What does the sign of "Mercedes"? History of creation

Mercedes-Benz is today one of the largest and best automakers in the world. Luxury cars with a three-beam star glittering on the hood attract everyone’s attention, even if they don’t understand cars. But now I would like to tell you not about the powerful technical characteristics of the models produced by the concern, but about what the sign of “Mercedes” means.

Mercedes sign

Look into the past

The history of the emblem began in the distant 1880, and in a very interesting way. Gottlieb Daimler, the creator of the concern, made a graffiti on the wall of his house. He portrayed that same three-pointed star. And then I signed it with an interesting phrase. Translated into Russian, it sounds like this: "The star will rise above this place and, I hope, bless all of us and our children."

This is how the sign of “Mercedes” was born. True, as a logo it was approved only in 1909. Only then was the concern still known as Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft.

Element reference

In the famous star Gottlieb Daimler put not only moral meaning.The sign of "Mercedes", the photo of which is provided above, has a logical meaning.

The fact is that the concern DMG produced not only cars. He was also engaged in the manufacture of ship and aircraft engines. So each ray in the symbol personifies the element in which the DMG itself manifested itself: land, air and water.

Interestingly, in the year of official registration of the logo as a TM, two stars were registered simultaneously. They differed in the number of rays. One had three, according to the canon, and the other had four. Perhaps the second version was registered as a fallback. But, as is well known, the “classic” logo model has got accustomed perfectly. Moreover, now it will be very difficult to imagine one of the “Mercedes” with a four-beam star.

Mercedes sign photo

Brand merger

As you know, the concern Mercedes-Benz, known in its present form, was formed as a result of the combined efforts of two once-competing automotive companies. One of them was owned by Karl Benz, and the other by Gottlieb Daimler. For some time they competed, but in 1926 they merged, and this was perhaps the best mutual decision in their lives.

Naturally, the question arose regarding what will be the new sign of "Mercedes". It was decided to compromise and combine the symbols of both companies. The trade symbol of Karl Benz was originally a steering wheel, which he replaced in 1909 with a laurel wreath.

In the end, it was decided to inscribe a three-pointed star in it. The new sign of "Mercedes" has become very harmonious and original. The photo provided above allows you to verify this. This design solution is so successful that even now on many models you can see a version of the emblem with a wreath. The most interesting thing is the star, “standing” on a small round platform, on which you can see the Mercedes-Benz signature inscription in a laurel wreath. Although the most modern models found another option, without a towering star. It is increasingly placed in the middle of the grille.

By the way, the wreath, which is a symbol of winning cars at the races, was removed only to make it easier to use the logo in advertising. It is well known to everyone that the smaller the elements in an emblem, the better it is remembered, since there is nothing superfluous that provokes an additional visual load.

In 1937, the Mercedes-Benz sign was transformed into its final version - the star was enclosed in a circle.After that, no re-branding was done anymore.

Mercedes sign on the hood

Another version of the origin of the symbol

The sign of the car "Mercedes" seems quite familiar, but in fact it is shrouded in the most true legends. There is a very romantic version telling how this emblem supposedly appeared.

It is believed that the three-beam star is actually a female figure inscribed in a circle. If you turn on the imagination, you can imagine a girl with her legs wide apart and her arms held high above her head. There is a reference to the ancient times when a female figure was cut out on the noses of ships. She was later considered the idol of the ship. Similarly, on a Mercedes, in the stream of fast wind, a beautiful goddess swims in the stern of a land ship that protects the hosts from external road adversities and does not allow them to get lost in the stone jungle.

sign of Mercedes which means

The dispute is born ... emblem

It is worth noting another version, according to which the sign appeared "Mercedes". This is also a kind of legend.

It is said that due to the future of the logo, the company's founders (Gottlieb Daimler, Emil Ellinek and Wilhelm Maybach) argued and swore for a very long time.This can be understood, because everyone wanted to see the reflection of his ideas in the emblem of the concern. "Modest" Gottlieb Daimler, for example, proposed to make his own portrait as a logo.

Maybach insisted that the emblem be an orange. And according to the legend, he didn’t even justify his proposal. Unlike Ellinek, who insisted: “Mercedes is the elephant of the automotive industry!” It is not difficult to guess which animal he wanted to see as a logo. But Gottlieb and Wilhelm did not even want to listen to Emil. Their indignation could be understood, because the company itself was already named after the daughter of Ellinek. Naturally, they didn’t want the Mercedes car sign to be created by Emile.

And at one point the dispute reached its climax. The men grabbed their canes and crossed them, intending to notably fight. It was at that second that Emil's daughter ran into the room, hearing all the squabbles through the wall. She was hurt to hear how three geniuses swear because of a problem that can be solved by a logical approach. The girl fell on her knees, let out a tear and, wringing her hands, shouted: “Please do not quarrel! After all, the fate of the company is in your hands! ”

This could not touch the men. They turned their eyes on their "tools" to lower them, and suddenly a flash of insight descended upon them. In crossed canes, they saw the future logo. The decision was taken instantly, and the conflict was exhausted.

 sign Mercedes Benz

Trademark Price

It was a lot of interesting talk about the sign of "Mercedes". What this emblem means is clear. Now it is worth mentioning another, no less interesting topic. And it concerns the cost of the logo.

It is very expensive. According to data for 2005, in the ranking of the cost of brands, Mercedes-Benz is on the 11th place in the world. And the price of the rights to the logo is more than 16,605 billion euros. The same fact makes the concern the most expensive German brand.

It is worth noting the results of a number of sociological studies, the subject of which was the concern's logo. Hundreds of people were asked the same question - what associations does the Mercedes-Benz emblem cause for them? Most often such answers were met: elite segment, high cost, German quality, reliability, prestige, confidence, stability, safety, technical excellence, conservatism.

Mercedes car sign

Good luck

The sign of "Mercedes" on the hood looks beautiful, and many agree with this. But some people love this logo too much.The former president of Ukraine, for example, once ordered a noble coat of arms for himself. The images are quite complex, but of those elements that first strike the eye, we can note a rose (a symbol of Donbass), a palm branch (the personification of victory) and ... a “mersesesovskiy” emblem. It is difficult to give a logical explanation for its presence in this context. Perhaps the owner of this masterpiece thus decided to attract the blessing of a star of captivating happiness, or to embody success and wealth in this world.

Mercedes car sign

Attitude to the emblem

True, some believe that the logo of the Mercedes symbolizes evil and evil spirits. Semiotics (specialists in signs) assure that a three-beam swastika is veiled in this emblem, the ends of which simply “bent” and formed a circle.

And in some cultures, such a star personifies the desire for spirituality. But the fact that it is outlined by a circle is very bad. He stops the desire to be spiritually enlightened and leads to acquisitiveness.

However, all this is only opinions, versions and guesses. In fact, the three-beam star is simply an expensive and recognizable trademark belonging to one of the best automotive concerns in the world.

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