What is better - shugaring or waxing hair removal? Shugaring in the salon. Wax strips

At all times, women have tried to make their ownappearance perfect. Therefore, the fair sex began to worry about vegetation on the legs, hands and in the intimate area. Demand generates supply. Ancient masters came up with a way to get rid of unwanted hair. So there was a procedure remotely resembling modern epilation. Over time, the funds used were perfected by masters. Now hair removal is done by two main methods. But what is better - shugaring or waxing hair removal? It is worth considering the features of the procedures in more detail.


shugaring legs

Shugaring is a method of getting rid of junkvegetation on the body, came to us from the east. Local women have a rigid structure of hair, so not all methods of epilation give the desired result. That is why a new method of combating undesirable vegetation was invented, based on the use of absolutely conventional improvised means. The procedure is carried out with a thick sugar caramel. A certain temperature syrup is first applied to the skin area, and after hardening it is torn off, removing the hair.

In practice, shugaring legs has similarities withthe method of wax epilation, but it provides a more lasting result, and also guarantees the absence of such unpleasant moments as ingrown hair and the like. Looking at a number of advantages that this method of combating vegetation on the body possesses, those who tried it on their own experience do not raise the question of what is better - shugaring or waxing.

shugaring in the salon

The beauty industry quickly adopted the experience of the Easternbeauties. Therefore, now, according to their method, the majority hold a shugaring in the salon. However, there is nothing complicated in this procedure, especially since no special tools or instruments are needed for its implementation. All that is needed, as a rule, is at hand. So, it remains only to learn in more detail how to do shugaring at home.

Doing at home

To prepare a mixture for epilation, you needmeasure 1 kilogram of sugar, lemon juice in the amount of 7 tablespoons and about the same amount of water. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed in a container, which should be put on a strong fire for a couple of minutes. The main condition is not to allow the sugar to burn. Then it is necessary to leave the container under the lid on a small fire for another 10 minutes. Sugar should melt, it should be re-mixed.

how to do shugaring at home

Then the container, covered with a lid, is again neededput for 10 minutes on fire. When the sugar syrup begins to boil and acquire a golden hue, it should be mixed again and let it rain for about 5 minutes. In this case, the container no longer needs to be covered.

After this, the hot mixture must be poured intoplastic dishes. In general, the entire cooking process takes about 45 minutes. The container in which the syrup was cooked, it is necessary to immediately fill with hot water, only after a time the sugar residues will dissolve, after which the dishes can be washed. Let the mixture cool for 3 hours. During the preparation, care should be taken. After mixing the syrup, never touch his remains on the spoon. The fact is that the mass remains very hot even after a long time. Especially carefully, you should make the mixing itself, since drops of hot syrup can cause severe burns.

Step-by-step instruction

So, how to do shugaring at home? Now tell. After a few hours, the mixture will cool and slightly thicken. Of the total mass, you need to allocate a small amount in the form of a ball and carefully stretch it in your hand. Now it can be applied to the skin area in the direction against the growth of the hairs. After this, you need to wait for the fragment to harden. Further sharp jerk it is necessary to remove it against a direction of growth. For the convenience of the process, fabric strips can be used that are easily cut from any thin non-elastic material. It happens that while epilation is being done, the remaining volume of the mixture has time to thicken. It can be put on a water bath and melt a little. If you separate the necessary amount of the mixture, then it is convenient to immediately put it on a warm base, then it will not have time to thicken.

that it is better to do shugaring or waxing

Shugaring legs is best done when the lengthhairs will reach 3-4 mm. Short will be much harder to grasp. Longer ones can be removed partially. The procedure of shugaring in comparison with wax epilation is painless. When tearing the frozen mass, only a certain discomfort is felt, but this is quite tolerable. Beginners should first do the procedure on their feet. When you feel confident, and all the nuances come to light, you can go to the underarm and bikini area. In general, before embedding in the topic, it is better to do a trial shugaring in the cabin. Of course, it will not be possible to understand special intricacies, but it is quite possible to familiarize yourself with the process. There is one significant difference. Shugaring in the salon is done in a similar way, but with a ready-made paste consisting of glucose and fructose. It excludes the possibility of skipping or breaking off of individual hairs, since it penetrates into the pore at different depths. Ready-made pastes exist quite a lot. Each master chooses a suitable option.

Wax strips

shugaring or waxing

To say what is better - shugaring or waxepilation is really difficult. Many factors are taken into account here - both the threshold of sensitivity of an individual, and the degree of hardness of the hair, and much more. Having considered the advantages of the slugging process, you might want to make a choice in his favor. However, we should not rush to conclusions. Now on the shelves of shops in a wide range of wax strips are presented. The price for them is very affordable. So, Avon Skin products will cost 189 rubles (10 strips + 2 cleansing napkins). Strips of the company Shary will cost 250 rubles (12 strips + 2 cleansing napkins). And for depilation of a zone of bikini Floresan Deep Depil with azulenom will manage in 160 rubles (20 pieces).

In general, there is a mass of producers. Even unknown firms make wax strips. The price of their products is negligible, but the result of use may not be particularly encouraging.

For owners of hard and thick hair isthe remedy is not at all suitable. All methods of epilation are built on one principle. Wax or paste in warmed-up form is applied to the skin area, upon hardening the layer grasps the hairs, then it is sharply torn, pulling them, as a rule, with the root. The results of wax epilation and shugaring differ. The difference lies in the density of the material used. So what is better - shugaring or waxing hair removal? Hard to answer. After all, in both processes there are a lot of nuances.


salon of wax epilation

The downside of wax is that after the procedurethere is redness of the skin. That is, this method, even with all the precautionary measures, is still more traumatic. It is for this reason that this method is famous for its painfulness. But, like everything else, there are advantages. Wax relieves unwanted vegetation for a longer period - up to several weeks. Over time, the hair becomes more thin and sparse.

Epilation in the salon

The salon of wax epilation offers severaltypes of procedures. All of them differ in different fields of application, degree of soreness and other properties. For example, epilation with solid wax well opens the pores, which contributes to the quality removal of hair. Due to this, the procedure brings less painful sensations. This method is most often done by removing unwanted vegetation in the bikini zone or in case of thin and sensitive skin.

wax strips

With a soft warm wax

Epilation is also done with a soft warmwax, on top of which strips are applied. Then they are ripped off, which is a very painful process. Thus, it is optimal to remove hair on the legs or hands. The professional procedure begins with preparation - the surface treatment of the skin with fruit acid or a special tonic. This helps to eliminate dirt, dead skin areas.shugaring or waxingHair length should be at least 0.5centimeter. Then the wizard uses a wooden spatula to apply heated wax to the skin in the direction of growth. Under the influence of temperature, the pores expand. Wax comes to the bulbs. Then the layer is sharply removed, and the remnants of the master are removed using lotion. After that, the cream is applied to the treated area to slow down hair growth.


Which is better - shugaring or wax epilation,each woman decides for herself individually, according to her feelings and results. Another factor that helps determine the choice is, of course, the cost of the procedure. Some are ardent fans of shugaring, others - wax epilation.

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