What is an "elder"? Cognac Features

Like everything else in this world, brandy drinks also have their own history. What is the "elder"? Cognac or not?

The origin of the drink

The beginning of the appearance of brandy drink is considered to be the III century of our era. On the banks of the river Charente began to produce a different from other regions of France wine drink. Wine was popular. Around the XI-XII century, in order to increase sales, white wine produced on the banks of this river in the province of Cognac was distilled, that is, the liquid was evaporated, followed by vapor condensation through cooling. Actually, brandy drink and called double-distilled white wine.What is an elder

When being transported across the sea in oak barrels, the drink acquired fragrant notes, flavors and nuances of color. There are established criteria for high-quality cognac:

  • aging in oak barrels for at least two years;
  • obligatory double distillation through copper cubes;
  • the basis for 90% should be only brandy alcohol from grape vines varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, and 10% - alcohols varieties Juranon, Folignan.

According to the international legislation on controlled names by origin, Cognac can only be called a drink produced in the territory of six regions of a small region 460 km from Paris.

elder 7 years

The remaining drinks are called brandy exclusively in the territory of the country of origin. Beyond it, the name changes to brandy.

What is “Elder” - brandy or not?

An elder is the head of a community, a clan endowed with experience, knowledge and traditions.

Answering the question: “Cognac“ Elder ”- what is it?”, We can say that it is a drink made from selected Spanish cognac spirits, from juicy vines of the best vineyards of this warm country.

Cognac Elder 5

Only vineyards of the province of Castilla-La Mancha are used for production. This is one of the largest vineyards in Europe.

The brand itself was launched on the market in 2004. As with any new product, it took time for the consumer to taste the drink and make sure that the high qualities are consistent.

In total, 6 types of cognac are produced and supplied for sale: a three-year drink of 40%, a five-year-old 40%,“Elder 7 years old” cognac is presented in two versions (Ecologocal 40% and Single Barrel 45%), twelve-year-old 40% and twenty-year-old 40%.

How to distinguish?

Cognac "Elder 5", like any other drink of this brand, can not be confused with any other. The unique, unique shape of the bottles with the characteristic features in the form of a thickened bottom, the text applied in gold directly to the glass, the natural cork stopper - all this makes the drink a beautiful gift, a decoration for a festive feast. Promotes the development of high consumer taste.

What is an elder

Like all products of the Stavropol Wine and Cognac Factory, founded in 1947, the Elder brandy is something original, memorable. And when you need to choose a worthy drink to make a decent impression, you choose it - it is recognized many times at world professional competitions, awarded with fifteen gold and three silver medals. This is the only brandy drink that is exported to the most capacious market - China. And this unique in its qualities alcohol is produced in Russia.

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