What is a tooth granuloma?

A tooth granuloma is a very common purulent disease, localized in the apex of the tooth root. The granuloma itself is defined as a relatively small purulent sac that is soldered to the top of the tooth root. Experts identify several primary reasons for the emergence of this pathology, among which are various kinds of inflammatory processes in tissues, periodontal infection. Most often, the tooth granuloma is relatively asymptomatic, while the gums may not change their appearance at all, that is, remain healthy.

tooth granulomaClassification

Specialists at the moment such a disease as a tooth granuloma, conditionally divided into two types. The simple form differs in the initial stage of the disease, is asymptomatic, it can self-absorb. As for the complex form, it is an advanced stage of the disease. In this case, the gum tissues germinate directly into the granuloma cells, which subsequently often leads to the appearance of a cyst.

Granuloma tooth. Causes

The reasons for this pathology, dentists call the following phenomena:

  1. Various kinds of jaw injuries. Experts note that even the smallest mechanical damage can ultimately lead to a displacement of the tooth root, which means that dangerous bacteria will still penetrate into the tissue.
  2. Pulpitis.
  3. Periodontitis (inflammatory processes in soft tissues).

tooth granuloma symptomsGranuloma tooth. Symptoms

As noted above, most often this disease occurs without any obvious external signs. However, some patients begin to complain of severe pain, which often gives in the neck. Directly the tooth itself can change its color (become darker). The gums swell gradually, reddens.

Granuloma tooth. Treatment

No wonder experts strongly recommend visiting a dentist at least twice a year. This disease can be identified by a qualified doctor in the early stages and thereby prevent the occurrence of complications. Thus, the mild form is treated with medicines. A more complex and advanced form requires, as a rule, surgery. In this case, most of the root or entire tooth is removed.

tooth granuloma treatmentPossible consequences

In the absence of timely treatment, the granuloma literally develops into a cyst. An increase in the infected area occurs, and the sac itself is filled with dead cells. Such a development is primarily dangerous in that as the cyst increases, bone replacement is observed. Due to the fact that the granuloma is an infection, therefore, other organs are beginning to fight with it. Very often, flux occurs, which subsequently leads to the release of a large amount of pus through the gums. In some cases, so-called phlegmon is also diagnosed, that is, the localization and further spread of purulent substances under the muscles of the face and neck. Thus, it becomes clear that in no way should this disease be triggered.

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