What is inventory? It is interesting

In home and work conversations, people habitually pronounce the word "inventory". This concept has long gone beyond the purely professional vocabulary of accountants and storekeepers. Sellers, athletes, gardeners, cleaners - this is just a short list of those who are faced with a variety of equipment in the nature of their activities. In everyday life, every person who has ever held a broom, shovel or shovel at least once in his life can say so.

In a broad sense, inventory is a set of items that have a specific purpose and, depending on this, are grouped into different types.


Maintaining order in the room, removing dirt from floors, windows, mirrors and furniture surfaces is a must in the life of a person. Cleanliness is essential for health. It helps to maintain a healthy working atmosphere and contributes to the creation of home comfort.

To restore order, special cleaning equipment is used. This includes:

  • devices for cleaning floors and windows (brooms, mops, brushes, dustpans, scrapers, sgony);
  • containers;
  • various auxiliary accessories and containers (bowls, sprayers);
  • special carts (with different number of buckets and spin).

inventory is

High-quality cleaning equipment should be durable and convenient. These parameters provide a long service life.


In proper form it is necessary to maintain not only the house or office, but also the body. The first assistant in this is sports equipment. It includes:

  • devices;
  • means (electronic and mechanical);
  • shells;
  • devices.

These items are united by their general purpose - they should be used in various sports or competitions.

Such equipment is considered a huge number of items and kits. Here are some of them:

  • bicycles;
  • rods;
  • trampolines;
  • volleyball nets;
  • basketball baskets;
  • surfboards;
  • diving equipment;
  • ski clothing;
  • golf kits;
  • hockey supplies.


However, people are not just sports. Floriculture and horticulture is interesting to many.Some do it for fun, for someone this occupation is a source of income.

It’s impossible to farm the land with your hands. Gardening equipment is the first thing you need to plant. Without it, care of crops and harvesting is impossible.

Garden equipment includes:

  • sap
  • wooden cuttings;
  • shovels;
  • boxes for plants;
  • rake;
  • forks;
  • loppers;
  • axes;
  • scissors for bushes.

cleaning inventory

All this is sold in specialized stores and on the Internet.


If the scale of cultivation of crops is quite voluminous, then garden tools can not do. In this case, the devices are bought more serious and more expensive.

Agricultural planting and harvesting equipment can be presented:

  • potato planters;
  • mechanical presses;
  • mini-combines;
  • instruments for tillage;
  • cultivators;
  • propolnikami;
  • hillers;
  • garden markers;
  • rippers;
  • intergrowers;
  • hand drills.

Sports Equipment

These devices help to process large areas of land quickly and efficiently. Thanks to them, plant care and harvesting are transformed into a pleasant experience.


There is a type of equipment that not only helps in carrying out some kind of activity, but may even save lives. It is used when there is a risk of fire. The obligatory presence of such items in certain premises is even regulated at the legislative level.

Fire equipment - a set of special tools that are placed on the stand. This includes:

  • fire extinguishers;
  • shovels;
  • axes;
  • crowbars;
  • buckets;
  • hooks.

equipment and inventory

Everything should be a bright red color so that the strong smoke in the room would not prevent to find the necessary.

In addition to the mandatory fire-fighting items, such inventory may have additional items. At the shipping stations it will be lifebuoys. At gas stations you need to have boxes filled with sand.


A separate group is inventory used in stores. It is called shopping. May be:

  • in a warehouse, in utility rooms (knives);
  • in the grocery (sovochki, trays);
  • in the room where non-food items are sold (spoons, mannequins).

Subjects can be used for different purposes. Therefore, equipment and inventory can be used:

  • for admission (scissors - opening packages, micrometers - sizing, samplers - checking the quality of food);
  • to prepare products for sale (axes - cutting meat, knives - cutting cheese);
  • to bring in a proper form of non-food items (irons - removing creases, brushes - removing dust);
  • for exhibition purposes (trempels);
  • in the calculations (calculators).

All these devices and accessories are used to facilitate the workflow and speed up customer service. In principle, any inventory is an assistant that makes this or that sphere of human life more convenient and comfortable.

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