What is the wonder of the world?

Once upon a time there was Herostratus and once he set fire to one of the seven wonders of the world ...

I remember reading a lot about him at the university.
And so, he lived in the ancient and beautiful city of Ephesus Herostratus.
And it was in Ephesus one of the wonders of the ancient world, the temple of Artemis.
The width of the temple is 52 meters, length - 105 m, height of columns - 18 m. The roof of the temple was supported by 127 columns, installed in eight rows. Inside are stunning sculptures and statues.

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And so, after two hundred years of magnificence, in the summer of 356 BC. er this archaic temple was set on fire.
Herostrat said that he set fire to the temple so that descendants would remember his name. Ephesians sentenced him to execution and decided to never mention his name. However, the ancient Greek historian Theopompus, who spoke about the crime of Herostratus, retained this name for posterity.
And his name in our time has become even a household name ...
In general, this is what she remembered. So, during our trip to Turkey, of course, we made a turn to this place ...
And here it is - Wonder of the World !!!
Yes, and nothing else;)

After the burning of the temple was restored, but in the III century BC.e., after the attack ready the temple again subjected to looting, looting and arson. A part of its marble columns was taken to Constantinople and used for the construction of the St. Sophia Cathedral.

The remains of the temple were discovered at the end of the XIX century by English scientists. Architectural and sculptural fragments of the temple of Artemis are in the British Museum. Valuable gold and ivory artifacts are exhibited in the Istanbul Archeology Museum and the Ephesus Museum.
And in the place of the temple itself, only a column assembled from different parts.
Fortunately, for my nervous system and love of archeology, next to the temple there is an ancient Ephesus, which is just beautiful and about it next time.

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