What is a cavity?

Dictionaries define the cavity as a reservoir, emptiness,space, container for something. But for a detailed definition of the meaning of the word, we conditionally divide its scope of use. The word "cavity" is used in animate and inanimate nature.

Let's talk more about each variant of the meaning.

Cavity in the body

The word "cavity" is often used when speechis about the body of man or animal. For example: oral, gastric and intestinal cavities. More details about the oral cavity can be found in our article What is the mouth and mouth proper, and more about the abdominal cavity is described in the article What is the abdominal cavity.

In the nervous system distinguish craniocerebralcavity of the spinal cord. And in the musculoskeletal system, each human bone has an innumerable number of cavities to provide strength. As you can see, cavities in the human body are needed to accommodate these or other organs.

Cavity in the environment

In the environment we will find a multitude of cavitiesas a natural education, and made by the hands of man. For example, the cavity of the combustion chamber of the engine reverses the combustion energy of the fuel mixture into a reciprocating rotation of the engine's crankshaft, which causes the wheels of the car to spin.

An example of a cavity in living nature can serve as a cavity of the trunk channel of the bamboo stem, along which this amazing plant absorbs moisture from the soil.

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