What is agility: the main species and its development

Dexterity, speed, power ... Probably, these three qualities are most valued in physical culture. Most people agree that dexterity, unlike other properties, is a congenital factor, which is either there or not. This is partly true, but this skill can be improved with the right approach to training. In this article we will discuss exactly this. What is agility? How to develop it? What exercises will be most effective to achieve the goal? You will find the answers to these questions below.


To get started is to determine the term. Dexterity is the ability of a person to perform complex movements. In the old days, hunters and fishermen were considered deft who could bring home a lot of caught prey. The essence of the concept was reduced to the accuracy of movements, their coordination and speed of execution. It is worth noting that to this day these factors are decisive when it comes to the concept under consideration.

what is agility

People try to improve their skill in physical training.Before performing the exercises, it is recommended to undergo a full medical examination and make sure that you are healthy. What is agility? This concept can be described as a rapid change in body position without a loss of coordination. To determine the level of skill, try to run the shuttle run. The result will speak for itself, and so you can determine the level of physical fitness.

To be clever is a difficult task, and not everyone can boast of such quality. Changing the speed of movement involves the involvement of all muscle groups. There are separate exercises for training basic groups that need to be used to improve the skill.

Signs of agility

It must be said that in different books a different number of agility criteria is highlighted. In this case, we consider only the main ones:

  1. Difficulty of movement. This factor depends on the level of physical fitness of the person and the work of his muscles. The best people to do gymnastics, athletics or combat sports. One of the most difficult elements is a flip.Gymnasts do this exercise with ease, which means that other movements will not seem to them to be very difficult.
  2. Correct execution Quality agility cannot be developed without precision. Both coordination and balance without the main element are lost. Here the vestibular apparatus and the central nervous system of a person are of great importance, and they can give out correct and precise reflexes with proper training.
  3. Change in body position. Probably the most important criterion of all of the above. What is agility? According to one version, this is the rate of change in body position. Reasoning logically, we can conclude that the faster a person can change his body position in space, the more advanced his skill is.

What does agility depend on?

As already noted, the dexterity is partly given from birth, but it is quite realistic to develop this quality in the process of training. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to quickly assess the situation at any time, understand your capabilities and use them one hundred percent. Dexterity, flexibility, strength are integral parts of a person’s physical form.To feel confident, you should conduct the right effective training to improve their qualities.

agility exercises

As for dexterity, it is impossible not to recall the volitional factor. The ability to deal with difficult situations plays a very significant role. But the most important is the ability to move the body in space with maximum speed. It is this factor that largely determines agility.

Equilibrium value

The concept we are considering is quite multifaceted, and the ability to maintain the balance of your body with a limited support is worth a lot. Maintaining a stable position in different situations is quite difficult, and this moment also needs to be trained. Exercises for agility include a number of exercises, which together give the desired result. It is important to consider equilibrium as a motor quality that needs to be developed. This is especially necessary for representatives of such professions as a specialist in tourism or steeplejack.

The ability to maintain a stable body position both in dynamics and in statics determines agility. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to train the vestibular apparatus.After all, after a quick change in body position, an unprepared person may not feel well. In order to avoid such situations one should develop the skill of balance and dexterity in general.

Skill classification Overall

Dexterity has two varieties: general and special. Without the first component it is impossible to purchase the second. The common is the base, the basis for the further development of the special skill. Flexibility, dexterity of a general nature are achieved by performing physical exercises. The main focus is recommended to improve the strength, power and speed.

development agility

When a beginner athlete reaches the first success, it becomes much easier for him to acquire a special skill. Here we are talking about a specific branch of world sport. If a person is engaged in mixed martial arts, he should focus on some exercises. In the case of enthusiasm for athletics should conduct other activities. A narrower specialization allows you to achieve the most effective results in a particular field.


Having received basic knowledge in the field of dexterity of movements, you can begin to conquer new heights.To get started is to choose a sport in which you want to develop. In any case, training will be easier, since you are already physically prepared. New exercises will be learned at once, and the result will not be long in coming.

In turn, a special kind of dexterity is divided into two subtypes: acrobatic and hopping. The first option is more suitable for gymnasts, as it improves the skill when making technically complex techniques. Also an acrobatic type is aimed at improving protection in strength sports.

quality agility

Hopping agility is characterized by the use of common basic skills during the state of weightlessness. It is worth noting that it is recommended to develop not only physical skills, but logic, calm, attention. In addition, it is necessary to quickly acquire information.

Development agility

There are plenty of examples of the fact that eminent athletes who have repeatedly become world champions do not have a sufficiently developed skill of dexterity. This is due to the fact that this skill is very difficult to improve. In order to maximize the progress in the development of agility, it is necessary to perform complex exercises for several years.

If you are a beginner, you should not hang your nose at first failures.Everyone has misses, but you need to come back even stronger and more motivated. Problems with the development of this skill exist among prominent athletes, so there is no need for a beginner to worry. On specific exercises that will help achieve the desired result, we will discuss below.

Dexterity Sports

There are quite a few sports that improve agility. These include figure skating, and trampoline jumping, and athletics, and all sorts of game types. All of them are considered coordinated. This means that a person gains the skill of quickly changing the position of the body in space. This factor is fundamental in physical dexterity.

agility flexibility

Performing stunts on the bar, jumping through a springboard can only be done by those athletes who in the minimum amount of time can change their body position. Before you go in for sports, it is recommended that you check with your doctor. If a specialist did not allow you to study, you should not act willfully in order to avoid injuries.

Dexterity is directly related to flexibility. This skill is well developed when playing tennis, athletics, swimming, etc. Also, in almost every sport there are positions that are held by the most flexible people.The simplest example: in football, this role belongs to the goalkeeper, because in order not to miss a goal, he needs to stretch himself and quickly rebuild.

Exercises for agility. General form

In this material, we distinguish between training for the development of general and special skills. Logically, let's start with the first option:

  • try to perform a back roll, bending your elbows;
  • Berpie - a great exercise from the sphere of crossfit, which develops not only agility, but also endurance;
  • front somersault with lunges on the arms, bent at the elbows;
  • performance of somersaults in different directions;
  • headstand while trying to control reflexes and coordination as much as possible;
  • a handstand will give a very good effect in terms of developing coordination;
  • From all sorts of props it is best to stay on the trampoline, you should make jumps with turns, land on the back whenever possible and make sharp explosions.

How to develop a special dexterity?

After mastering the basics of this skill is to move on to more specialized exercises. They are even more effective, but in the process of implementation, certain difficulties may arise.

agility flexibility strength

It is recommended to perform the following workouts:

  • all you need is a ball. Leave on the football field and start dribbling, every 10 m make a leap up, and continue until you get tired;
  • throw the ball against the wall and try to catch it in your hands, constantly changing your body position;
  • on the basketball court, drive the ball from the center to the penalty line, then a sharp tumble, and then toss around the ring;
  • if possible, use the run with obstacles; to complicate the task, you can kick the ball;
  • while walking, jump on the rope, while trying to dribble the ball.

The above exercises will be effective for team sports, including basketball and football. In order to develop in other areas, it is necessary to select individual exercises that will be most effective in a particular situation.

Instead of conclusion

What is agility? There are quite a few definitions of this term. The main thing that needs to be understood is that a clever athlete will have an advantage over his competitors and rivals. Coordination of movements, accuracy, balance, the ability to quickly move your body in space - all this builds agility.

physical agility

To get the result, you need to constantly work.Only perseverance and desire can develop this skill. Improvement comes at the expense of training, which should be regularly performed over several years. It is recommended to hone this skill since childhood, then in adulthood it will be much easier. Children learn and perceive information much faster. Therefore, it is possible through the outdoor games to instill in the child a love for the sport and to train with it.

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