What is dangerous cystitis in men?

According to medical data, cystitis in men is found several times less often than in women of the beautiful half of humanity. This disease is most often manifested after 40 years. The thing is that it was at this time that the first problems with the prostate gland begin to appear in the stronger sex. That is why experts strongly advise even with the appearance of the very first symptoms to seek help and qualified treatment.

cystitis in menCystitis in men. Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of this type of disease are often similar to acute prostatitis. The disease usually begins with acute pain in the lower abdomen, as well as with frequent (sometimes painful) urge to urinate. Due to the fact that the organism is a complete formation, when a single problem occurs, the state as a whole often worsens. So cystitis in men provokes a rise in temperature, there is malaise, lethargy.

Priority Causes

In medicine, cystitis is generally understood to mean inflammatory processes occurring in the walls of the bladder.So, doctors call the infection the main cause of this disease, and it can get into the body both from the outside (during various urological events) and from neighboring organ systems through the blood vessels.

cystitis prevention

Cystitis in men. Treatment

Many patients at the first stages try to independently administer therapy, however, as a rule, this attempt fails. The fact is that the most common medicines from the home first-aid kit often cannot cope with this problem. The second most common method is the use of folk therapy. Cystitis in men cannot be cured through its use; on the contrary, one can only smear the clinical picture, which subsequently makes it difficult to make a diagnosis. The only right decision in this case is to ask for help from a proven qualified specialist. He, in turn, must ascertain the primary causes of the occurrence of the disease and only in accordance with the obtained data prescribe therapy. Today, there are many drugs that can almost completely get rid of the problem in the shortest possible time.

Preventioncystitis in men symptomscystitis

In order for this ailment to never touch you, use the following prophylactic recommendations, which doctors most often say. So, first of all, in no case should you catch a cold. In winter, you need to wear warm clothes (if necessary, wear special thermal underwear). In addition, one should undergo a full course of tests approximately once a year in order to ascertain that there are no different kinds of infections in the body. These recommendations, which are simple at first glance, will help you not to meet face-to-face with such an unpleasant disease and maintain excellent well-being for many years. Be healthy!

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