What do you need for happiness?

Happiness ... The meaning of this word is so ambiguous and somany-sided, as well as the meaning of the word "love". From time immemorial people try to understand what is needed for happiness, how to find happiness and not lose it. The answers to these questions are very difficult. Ask different people about what a person needs for happiness, and everyone will answer in their own way.

The subjective meaning of happiness

And why do people define happiness in different ways? To understand why this happens, it is enough to reflect on what people live among us. For example, in an apartment on the third floor a lonely grandmother lives; neighbor - a large mother who works a lot; Dad has long been saving up for a foreign car; the sister from the childhood raves with dances and dreams to become the dancer; the brother is nervous because of the regular session. All of them are ordinary people who live among us, but they have different dreams. Grandmother probably wants to be close to relatives, neighbor - that children grow up obedient, healthy and good people, the father - finally buy a long-awaited car, the sister - to become a talented dancer, and the brother - to quickly and successfully pass the session. Making a dream makes a person happy. You yourself have noticed more than once that when you want something for a long time, and suddenly the dream turns into reality, you feel the happiest in the world! It is this moment that can be considered happiness. Thus, happiness can be defined as the embodiment of dreams or desires, which each has its own. And now think how often and how many people dream or want something, and you will understand why it is impossible to give happiness one full definition.

What does happiness consist of?

Often people need for happiness, not one thing, but several different things. Despite the fact that happiness is very subjective, let's try to determine what is needed for happiness to most people.

Love, friendship, family

A person should not be alone, much for happinessneed a close friend - a native mother, a beloved husband, a loyal friend. Having a number of close and beloved people, a person becomes truly happy, complete loneliness is given to very few people by joy. Think about how little it takes to be happy! Embrace of a loved one, mother's support at a difficult moment, a friend who knows how to cheer when sad. Sometimes a good gesture and friendly conversation is enough to feel happy, to understand that you are not alone, that there are those who are dear to you and who are dear to you. Take care of your loved ones. This is the most valuable thing in a person's life, which can not be replaced by a successful career, or untold riches.

Material well-being

People have to take care ofto earn money, because they provide in our world comfort, stability, the ability to enjoy various benefits. How much money is needed for happiness? The answer will be, again, subjective. A homeless person will have enough money to rent housing and buy food; a lady accustomed to permanent luxury - much more to buy exclusive and beautiful things.

It often happens that a person dreams moreearn, raise it, the salary grows, he becomes happy for a moment, and then he dreams of large sums. And then more and more ... For such people, the answer to the question about how much you need for happiness will never be exact, because you will want more money all the time. The pursuit of greater material prosperity is not the path to true happiness. You can pack your house from top to bottom with the latest technology, fill the closet with the most fashionable clothes, stuff the cosmetic bag with the most expensive cosmetics ... You can spend it all your life, getting a temporary pleasure from the new purchase, and at the end of life to remain lonely and unhappy. After all, a person was too busy earning money, he did not have time to communicate with family and friends, he had no time to create his family, and expensive things will not give warmth and friendly support. Undoubtedly, material prosperity is an integral part of the happiness of modern man, but it is important not to turn into his blind slave, because the temptation to constantly earn, then to constantly spend, many are susceptible. Money - this is necessary, but not the most important thing in life, remember this, so as not to turn into Gogol's Plyushkin.


For happiness there is not much you needUnderstand when you get sick. Health is such that you do not appreciate it and do not notice when everything is in order. But as soon as the disease overcomes, you realize that you can not be fully happy when you are sick. Old people and patients with severe, sometimes incurable diseases know about the value of health and can tell about it. As long as you are healthy, you are full of vitality, you can do a lot, try a lot, live a long interesting life. Take care of your health, do you ever necessarily realize how great is its role in your life.

Self-development and knowledge of the world

Life is a constant movement, search, development. We are also subject to this life law: we grow up physically, grow smart, grow spiritually, we will know the world. It is important to be interested in life, in the knowledge of the world, in self-knowledge. New hobbies, unusual trips, communication with new people, mastering new knowledge and skills, spiritual development are very important for a person. They make a person's life interesting, give new impressions and thoughts, which entails a taste for life itself and happiness. Is it possible to be happy with a person who is not interested in anything, is not fond of anything, does not think about anything, but simply sleeps, eats and drinks? This is not life, but an existence that will not bring happiness. So, comprehend new heights, enjoy life, change, live the way you want, break stereotypes, be interested, learn, develop, take risks, love, do not be afraid to make mistakes! We know for sure that this life is given once, so do not let it become gray, boring and monotonous, so you do not regret in your old age.

Happiness of women and men

Happiness also differs in gender,but this topic is so broad that it is difficult to consider it within the framework of one article. We will highlight only the most important moments in what is necessary for men and women to become happy.

What does a woman need for happiness? To love and be loved, to be surrounded by family and friends, to feel attractive and interesting, beloved and desired children, the opportunity to develop their talents and self-fulfilling, have a good suitable job, interesting hobbies.

What do you need a man for happiness? Men live in constant competition, so a man needs happiness for happiness - in work, in personal life, in friendship. Good work that generates income (sufficient, high or constantly growing - depends on the man himself), beloved and understanding woman, loyal friends, children, pleasure from life.

Of course, the answers to these questions are primitive and bearis quite general, but I repeat - everyone has their own happiness, therefore it is wrong to determine once and for all what is needed for happiness for all women or for all men.

Surely you have something to add to this list, andwith something you are ready to argue. We tried to determine what is needed for happiness, but no less important is also to understand what happiness is. You can read about this in another article, "What is happiness for man?".

Whatever the happiness for you, I wish youDetermine what you need for happiness to you, and do not digress from it. Remember that "man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight" (VG Korolenko).

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