What is bi orientation: types of sexual orientation

Sexuality of a person is determined by fivecomponents. One of them is sexual orientation. This component determines the relatively constant sexual, emotional and romantic attraction of one individual to other individuals of a particular sex. The heterosexual is attracted to the people of the opposite sex, the people of their sex are attracted to homosexuals. If we talk about what the bi orientation is, it is an attraction to people of both sexes.

What is bi-orientation

Today, there are several theories aboutthe one from where the people of the other orientation appeared, but none of them has scientific confirmation. There is an opinion that it is born in the womb of the mother and is determined by chromosomes. But, of course, not only the chromosomes play a role. Recently, unconventional sexual orientation - this is more a tribute to fashion.

Types of sexual orientation

Types of sexual orientation

Modern sexology identifies three types of sexual orientation:

  1. Heterosexual orientation is an attraction to individuals of the opposite sex.
  2. Homosexual orientation is attraction to individuals of their gender.
  3. Bisexual orientation is an attraction to people of both their own and the opposite sex and it does not need to happen at the same time and equally.

Sexual orientation and sexual behavior

Sexual behavior is different from the orientationthe fact that it means human behavior, its actions, and not emotions and feelings. In real human behavior, its true orientation may not manifest itself. What is the orientation of bi, for example? This attraction to people of both sexes, but at the same time the person has self-determined and lives as a heterosexual.

unconventional sexual orientation

Sexual orientation of a person isa relatively new concept in modern sexology. Now this concept is regarded as an integral characteristic of the individual. It is worth noting that such sexual deviations as necrophilia, pedophilia or zoophilia are not considered as types of sexual orientation. But nevertheless, before the concept of sexual orientation was introduced and its kinds such as homo / bi and heterosexuality were identified, what is bi or homo orientation, sexologists were considered from the point of view of deviations in the sexual orientation of the individual.

Homosexuality and bisexuality in men

Some men of homosexual orientationconsider themselves bisexual and can have an active sex life with both men and women. Scientists believe that in such a case such people have sexual relations with women without experiencing attraction. That is, for example, they share life with women more comfortably, and they get sexual satisfaction with men. It is also worth remembering the fact that society still condemns homosexuals, and boys, who are attracted to individuals of their gender, have to hide their orientation.

orientation of a man

Many homosexuals hide their experiences intheir own subconscious and never so socialize as gays. They marry and lead the way of life of the heterosexual majority. The orientation of the man in this case does not correspond to his essence. Although there are cases when "repressed" sooner or later breaks out and a man becomes gay after a long and outwardly prosperous family life.

Cases where active gays suddenly becomeheterosexuals, are also found, but very rarely, and, as a rule, the reason for this is not sexuality, but a strong desire to have a child or formalize a marriage by calculation. That is, you can define what orientation of bi is, in fact, unformed homosexuality. In this case, the person either denies his true orientation or tries to overcome his own self.

Sexual orientation in modern sexology

Sexologists define sexual orientation asthe combination of such components as sexual attraction, sexual identity and sexual behavior. Basically, all these components in a person coincide in the vector, because the orientation still depends on the drive, which is an innate property of the individual. But there is also a discrepancy between the individual components of the orientation, since behavior and self-identification are influenced in one way or another by the environment in which a person is brought up. Apparently, in bisexuals these components do not coincide.

Other components of sexuality

On the sexuality of man except attraction is affectedgenetics, hormones and other factors, its psychological belonging to a particular sex, which may not coincide with its biological sex. It also matters how an individual identifies himself. Human behavior also plays a role in society, its conformity to stereotypes and cultural norms attributing a specific "purely male" or "especially feminine" behavior.

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