What does a bonfire mean in a dream? Dream interpretation!

The many-faced fire has many interpretations. Carefully recalling the events taking place in life, and the picture of the vision, you can recreate the chain of future events and influence the result. The color of the fire and the actions of people and creatures around it are important. Even the day of the week in which there was a vision can change its meaning.

We look through the dream book: a fire to kindle which means?

Such a vision can have many differentinterpretations. For example, a pleasant future promises that you are lighting a fire. The dream book on this occasion says the following: a passionate relationship awaits the person just around the corner.

bonfire dream

Astrologers advise to sleep under a red blanket,to accelerate the development of events. But Miller's dream interpretation of a bonfire treats as inciting hatred. It is worth trying on on a particular situation, in order to read it correctly.


To extinguish a fire means the loss of loved ones on whose shoulders one could lean at a difficult moment.

The flames in the apartment will burn all the trouble. Relations with relatives will be adjusted, and the near future will bring long-awaited calm.

A bonfire on the bank of the river warns of a possiblefire in your own house, in the forest - prepare for a hike or at least a picnic. Or maybe it's a reminder of a problem that must be solved urgently, until a forest fire broke out.

What is the decomposed bonfire? A dream interpreter interprets such a vision as a quick retribution for a committed ill-considered act. But if you burn the garbage near the porch, you can soon hear pleasant news or make amazing discoveries.

Did not you manage to make a fire? Sonnyk says that the plan will not come true. And maybe you should not do this. Raw branches must be dried before the fire flares. So it's better to wait until the circumstances develop in the best way.

dream dream bonfire

What does a fire mean in the distance? A dream interpreter interprets such a vision as new goals, new plans.

Color of flame

Blue flames flared - you need to pay attentionon the psychological state. The headaches that worry are of a nervous nature. It's time to rest and calm down. If there is no opportunity to go on vacation, then at least spend the weekend in nature. You look, you can calm down and collect your thoughts. And there it is possible and with new forces to get down to business.

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The hue from yellow to bright red screams thatFor a long time to the doctor it is time. All the cases will wait, and it will not bring joy at work, like a moth on fire. All problems - aside, urgently to be engaged in health!

Company by the fire. What does vision mean?

  1. To see different people is to disagreements. Unremitting exhausting arguments at work and at home will not satisfy you or others. Is the position so important? Is not peace of mind and peace in the family any concessions? A step taken in time can help to go peacefully.
  2. Strange company of incomprehensible creatures canmean that someone is trying to sow discord. It will be difficult to recognize the troublemaker. Perhaps the best friend has become enraged or a colleague wants to take your place and prepares the soil, watering your reputation with dirt. Exposure can bring pain, but will prevent bad consequences.
  3. Are they on fire? This is a good omen. In the real world, all troubles will be burned, and the soul will be cleansed of anger and envy. You can start a new path with bright goals and desires.
  4. Sitting by the fire with your beloved means a new turnrelations. The flame flares up and the blazing light grabs you - a hidden passion will break out. Careful, as if not to burn in this flame! If the fire warms with mild warmth, then one can hope for spiritual intimacy and understanding.
  5. Away from the light of the fire, obscure shadows appeared? Doubts gnaw at the soul. We should already decide on something, and not be afraid of our own fears.
  6. Witches race around the fire. Oh, and swirled passion! Where there's a vice, there you are. How to regret it was not necessary about the deed. The sun will rise - and the witches will scatter. And with whom have to stay? The wrong road is chosen. Hope is not on those people. It's time to look back. See who is undeservedly forgotten. Maybe parents miss a prodigal child or children want attention.

Dreams by the days of the week

From Sunday to Monday, a dream is not a prophetic one. It concerns today's events that need to be resolved.

Monday Tuesday.Something in the near future is a threat.

Tuesday Wednesday.The events concern relatives and relatives.

dream book

Wednesday Thursday.Career, work, business.

Thursday Friday.Very important tips, often affecting events. It is better not to share with anyone what you saw.

Friday Saturday.Can drastically change a lifetime. It is desirable to carefully analyze what you see. Perhaps, it is not too late to direct the events in a good way.

Saturday Sunday.Sleep gives clues that help to make the right choice.


Now there is no need to read the dream book. A bonfire is dreaming? This vision can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the situation, the day of the week.

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