellow or red. But with cloudberries everything is different, its fruits are initially red. As they grow and ripen, they become lighter, and then turn into translucent juicy amber berries, something resembling the appearance of raspberries. Cloudberry - a berry with the fruit of the national team is a drupe, it belongs to the pink family and is a direct relative of raspberry and blackberry.

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The king's berry prefers to settle in the swampy peat zones, wet forests. Loves moss areas of marshes, thickets, sometimes found in mountainous areas.Cloudberry is a tundra berry, settling over the entire area of ​​the northern Arctic strip. Also growing in the Far East, in the northern part of European countries, in Siberia and Belarus, it is well known to the residents of Kamchatka. But in Finland, she enjoys special attention: cloudberries are not only harvested in the forests, but also make a lot of effort to domesticate the northern beauty.

How to collect cloudberries?

Locals know well when cloudberries (berries) start to ripen. When to harvest? This is usually July-month, but the collection period is very short - only 1-2 weeks. Delicate berries are juicy and quickly re-sing, because it is important to catch the moment, otherwise the cloudberry will be unsuitable for food. Whole families go to the “hunt” for cloudberries, not forgetting about high boots and tight closed clothes - mosquitoes in the forests and swamps are very agile. You don’t have to look for berries, they grow, towering above the green leaves, and their amber color will certainly attract attention. Cloudberries (berries) are amazingly beautiful. Photos are not able to convey all the tenderness and grace of the northern beauty.

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Gather the berries in a low capacity so that they do not choke.If the cloudberries make juice, then the harvest will quickly begin to ferment, which means that all efforts will go down the drain. The berries try to take the underperforming, they ripen at home within a few days. By the way, they need to be torn off with sepals. These tiny leaves dry, and then brew fragrant and very useful for cold tea.

How does cloudberry treat?

What is useful cloudberries? Its amazing composition of vitamins and organic substances. She is a real treasure chest for residents of northern latitudes. Cloudberries here - the first remedy for scurvy and colds. Juicy berries will help reduce the temperature, protect against dehydration, relieve fever and increase immunity, with this medicine is not terrible flu. Cloudberry improves the body's metabolism, increases stamina and overall well-being in any disease. It removes toxins and heavy metals, helps fight anemia, it is useful in heart disease and high blood pressure. Amazing tiny berries help fight cancer. They are eaten fresh, and the juice is smeared on the affected areas of the body. Cloudberry improves the functioning of the liver, gall bladder, increases urine flow, is useful in kidney disease and cystitis.It is useful to eat it to those who have problems with digestion or a stomach, but in small quantities and at the same time without stones: they can irritate the walls of the stomach. It has cloudberry and hemostatic properties, perfectly suppresses the pathogenic microflora in the intestines and stops the fermentation processes in it. Cloudberries quench thirst and hunger well. The berry is extremely useful for people with poor health, small children and expectant mothers. Being a low-calorie, but tasty product, the berries act as an excellent dietary dessert.

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Home Cosmetician

Cloudberries are a northern berry that takes care of the health of the skin and hair. Based on it, local beauties make nourishing masks. Cloudberry fruits heal well burns and purulent wounds, treat acne. Their juice is smeared with scars and scars; it is also effective in combating scabies. Cloudberry is indicated for people suffering from any skin diseases, it is taken orally, and not the affected areas are bandaged. They make unique oil from berry pits, it is a part of rejuvenating and nourishing creams and lotions, they are especially useful for dry and weak skin.Extracts from berries enrich shampoos, gels and foams, liquid soap. It is also included in hair balms. Berry extract contains a large amount of antioxidants, and therefore strengthens, cleanses and tones the hair and scalp, making hair strong, giving them volume and vibrant shine.

Chemical composition

Cloudberry berry, the beneficial properties of which are due to the saturated mineral and organic composition, contains a lot of sugars, fiber, malic and citric acids. Cloudberry composition is not inferior to many berries and fruits, it contains iron, silicon, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, there are phytoncides, tannic, pectin and other substances. Berries are recommended to use for any ailment, cloudberries will quickly saturate the body and help to cope with any disease. It is especially useful in the winter. Those who have cloudberries regularly appear on the table in the form of a fragrant delicacy, neither vitamin deficiency, nor cold.

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Residents of cold regions are well aware that in cloudberries - a huge amount of vitamin C, four times more than in oranges. Since ancient times, she has rescued residents of the polar countries from scurvy.

The royal berry is rich in vitamins A and E, thanks to them the cells of the whole organism are renewed and the aging process is slowed down. These vitamins are very necessary for future mothers for the normal development of the baby.

There is a nicotinic acid in berries, or vitamin PP, necessary for the elimination of toxins. It is an excellent means of preventing atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Cloudberry is a berry rich in vitamins B1 and B2. They are responsible for the functioning of nerve cells, help us concentrate and improve memory. They are also indispensable for the work of any muscles and are useful for vision.

She needs protection

Sadly, it should be recognized that the amazing talent of the north - amber cloudberry - can disappear from the face of the earth due to human activity. Every year more and more forests are being cut down and a large number of swamps are being drained, and this is the only home for the royal berries. Cloudberries have already been listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Being cultivated in a harsh climate, it is surprisingly vulnerable: it can easily die from frost, heavy rain or wind. Would humanity be wise enough to save this wonderful plant?

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Cloudberry for everyone

In many developed countries, they have seriously thought about whether cloudberries can be cultivated. Berry, the cultivation of which on an industrial scale has already been developed in the Scandinavian countries, is for some reason not cultivated here. Cloudberry was very demanding of conditions. To transfer it from marsh swamps to cultivated land is not an easy task. Where today have learned to grow the taiga beauty, a huge amount of effort was put. And today the royal berry successfully lives in greenhouses specially created for it.

Is it possible to grow cloudberries in the country?

But is it possible to grow such a berry at his dacha? If you are lucky enough to live in the northern region, then you have every chance for that. You just need to create on your site a kind of peat bog. For this, a trench is dug out, the bottom is lined with a film with sparse holes (for water retention), and then it is covered with earth, into which cloudberry seedlings should be planted. It is better to bring them from the forest directly to the part of the land in which the shrub grew. It should be mixed into an improvised peatland, so it will be easier for the plant to take root.Abundant watering, fertilizing and warm flooring in winter will significantly increase the chances of success. If you do everything correctly and the taiga berry will be cozy in your new home, then soon it will certainly please you with juicy amber berries.

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