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what is corporate

What is the word for age less than thirty years? Nonsense. The noun appeared in the west in the 80s of the last century. Naturally, it came to us later, when socialism collapsed safely, and our reality began to commercialize rapidly.

At first, all this was almost tragic, since the change of economies could not take place painlessly, but now we can hardly imagine the reality without various foreign brands. Also, office work is no longer perceived as a strictly American cliché, we are also full of people who spend eight hours in front of the monitor sitting in an office. And if there is a certain association, then there should be norms and rules to which this organization submits. The phrases “corporate spirit” and “corporate ethics” are not devoid of meaning, although, perhaps, everyone is already pretty tired. At the same time corporate is not something boring and tedious.


corporate meaning of the word

Naturally, the definition is not found in the usual explanatory dictionary, because the word is rather fresh. But for us, nothing is impossible. The answer to the question of what is corporate, follows. So called collective holiday, which is held in honor of some date or event. Usually the event involves people working in the same company or office, but variations are possible here: there are corporate or industry-specific corporate parties. Of course, this is a completely different scope.

Simply put, what is a corporate? This is a holiday organized by the company for all employees, from the director to the beginners who are undergoing internships. In other words: “Everybody dance!”


how to spell the word corporate

Immediately after the meaning, it is interesting to learn how to replace the object of study. This will not only allow the reader to expand the vocabulary, but also to penetrate deeper into the essence of the phenomenon that we are analyzing. So, the list:

  • a party;
  • celebration;
  • partying;
  • booze;
  • banquet;
  • buffet table

The reader may think that we have in vain included in the list of unpleasant synonyms of the word "corporate", such as "booze" and "party". But here I recall the phraseologism "Plato is my friend, but the truth is more precious."Because of false modesty, it is impossible to ignore the definitions that reveal the very essence of such parties. But we will talk about this below. Of course, a true understanding of what a corporate party will come only when we consider all aspects of the phenomenon.


how to write the word corporate

There are two main types of corporate parties - external and internal. The first are needed in order to show the company face. In such meetings, everything should be decent, because they were created to create a positive image of the company, attract new customers and celebrate official achievements, for example, opening a new branch.

Internal are arranged by the company in order to increase team cohesion and strengthen the corporate spirit, and this is not a joke. Not only in Russia, but also, for example, in England, alcohol serves as a catalyst for communication. When people drink a little, they become more contact than usual, and, anyway, the employees know each other better. All of us should relax from time to time. But it is worth remembering that corporate holidays are not private parties, so you need to keep yourself within the bounds of decency.But more often the fun still gets out of control.

What is corporate and when it is held? The answer to the first question has already been received, and as for the reason for the device, there are two predictable reasons: either public holidays (March 8, February 23, New Year), or personally important dates in the life of the company.

"Corporation" as a test word

spelling of the word corporate

When we have considered the essence of the definition, we can turn to its spelling. The topic is also relevant because even the all-powerful “Word” will not help a person, because he does not know this word, but there is a way out.

The word placed in the subtitle will help a person not to be mistaken. In addition, if the reader uses perhaps the most popular text editor, then let him know that for the "Word" there are single-root adjectives.

As an additional insurance, we recommend remembering the spelling of the Latin version of the corporation - corporatio, that is, "association", "community".

We hope all this information will answer the question of how the word "corporate" is spelled correctly.

The benefits and harms of joint holidays with colleagues

synonym for corporate

As mentioned above, spending time together is a great way to get closer to those with whom a person works.How much time will it take to meet everyone in the office? And corporate parties perform the function of a huge boiler, in which the unbreakable spirit of the company melts at high temperatures. In this case, ethics serves as a skeleton, and employees - its flesh.

But in the gap between people there is a dark side. Some people, having looked through, discover the unsightly features of their personality and show them to the world without any restraint, and since the controlling function of consciousness has temporarily faded away, then no one and nothing can stop the rampant outrage. But the conditional harm from collective holidays can be turned to your advantage and you can collect dirt on your colleagues, perhaps in the future it may be useful. Of course, we do not urge someone to blackmail, such information, rather, gives a clearer understanding of who the person works with.

In any case, it is not necessary to wash dirty linen in public. Only the question of how to write the word "corporate", should be made public, and let other secrets remain inside the organization, both good and bad.

Should I visit?

The answer is unequivocal and affirmative. Especially, if a person came to work in an office recently.This is a great way to immediately plunge into an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, or, conversely, cold and indifference. Although you should not be afraid, for the dynamics of the holiday suggests that any cold and indifference can be successfully overcome in the end. Of course, a lot depends on how quickly the gathered people increase the fun. In addition, if you remain sober, you can see colleagues without embellishment.

If a person misses such events, he risks not finding understanding among the team. After all, the one who breaks away from the group, secretly believes that he is better than her. And no community can bear this. It's one thing when people occupy certain positions in a fair or unfair fight, and another is an open disregard for a formally informal holiday. The white crows often survive from the collective just because they are different from the others. Maybe it is irrational, but history knows examples, like any other person. After all, chemistry between people is just as important as the qualification of an employee. It is not so difficult to understand the meaning of the word "corporate", as then force yourself to go for it. But practice shows that such steps are necessary if you want to become “your boyfriend.”True, layoffs happen anyway. But let's not talk about the sad, because soon the holiday.

We considered the meaning and spelling of the word "corporate". The question on this is settled.

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