What do insects seen in a dream mean? Dream interpretation

Many people who are fond of astrology are interested in the dream interpretation - this is what book will help find the answer to this question. However, this topic is quite voluminous. And in order to better understand it, you should refer to several dream books, as well as interpret several visions. Because the concept of “insect” - very extensive.

dream insects

What dreams tarantulas?

This is a pretty scary creature, sometimes terrifying. What can a dream book tell about this vision? Tarantula insects are a symbol of dual significance. On the one hand, it is a creature that brings good luck. But on the other - that is a deadly and sworn enemy. For a more accurate interpretation, you should look at the behavior of the spider in a dream and its appearance. Dream interpretation of Medea says that a tarantula warns a person that his main enemy is ... himself. And in order to finally find good luck and peace, it is necessary to establish a dialogue with himself.

A large, black, frightening appearance of a spider, according to Miller’s dream book, promises a very difficult trial with the boss, the bosses. The tarantula approaching the dreamer is considered a harbinger of intrigue, gossip and envy. But the white spider is a positive sign, which is a symbol of material wealth and success in the works and undertakings.

 dream book insects

About spiders

Different insects can dream a person. The dream interpretation interprets the appearance of each creature in a vision differently. What, for example, do spiders dream of? It all depends on the circumstances. If a person sees a spider sitting on it, then this is a good sign. He promises success in any business, no matter how difficult and impracticable it may seem. The most important thing is not to lose self-confidence. If a person fed a spider from his hand, then it is to reconciliation with his sworn enemy, rival or adversary. But there is another interpretation. If the spider is fragile, small (like a “watch”) and it eats from the hand of a dreamer, then this is to achieve long-awaited harmony with itself.

Kill a spider in a dream - to victory over problems, difficulties and circumstances. Soon all the bad things will end, they will decide and retreat, followed by a white line in life.But if a person is frightened by what he saw in a spider’s dream, this is not very good. Most likely, soon the dreamer will commit some act for which he will feel remorse. So you need to be more careful and careful, and also be more attentive to the actions taken.

dream book insects under the skin

What dreams of flies?

This is described in detail modern dream book. Insect flies are unpleasant creatures. Everyone knows that they are peddlers of infection. Especially flies flies. Here and modern dream book claims that to see in a dream this creature - to the bad. This is especially true for girls. The fly is a forerunner of misfortune and failure. But when a person kills her in a dream, that's great. Experience shows that such a vision is a symbol of good luck and success in business. But the annoying fly is a very bad sign. He foreshadows a great loss and, unfortunately, it is possible that someone very dear to the dreamer will die. This loss will be very heavy and you will not be able to forget it quickly.

A swarm of flies is considered a sign from above. And he advises the dreamer to recall those people who are no longer with him, that is, about the departed.It is necessary to go to the cemetery, to the church, to put a candle, to remember, in general, to pay tribute to them.

See how these creatures clung to something - not good. It is worth being attentive to what is happening in real life, as sudden, not entirely pleasant changes that may arise in the near future are not excluded.

dream book insects in hair

What do bees dream about?

Often a person in a dream are these striped insects. The dream interpretation of the 21st century says that it is a symbol of hard work, diligence and trouble. And such a vision foreshadows the concerns that may arise in a short time. The old dream book claims that the bee is a symbol of economy and thrift. If a man appeared in a dream this insect, then it is worth to pay attention to the financial issue. Even if everything is good and smooth in this regard, it is advised not to spend extra money and generally treat funds more carefully. The English dream book interprets a beehive as the appearance of great success in the near life. It is not excluded that a sudden wealth or large reward will fall on a person, as well as his personal life will improve. But to push a hand into the hive is an unkind sign.It is a warning signal that a black line will soon be awaiting a person. Hear the buzz of a bee in a dream is a positive sign. Soon, a person will have some difficult thing, which should definitely be taken. The work will, of course, not be easy, but the result will be worth it.

dream book flying insect

Why do midges dream?

This is perhaps the most unpleasant small insects. Dream interpretation Medea talk in detail about what to expect from such a vision. Several values. The appearance of unpleasant and annoying people - this is how this dream book interprets the appearance of black flies in night dreams. Insects in the hair promise a person problems that he will not be able to avoid soon. They will be associated mainly with work and the desire to succeed. On the way a person will have competitors who are not ashamed to resort to even the dirtiest methods in order to discourage him from the desire to go to the goal. They will pester with questions, bother with their eternal presence somewhere nearby, crawl into privacy, in general, will begin to haunt the dreamer on the heels.

Interaction with midge

And how does the interaction with the black fly dream interpret? Insects under the skin are also unpleasant. And this dream is interpreted too badly.To feel the midges under the skin - to problems in relations with the authorities. Management may misunderstand both the dreamer and his reputation from misunderstanding. When the dreamer sees how the midges drink his blood, it is an unkind sign. Soon there will be an unpleasant and very long conversation (with a colleague, superiors, the second half, etc.), which will not yield any results, but will take away all the nerves and strength. But if a person managed to escape from annoying black flies by placing a net, then this is good. So, he will overcome all the trials that will meet on his way.

 dream book crush insects

Italian dream book: a flying insect - why dream?

Such visions have a slightly different meaning. Yes, and flying insects, I must say, there are many. What, for example, can a mantis dream about? Unfortunately, to the onset of unpleasant and unexpected situations. Mantis is a symbol of negativity. So having seen him in a night dream, it is worth preparing for unexpected and unpleasant, unfair news. Dream interpretation advises to pay attention to any suspicious little things, to be less frank and not to trust anyone, because otherwise there is a risk of being used.

To dream of a locust is also an unpleasant sign. This is usually the trouble associated with home and family. A whole field of locusts means that in the near future in the life of a person someone will appear very annoying and unpleasant. It will be very difficult to get rid of communication with this person.

Esoteric dream book

Crush insects in a dream is a positive sign. According to the esoteric book of interpretations, it means getting rid of sexual problems, as well as the worries associated with personal life. And everything will end very well. A new object of adoration will appear in the life of the dreamer, and these relations will be very fruitful. Probably, soon they will grow into something more. To kill not one, but several insects is a great dream. It means success in any undertaking, in particular, if the activity is connected with creativity. And the more insects are killed, the better things will go.

dream book dreaming of insects

Butterflies - a symbol of joyful news

Finally it is worth talking about the good. What can tell about butterflies modern dream book? To dream of insects of this kind is a positive sign. Butterflies are a symbol of joyful news, fulfillment of long-awaited desires, the beginning of a new, beautiful life. And if they are also multicolored, this indicates success in your personal life.Perhaps the dreamer will start a new romance. Butterflies flying over a beautiful, picturesque meadow - to a carefree life. See this beauty on a flower or in green grass - to prosperity and to legitimate, good acquisitions. And according to the intimate dream book, this is to a bright personal life, full of pleasant events and surprises. In general, butterflies are a great sign and good harbingers. The main thing is that the dreamer does not crush them in his vision, otherwise you will need to expect trouble, disease and bad news.

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