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Humorous art forms from ancient times enjoyed the same success. The ability to find the funny in the serious realities of everyday life is a very important part of the comedy. The ability to show everyday things in such a way as to cause laughter in the viewer is a sign of the skill of the artists. What is a stand-up? What is this style of filing jokes? What comedians are considered the best in this current? We will tell about this in the article.

Stand-up: the specifics of the genre

standup what is

Stand up is a comedy genre that involves a solo performance by an artist before an audience. The main features of this comic format are:

  • performance before a live audience;
  • interaction with the hall;
  • the vitality of the topics covered.

The comedians working in this direction pay special attention to the textual content of the monologues, since the main comic burden falls on the semantic component of the speech. The genre of stand-up implies the conversational style of narration, which allows the use of profanity, which allows to bring the comedy to a new level of close understanding of the artist with the hall.Coverage of topical issues, the extreme frankness of the author makes this trend in humor very popular with the viewer.

No less important is the filing of jokes. Stand-up is not limited to the narrative style of performance. This is one of the freest expression genres. Many comedians, who know well what a stand-up is, use musical instruments, video accompaniment and even tricks to diversify their numbers and make them more spectacular.

Stand history

The genre originated in the beginning of the XIX century in Britain, where the performances of humorists in the music halls were popular. In the heyday of the stand-up, it entered the mid-twentieth century with the advent of the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, which was a platform for artists to express themselves, including the comedy. Since then, the stand-up has been actively spread throughout the world and is currently one of the most popular comic trends in Britain and the United States.

Recognized masters of this trend are stand-up comedians:

  • George Carlin.
  • Bob Hope.
  • Louis C. Kay
  • Bill Cosby.
  • Chris Rock
  • Richard Pryor.

Stand-up parties are arranged everywhere.Typically, the venue are small clubs. The venerable comedians gather huge halls, their performances are broadcast on television and translated into different languages.

Open mic

stand up

One of the distinguishing features of the stand-up genre is the opportunity to speak in public to anyone who wishes. Such events are called "open microphone". Beginners or little-known stand-up comedians can come to the place where such a meeting is held, and show their program.

Events of this kind help the authors to check their jokes on a live viewer, to gain popularity or even a chance to be noticed by famous personalities who often attend such concerts.

Standup in Russia

What is a stand-up in Russia and other countries of the former USSR was learned relatively recently, but this genre has already managed to gain unlimited love of the audience and continues to gain popularity. Comedians working in this direction comedy, successfully touring, collecting large rooms.

More and more young comedians choose this line of humor for their creativity. Initially based in small clubs and small indoor areas, the stand-up has reached the All-Russian level of popularity.Television shows dedicated to this comedy genre are very popular and high ratings.

Stand by Pavel Volya

A teacher of Russian language and literature from Penza many years ago won millions of hearts, finding his vocation in humor. The popular comedian and TV presenter Pavel Volya is one of the people who know firsthand what a stand-up is and have done a lot to popularize and promote this style in Russia.Paul Will Standap

Performances of Will for many years occupy one of the central places in the Comedy Club show on TNT. He has vast experience in the genre of stand-up comedy, starting with the role of “glamorous scum”, defiantly communicating with the audience, ending with an exemplary family man.

Despite the fundamental difference in the images, the stand-up of Pavel Volya has always been relevant and interesting to the viewer, and jokes caused constant laughter. The main leitmotifs of his monologues are everyday life observations, family life, women, show business and politics. The artist successfully toured with concerts. And his solo show “Pavel Freedom's Big Stand-up” has already become a tradition.

Perhaps the world has lost a good teacher of literature, but it certainly has acquired an excellent comedian.

Stand Up on TNT

stand on tnt

TNT can be called the cradle of the stand on television. It is here that the programs devoted to this trend in humor are aired. The main one is Stand Up.

The show has been broadcast since September 2013 and already has crowds of fans not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. Comedians, famous for the broadcasting of this program, collect notices at their concerts, and videos on the Internet with their performances are gaining a huge number of views.

Ruslan White

Probably the most popular stand-up comedian in Russia. Born in Prague, he moved with his family to Voronezh when he was 15 years old. Here he began to practice humor, starting, like many humorists, from playing in the KVN student team. Later he joined the Comedy Club in Voronezh.

A further advancement in his career was participation in the TV projects “Laughter without Rules” and “Killing League”, where his stand-up performances were a great success. It is Ruslan Bely who is the founder, as well as the permanent presenter of the “Stand-Up” television show on TNT. The humor of this comedian is tough and uncompromising, his monologues are often a satire on people's behavior, as well as the political situation and important events in the world.

stand-up comediansJulia Akhmedova

Julia Akhmedova is also a representative of the Voronezh KVN school.Her television humorous career began with the captain's position on the 25th team, which became a member of the High League of this ageless show. But Julia received much popularity due to the transfer of Stand Up to TNT, where Ruslan Bely invited her.

The successful comedic image of a lonely "girl in 30" brought her great fame and the unofficial title of "the only comedian girl in the stand-up." Jokes describing the difficult female fate, won the love of the audience.

Now Julia Akhmedova is one of the most popular stand-upers on our scene.

Glory to Komissarenko

Belarusian Slava Komissarenko is the most charming participant of the project. Got fame while still very young. Recently she lives and works in Moscow. Dedicates his speeches to topics of relations between people, the love of a man and a woman, the life of a visitor to the capital.

Two-meter height combined with the disarming naivety of the image and a slight Belarusian accent give this comic a special charm. It’s not for nothing that Komissarenko’s numbers have been among the central ones in the “Stand-Up” show on TNT for many years.

Stas Starovoytov

standup release date

A native of Tomsk Oblast, for many years he was close to humor, participating in the organizational work of the local branch of the Comedy Club.As part of the comedy duo "Revolver" was a member of "Laughter without rules" on TNT. But to fully reveal his humorous talent he got through participation in the program Stand Up.

Close to everyone humor, based on the everyday problems of an ordinary person, made Stas Starovoitova one of the most beloved comedians in Russia. Issues of family life, revealed with particular frankness and directness, provide the artist's monologues with a constant audience interest.

Ivan Abramov

The most intelligent party show. After graduating from MGIMO, he linked his life with humor. The speeches of Ivan Abramov differ not only in the intellectual focus of themes, but also in the use of musical accompaniment in the numbers. The tool in his monologue is an equal participant in the issue. Masterfully weaving a synthesizer game into the narrative, the comedian manages to create unique performances that the listeners really like.

You can watch the performances of these and many other comedians every Sunday at 10:00 pm on TNT. The release date of the stand is announced on the official website of the project, as well as in thematic communities on social networks.

How to get to standup?

stand-up tickets

As we can see, this humorous genre is now very popular in Russia. Almost every city regularly hosts big concerts of stars of the television project, parties with local comedians, open microphone events. It is enough to look at the poster of your locality in order to find a suitable concert and purchase tickets for a stand-up.

Some events are absolutely free. Also, beginners comedians have the opportunity to speak to the audience, because at many such meetings, the organizers provide this opportunity.

It becomes clear why this type of comedy is very popular in the world. Stand-up is truly a folk genre, close and accessible to everyone. This is the ability to see our world without prejudice and still love it for who it is.

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